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New To Dating? Make Sure You Grip These Things Before Planning Your First Date

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 23, 2019 6 min read

One of the best things that can ever happen to you is falling in love or be loved by someone! And you embark upon this beautiful journey with a first date. When after months of talking on the phone, endless WhatsApp sessions and numerous changes in the plan to meet, you finally decide upon something, the feeling of happiness and curiosity is one of the most precious gifts of life. 


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And to make it all perfectly blissful, you need to plan ahead of such events and putting across a great first impression would definitely help you in your future endeavors as well. So today, we'll help you through the struggles of planning a first date. As even if you don't have a single idea howsoever about such things, reading further would help.


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Are You Done Choosing A Venue? 

The foremost thing to take care of is choosing a venue and when it comes to dating spots, one should restrict to choosing a yet undiscovered one for the occasion. Somewhere she or he doesn't feel dominated, somewhere there's an element of surprise for the two of you. Even if something goes wrong, you would at least have one less reason to be blamed about. So just choose someplace trendy, but do make sure that you research about it beforehand. It's important that your companion for the eve feels comfortable and not out of the place anyhow


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What About Expenses?

Now that you've started thinking of a venue, just make sure that you're well confined in the proximity of a budget you can afford. This may be your first dating experience, but one should always set the right expectations from the beginning. Showing off your fake riches is only going to last for so long my friend! Therefore, set out a limit you can afford to continue for long, but do carry some extra cash for the "if-in-case scenarios" as well. You wouldn't want the special one to dig-in to the wallet for anything, right? Wrong, when it comes to girls, they do like it if you allow them to spend over somethings as well. And so, there should be a balanced approach. Don't overspend and don't even over insist to be solely the one spending on the date. 


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Picking Her Up? Clean-Up Your Car First!

A clean car is like the base for your first impression. If you need to pick her up or drop her over somewhere, just make sure that your car smells good, is clean and you have a great playlist that can fill in for the boring background and those eerie silences. Over something loud and lousy, stick to something soothing and romantic in terms of the fragrance and the music you choose. Also, drive slow and carefully, as she may not trust your driving skills yet, but don't worry, you'll get enough instances to show it off later. 


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Plan For Something Engaging & Fun Before

Simply having some lunch or dinner wouldn't be so much fun. Instead, plan for something that's more engaging and makes the entire date more interesting and memorable. Going to new and offbeat resorts and hotels that offer quirky things to do along with fine dining options is sure to satiate the need. Choosing such places over a conventional restaurant date is indeed welcomed by all, the special one would even look up to this occasion more eagerly now. And if the budget doesn't allow you for such places, choose a nice exhibition or a sought after museum before you head for lunch. Such places are perfect conversation starters and you'll even get to show off your intellect if you happen to have any, you know!


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Dress To Make An Impression, A Sober One

Blings are for concerts, not dates! While choosing an attire for a first date, make sure that you're nothing too much of a flash for the eyes. After you've decided upon a venue, you can make a choice of clothes accordingly, but do remember to keep all your wild fantasies at bay. Don't overdo and given the trends of the season, stick to milder shades. For men, pastel colors are in vogue for argument's sake and choosing these would definitely accentuate your gentlemanly look. For the divas among, cuteness would do the trick. A nude lip color with floral-prints jump-suit or a similarly contrasted one-piece dress would shimmer the true shine from within. Still, the trick lies in not overdoing anything, you'd get plenty of opportunities to show off later on. 


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Accessorizing? But Don't Load Up

Accessories make for the icing on the cake. A nice wrist-watch, a colorful set of bangles or a naval stud beneath that crop top is sure to get his attention. But yeah, choose one of them stated above, not all of these at the same. Guys can go for a cool pair of shoes, a nice pair of shades (strictly for the sunny outdoors) or a wrist gear, but still, it shouldn't be anything too flashy or embellished with jewels (definitely not!). Trust me, it's not cool! Rather, something that goes by the leather you wear above is something to stick your guns to. Girls pair up with flats or gladiators for shoes and keep your high heels at home for this day, you would need to be more comfortable than poised up for the same. Dolling up is indeed the key to a perfect first date personality, but going overboard with the plan is sure to ruin your look.


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Keep Her/Him Informed About The Plan - Surprises Aren't Always Good

Once you're done deciding the itinerary for the day, make sure to tell your date about the same. It will help you both be on the same page. Surprises are often uncomfortable for many and sticking to the plan and communicating properly is sure to make it better. Who knows, you may even get some good suggestions from the other end as well. Therefore, just make sure that you're communicating the entire plan across and that your date is well informed of the events to unfold. Also, don't even think of coming up with cheesy stuff and stunts, it looks good only in the movies. In real life, it's creepy. You two would have just met and such a thing would only make it an awkward situation. Make her laugh or make him blush, just within the conformity of comfort. To pour the rest of your heart out there'll be chances and rewarding circumstances in the future.       


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Planning a first date is not an examination that you'll have to prepare for, but a little planning is needed indeed. A hence curated plan-of-action for your first date is surely the safest bet across the bridge. And be happy about the fact that you're on the verge of something beautiful ahead. Engrossed in making preparations don't lose the curiosity of new-found love behind. Therefore, just stick to a fool-proof strategy for the sake and because it's not just about you, but both of you. While making some fond memories for the long relationship it's going to be. 

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