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Catch The Vibes of Wonderful Art By Following These Indian Artists on Instagram

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

Art is something which wins one’s heart and leaves a footprint in the mind. Such heartrobe artists are rare to find who can hypnotize you and take you to their imaginative world. But surprisingly we have spotted the top 10 Indian artists whom you need to follow on Instagram to know the true meaning of art. These artists are not the usual one, each artist comes with the different art and skills and defines their imagination in the most imaginative way.

1. sarahmodakart

Sarah Modak is an incredible young artist from Mumbai. Her art displays honesty which directly touches one’s heart. She inherits the talent of playing with a variety of art techniques. At her Instagram handle, she showcased figure sketches in ink, acrylic painting, and Kangra Miniature. Follow her and find out about the various dimensions of art.
Instagram Handle:


2. jaymanshere

Jayesh Joshi is an exceptional artist from Bangalore. His art covers all the sensitive topics like sexuality, masculinity, religion and the human body. All his inspirations come from simple topic having a powerful nature. He expresses his art both on paper and pixels. His art has a vibe of his self-thoughts, imagination.
Instagram Handle:


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3. asfasabrin

Asfa Sabrin artist from Assam is blessed with the talent of extreme art. Her art portrays human emotions and vulnerability. Adding a mixture of emotions in art make the work realistic. One of the outstanding artist in the name of Indian Artist.
Instagram Handle


4. naqvi_sarah

Ahmadabad based artist Naqvi Sarah is a textile artist.  She covers about body positivity, feminism and other topics which are considered taboo. Her strong thoughts are truly reflecting in her art. Well, she is counted among the popular Instagram influencers, so follow her and get inspired.
Instagram Handle


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5. kidsquidy

Aaron Pinto is a Mumbai based illustrator and has a brilliant talent in digital artistry. Every art of Aaron is just Wowsome. Innovative work with interesting art is what defines him the best.
Instagram Handle


6. dotsndash

Aditi Dash is a Mumbai based artist. Her creative world covers visual art and illustrator. She commissioned with ELLE India to create Alice In Wonderland in an Indian context. The way she plays with color and textures makes her work magical.
Instagram Handle


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7. thebigfatminimalist

Mumbai based Aniruddh Mehta comes with a completely different approach of art. His artwork has symbols which are record disks, cubes, blocks, new-age robotic forms. His art has a symbolic touch which makes it different from every artist.
Instagram Handle:


8. acid_toad

Gaurav Basu is an excellent graphic artist from Bangalore. His art manifests through forms of mental subculture and psychology. The beautifully incorporated tone of color and mixture imparts an intense sensitive vibe from his art, and that is wonderful.
Instagram Handle


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9. patrianimacchi

Gaurav Ogale is a visual chronicler. He portrays his story through photography, art, and writing which makes him special in this creative field. His work revolves around rural India. So if you want to have a unique feed on your Instagram, follow him.
Instagram Handle:


10. Jasjyot Singh Hans

Jasjyot Singh Hans is a talented illustrator and animator. In the artistic world, he covers fashion, music and body image illustrations and showcases them in Instagram and Tumblr. Coming to emotions he is expert in covering anger, intimacy, and sexuality.
Instagram Handle:


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