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Never Dated Before? We'll Tell You How To Plan A Perfect First Date In Mumbai

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Jan. 29, 2020 9 min read

Love is always patient and kind, it is never jealous, love is never boastful or conceited, it is never rude or selfish, it does not take offence, and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people's sins but delights in the truth, it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.

Nicholas Sparks - A Walk To Remember


Indeed Love is one of the most primitive stages of wisdom and bliss. When two souls come together to unite in a bond undefeated and undeniably beautiful, there's nothing better a place for those two in this world than being in each others' arms. And the first dates mark those special occasions with memories to be carried to their deathbeds. 


Image Courtesy: Satyodaya


For when soulmates come together, the entire world around brims with happiness and joy. So please make sure that you keep these things in mind before heading out on the first quest of love, from the venue to how to proceed with such a day we've got it all covered for you. 



Choosing The Venue Isn't That Big A Deal? Well, it is!

Mumbai is one city in India, that has no shortage of couple centric cafes, restaurants and places that would fall right in place for your romantic endeavour today. But when on a first date, you need to know what piques the love of your life at most. And after you are on the same page as of what would be perfect for the two of you, you can choose from one of the many options available. A few suggestions of various kinds? Take a look at these:


A Breakfast Cafe Is Just As Romantic As A Candle Lit Dinner

A breakfast cafe, a table full of food and the two of you starting the day with deliciousness not awkward silence or weird conversations, is much better a thing to do. And someone said it right, good food and better vibes bring out the best of words from within. Even if your date has had a rather conflicting start to the day, you can still manage to lighten up the mood with a great breakfast and some good old humour (well, that's something you'll have to come up with). 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Options: Cafe By The Beach Chowpatty, Lake View Cafe, The Marina Upper Deck Colaba


A Stroll And Some Great Conversations

Upon having a great meal and after when you've successfully broken the ice and the date is still on a good pace of events, just park your vehicles and hit the road on foot. Get to anywhere you feel blessed with a great view and take a long stroll, hold hands if it feels comfortable and talk about how you think you always wanted someone like your date in your life. Tell her/him about how good it felt when the other half of this arrangement said yes and when after days of quibbling over this, the two of you finally made it work.  


Image Courtesy: Isprava


Options: Marine Drive, Nirvana Park Powai, Bandra Bandstand, Worli Seaface


Hop In & Out Of Those Art Galleries If He/She Is A Creative Soul 

If the two of you feel like, you can visit the various art galleries of Mumbai as well. There's always some exhibition or the other being held and taking him/her to an art hub is surely going to bring out your chic personality. Just remember to read something about the exhibits up on display, so that you can brag it over like you know it all. (A little show off is good, but don't ever overdo)


Image Courtesy: The Design Bay Studio


Cat Cafe Versova Would Leave A Great Impression If Your Date Loves Animals

Fell in love with an animal lover? We've got something for you as well, something just as perfect as it can be. The Cat Cafe In Versova is going to be a perfect choice, given it's home to a bunch and more of friendly cats. Those furry kittens and larger ones make you laugh with their tantrums, bring out that awe with their cuteness and make for such perfect selfie companions, if it wasn't a date, then maybe you wouldn't even exist in front of those cute little wonders.


Image Courtesy: Nerd's Travel


Indulge All Her Senses At Once - Show Off Your Cool Side

Showing off is not bad when in love, it's these small gestures which show that you care and hold her/him important. One thing to put it across more beautifully is choosing the next stop to be something worth a laugh, an emotion or some romance. Places that can work wonders for you if you've got nothing much on your mind, go for a Stand Up Comedy At Canvas Laugh Factory, be ears to A Stranger's Tale At The Prithvi Cafe, Take A Ferry To The Alibaug Beach and catch the sun setting down or eat your heart out at Cafe Madras that serves dome of the finest delicacies in Mumbai, but do something unique and still staple. Something that makes you cool and yet organised enough and these places in Mumbai would be perfect for such a need.  


Image Courtesy: Outdoor Photographer


Note To Remember: Choose something that's easy on your pockets as well, going someplace expensive for a stunt would work fine as of now, but on the longer run, there's no point putting across wrong expectations. So make sure that you go to such places that you can continue for a long time ahead as well. It might be your first date, but it sure won't be the last one! 


Dating Ethics To Always Abide By


Keep Those Racing instincts At Bay When On The Road

After the date, when in your car or on that power-packed bike of yours, remember to keep that throttle on low. You'll get enough opportunities to show off your riding/driving skills, and Mumbai traffic can be unforgiving for those who try their luck on the city's roads. 


Image Courtesy: DNA India


Instead, take it slow, make sure that the ride is enjoyed by the two, stop for an ice-cream maybe and then head over to the next stop on the list, for the day has just started, there are so many great things in the city. 


Suggestions: If on a bike, take a route that's less congested, may it have to be a couple of miles longer than usual, it'll be enjoyed by the two of you. And if you're in a car, keep that soothing playlist ready, it'll make for some great memories on a first date. 


Never Show Up Late

It's your first date and showing up late is not something you would want, it shows your lack of respect for the other individual's time. And making sure of buffer time to leave or reaching a little early as well wouldn't hurt as well, but to get there late would definitely be so. 


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Suggestions: Make arrangements ahead of your date schedule and don't leave anything for the last minute, such things make you late. 


Plan The Day Not Surprises!

Whatever you plan for, wherever you wish to go, just keep your date informed firsthand. It's the first once the two of you are out together and keeping things from your date would only place on the creepier side. Just always make sure that any of your plans do not come across as shocking surprises, there may be something that your date wouldn't want and when you've discussed it all, you can make changes for good.


Image Courtesy: StoryAmped


Rather, don't keep everything you want it to be, ask your date for suggestions and inputs as well. Who knows, he/she may take you someplace cool and somewhere you couldn't have thought of. 

On the flipside, if you still wish to keep things to your own, please stay ready for any possible disasters that come by your way. Taking uninformed decisions on behalf of someone else is something that's not suggested on a first date.  


Wear Something Cool But Not Extravagantly Visible

Dressing up is one thing and becoming an eye magnet is another. Going out on a first date, we do understand that you need to look your best, but overdoing it is similar to ruining it as well. So make sure that you go subtle on dressing up and wear something as light as the mood. 


Image Courtesy: GQ India


For Guys: 

Wear bright colours, get a haircut done, make sure you wear a nice fragrance and never forget those shoes, getting out in a pair of slippers or those funky Crocs are not for today. Instead, bring out that new pair you bought recently, it's kept for occasions like these. 


For Girls:

Well, there's no point telling you what to wear and whatnot, you're more of a self-taught expert. But still, don't overdo anything, pairing up accessories is good but you don't have to go around wearing the entire store on you. 


When At A Restaurant, Behave With The Staff

Eating out and you wish to lay your best impression, understood, but that doesn't mean you'll go bossing around with the staff. Instead, if you keep it humble and make sure that you're as courteous while dealing with the restaurant staff as well, would surely leave an everlasting good impression on your date. 


Image Courtesy: NY Daily News


To conclude this first chapter of love, one shouldn't jump to conclusions and ask out for something more, keep them wild fantasies aside and let things take the natural flow. Make sure that such a good day ends on an equally worthier note. And keep things normal if your date does not wish to take it any further, many fish are still left in the ocean and so are your chances in the race of love.  




Q. Which are the best romantic restaurants in Mumbai?

A. There are a number of romance worthy places, and the best of those include Candy & Green, Long & Short Intercontinental, Social Versova, etc. 


Q. I am planning a date late in the night, any suggestion for a venue?

A. Sure, you can head to Mandarin Kitchen - Andheri West, Cairo Grill - Khar West, Mini Punjab - Bandra, Qutuz Irani Cafe - Malad and spend a great time with even better conversations and much more.  


Q. What are the best romantic getaways near Mumbai?

A. Lonavala, Matheran, Lonar, Kashid, Panchgani, Lavasa are few of such places you can consider for a romantic getaway far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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