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10 Ideas That Actually Work While Promoting a Newly Opened Restaurant

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

There are literally a lot of beautiful cafes and restaurants popping up all across India because of which the promotion of new restaurants are very important. Here are 10 key ways by which you can promote your outlet and build a long-term relationship with current and potential customers.


1. Have Strong Instagram Presence 

Instagram is a powerful tool that gives a kickstart to the online presence of your restaurant and promotes your restaurant. You can start by creating content to represent your brand and use pictures of your restaurant and the food to showcase your brand recollection exercise for your customers. Make full use of this visually stimulating platform to tell people about yourself.ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image



2. Promote User-Generated Content

Promoting user-generated content is a great tool for a new restaurant to start with their promotion and building its name as a brand. It is fun and exciting for the consumers to be mentioned by the brand, and sharing their content not only will help you get to their audience but along with that you also expose your audience to that content. Yay! A win-win for both. ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


3. Food Blogger Outreach

There are food bloggers who influence the opinion of the consumers. One of the most popular ways to promote a newly opened restaurant is by reaching out to these influencers to be part of your brand ambassador network and promote you. This will make you earn authentic mentions and get noticed by a variety of new consumers.ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


4. Partner Up With Delivery Services

We have seen that these days the internet-savvy customers pretty much rely on online delivery services and get their delivered at the comfort of their home more than ever before. Along with food take out this is the fastest growing segments of the restaurant industry. Any newly restaurant should partner up with these delivery services which is one of the easier ways to boost your sales by up to 25%. ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


5. Fish Bowl Business Card Giveaways

This simple tactic proves to be one of the best ways of promoting a new restaurant that actually works. Having giveaways is always intriguing and the through the fishbowl business card you get to know about your marketplace which provides you with maximum return on your efforts. You get to know about what part of the city your customers live or work and that proves to be a real advantage while you plan special promotions down the line. Plus, for this promotion, you want to gather the names of businesspeople who happen to be your customers.ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


6. Start A Loyalty Program 

Customers who visit your restaurant on a regular basis would always want some benefit. Creating a customer loyalty program is an excellent way for restaurants to keep their satisfied customers returning for future business. We recommend you to not overlook the importance of learning your customer's name since customers appreciate this which accordingly make them loyal to your restaurant. Send texts or approach your loyal customers through a call to invite them to festive events. Update them through texts regarding special festive menus or festive discounts offers. It's an amazing way to upgrade customer relationship management and also helps in creating a rapport with your existing loyal customer. ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


7. Offer Birthday Discounts Through Mail 

Who wouldn't like to get a discount on their birthdays? Use this as the opportunity to promote your restaurant as well as make your customers feel special. The end result of this makes that customer spend their birthday evening enjoying lip-smacking food at your outlet. These small discounts can be offered to the customers through the mail which is why it is very important for you to have their data.ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


8. Host Wine Tastings 

During special occasions, you can host a wine tasting with your customers. Have your guests try out wine samples which can be a mix of reds and whites. You can have 2 bottles of wine for each brand: out of which one can be for tasting (pour small amounts of about one ounce) and one for drinking afterward if the customers like it. This is not only a good way of promoting your menu items but along the side, it also helps in overall promotion of the restaurant.ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


9. Post raving reviews from customers

Asking for peoples review and then publishing these feedbacks is one of the key ideas that work for the promotion of a new restaurant. Asking customers how you can serve them better will also help better serve not only those customers who give you the feedback but also every new customer that walks through your virtual door.ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image


10. Use ads to drive traffic to the website

Ads can be fun and exciting as well that buys a lot of traffic to your website. When you display your ads at your competitive space gives your restaurant an exposure to the wide audience and drives relevant traffic to your official website. The best part of these ads is that you get to track and measure the traffic that helps you get the ROI.ideas-to-promote-new-restaurant-image



Don't wait up and try these key ways to promote your restaurant. We have put together these ideas so that every restaurant, big or small can attract more customers to their restaurant.


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Q: Which are the best social media platforms to promote your restaurant on?

A: Twitter, Snapchat, Medium, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest


Q: What is the importance of having a social presence for your restaurant?

A: In this 21st century when everything is online, even the people are making restaurants choices online. A lot of customers discover and explore new restaurants through online sources, like on facebook, twitter, Instagram and so forth. So, providing the customers give feedback on your online portals is very beneficiary. A good and healthy customer feedback history helps your restaurant solidify its name in the online space. And, listening to what your customers are saying about you on social media further allows you to keep your customers engaged.