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Ultimate Guide To Understand The Importance Of Customer Feedbacks-Tips And Types

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

How often do you ask your customers what they think of your restaurant? If you’re like many restaurant owners, the answer is never. If your business is doing fine, you might assume that customers are happy, but that isn’t necessarily the case always. Most customers don’t bother to give you their feedback, whether they liked the restaurant experience or not which makes them not choose to go there again. Collecting feedback from customers helps restaurants to make positive changes in the way they operate and consolidate their position in the market.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


Let us take a look at the reasons why you should start collecting feedback from your customers pronto.


1. Gain insight into customer behaviour

One of the most important reasons for collecting customer feedback is that through the feedbacks and reviews you are able to get an insight into customer behaviour. With the feedback, you can predict outcomes, gain insights into data and metrics, and use analytics to improve customer experience. Also, when the customers give the feedbacks they feel involved with your brand and they might return to see if anything changed after their feedback and recommendation.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image



2. Menu upgradation and improvement

Every restaurant customer survey helps you to understand if your menu is making your guests happy or not. Because there is always something that the customers love in your menu and also there are things they might want to see in your menu. As we all know that the success of a restaurant depends most on its menu and how well that menu is optimized to enhance the customer experience. So, the customer feedbacks help you revise and improve your menu.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


3. Management of online reputation

In this 21st century when everything is online, even the people are making restaurants choices online. A lot of customers discover and explore new restaurants through online sources, like on facebook, twitter, Instagram and so forth. So, providing the customers give feedback on your online portals is very beneficiary. A good and healthy customer feedback history helps your restaurant solidify its name in the online space. And, listening to what your customers are saying about you on social media further allows you to keep your customers engaged.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


4. Make positive changes

With the help of asking customers for reviews, you can make positive changes to the ambiance and quality of food to keep your customers satisfied. Did they ask for more club music or slightly more sugar in your milkshakes? Knowing all these recommendation and suggestions you can change your service accordingly.  Also, try getting the reviews just after their dine out so that they understand how much you do care about their experience. importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


5. Sentiment & data analytics

Gathering more customer feedbacks on a successive premise enables you to perceive how fulfilled your customers are on seven days on week premise. It also encourages you to comprehend which mainstays of your eatery are working admirably. Possibly, the serving time is enduring a shot, or the food isn't up to the stamp et cetera. Physically understanding client slant may be a significant errand. So utilize apparatuses that can streamline seeming well and good out of huge amounts of critical information.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


6. Get to know about your competition

There are moments during which when the customers give feedbacks they often let out secrets about why your competitors are better than you, giving you an opportunity to improve your services. You could also train your employees how to ask for customer feedback so that your patrons do not feel intruded right after a heavy meal and also get a valuable vault of information related to your customers, giving you a competitive edge.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


7. Word of mouth marketing

While seeking out for customer feedbacks, you tell them in an indirect way that you value their presence and the business that they bring to you. This also reduces the chances of them leaving any kins of negative customer feedback, and increase the potential of word of mouth marketing which this huge these days.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


How can you ask customers for their feedbacks effectively?


1. Feedback Forms

Distributing printed forms among the restaurant's customers to obtain their feedback is the most common way of collecting customer feedback. Post their food the customers can be asked to fill the form and give suggestions about what they like and what they didn't. This helps the restaurants to analyze the feedbacks taken from the customers afterwards to know what needs to be done to enhance the customer experience.



2. Face to Face feedback

People always appreciate when the restaurant asks them if they are happy with your service. It shows they actually value their opinion and that they are here for them, not the other way around. They feel that the restaurants primary business goal is to solve their problems and fulfill their needs, not to get their money.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


3. Email feedbacks

This method of collecting customers feedbacks in comparatively new and effective. Many restaurants have email ids of their customers, and they send out emails asking for their feedback and suggestions. A simple text message saying that feedbacks are important and that the restaurants work to enhance the customer experience is the best way to collect the customer's feedback.importance-customer-feedback-for-restaurant-image


4. SMS

Just like Email feedbacks, generating customer feedbacks through SMS can be very fruitful. SMS based feedback is effective because most customers own smartphone that they carry with them at all times. The restaurants can also be connected to the customers by providing them with details about upcoming events or special occasions and keep the restaurant's name in the minds of the customers.



Customer feedbacks lay a vital role in makes a restaurant business successful. That is why we recommend you to collect feedback from the customers to address their concerns and stay on top of the customer’s needs.


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