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Run Faster Than Ever: 11 Tips To Keep In Mind To Improve Your Running Speed

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

Just running a little extra day every day isn't enough to speed up your running late. Learn how to run fast with the right technique, skills, and routine on point - You've got to keep these key factors in mind to improve your running form. It's the dedication and extra effort which takes you ahead every time.


If you're planning to train for a marathon do give a read to our training guide - Follow The Beginner's Guide To Your Marathon Training - Participating in the big event of the marathon is a courageous task plus an honor too. As only a few get a chance to reach to that position. So, if you want to be the winner then many steps need to cross, many pebbles and thorns are waiting on your way. At the time of difficulties just remind yourself with the word Marathon that will surely boost up your energy. As, the word Marathon comes with energy, motivation, and success. Now, your focus is clear but you might be confused about how to reach the final ladder of success.


1. Figure Out Your Speed

You've got to know where you stand to improve your running speed. It's important to get familiar with your rate of steps while running. You should measure the number of strides you take in a minute or count the number of times your right foot hits the ground as you run in a single minute. Then aim at doubling the number that comes as a result to find your goal. Use a stopwatch to figure out an exact time to know how much to measure your progress.



2. Breathe Effectively 

The way you breathe while running makes a lot of difference in your running speed and stamina. It is important to know how to breathe while running as it's important for more oxygen to flow into your bloodstream. More the oxygen flow more the energy in your muscles which helps you to keep going. Don't breath into your chest and hunch up your shoulders rather practice belly breathing which involves deeper breaths. Inhale and Exhale using both your nose and mouth. It's a good idea to time your breath according to your feet's running rhythm. One can extend this to one breath every four steps.




3. Hill Running

It's important to change your practice routines and incorporate hill training. It involves running uphill - one can increase the incline on the treadmill or find a steep hill to run outdoors. It engages more muscles which help in gaining more strength and improving cardiovascular fitness. It makes you a stronger runner as running on a flat surface feels a lot easier. You'll definitely witness a significant improvement in 5 weeks if you practice Hill Running.

hill running- how-to-run-faster_image


4. Sprints - Your Way To Success

One has to be quick enough to do short sprints well in order to cover big distances within a short span of time. If you excel at sprints then nothing can stop you from speeding up your running form. You must have seen runners doing short sprints before big races as it helps one to gear up for a bigger picture and improves acceleration technique.



5. Stretch Daily

If you think just running extra every day helps you increase your speed then you're definitely wrong. Static stretches are important as it prevents you from running injuries. You've got to stretch daily for better strides. Work those hip flexors out for better flexibility. Stretches help you to give a high-speed performance. You got to learn to be resilient as it helps you to endure hardships, stay healthy and find inner toughness. Your stretches can include - Split Squat Jumps, Walking Lunges, Squat jumps, Ski Bend, Planks, Single-Leg Planks, and Bridge




6. The Right Running Gear

The right running gear holds a lot of importance - It's not only important to wear the right gear but also feel light on your feet. Your sneakers should be lighter to intake your foot's natural movement. Get a minimalist pair as less weight means more energy for faster feet. Wear breathable clothing as it helps you feel cooler and doesn't weigh you down while running - which is why most of the runners were skivvies as less clothing and gear on your body helps you run faster.



7. Get A Jump Rope

It's high time you get a jump rope as it helps runners to develop athleticism, quickness and smooth footwork. Jumping ropes strengthens your leg muscles along with your feet and ankles. It's one of the least expensive equipment one can have which will help you run faster. One can go Single-Foot Hops, Side to Side Jumps and Twisters to build quickness with your feet 



8. Core Workouts Are Important

It's essential to add core exercises to your running routine as it helps you stabilize your body while running, improves your form, fastens your pace and helps you maintain an efficient running form. Never underestimate the power of abdominal muscles as a strong core is very important to improve your running endurance. If your core is activated then it's an assurity that will help you run faster. Even 15 minutes of core workout a few days every week is enough to help you improve your running speed.



9. Refrain From Sweets

When going for a long run, refrain from having sweets, rather go for whole grains before a run as it provides long-lasting energy without a crash. Drinking caffeine also helps you get extra energy before a long run.



10. Practice On Treadmills and Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling and treadmills help you get used to the pattern of preparing your legs for the long run. It also gives your hip a workout whereas it helps you prepare for short sprints as well. On the other hand, one can for the incline mode on treadmills to strengthen their leg muscles in order to run faster and better.



11. Short Strength Training Sessions And Lose Weight

Leaner muscles are definitely a YES for better running results. Runners should not really take up bodybuilding but a few short strength training sessions mean no harm as they improve your speed. While shedding fat also helps runners to improve their speed. Losing weight makes it easier to cover more distance and improve your running form.



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Q: What are the common mistakes runners make?

A: Increasing your speed and distance at the same point, wearing heavy gear, improper posture, not taking days off from the routine encourages injuries, swinging hands too much and landing on their heels.


Q: What are the benefits of Running?

A: It helps to relieve stress, strengthens your lungs, prevents high blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and brings increased joint strength and stability.

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