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A Shoutout To All The LoveBirds - Read This Before Planning For Your First Date In Delhi

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 22, 2019 7 min read

We Delhiites are well-known for our innate dating instincts and how well we handle our first dates is not a question anymore! We Dilliwalaas are touted across the nation for our splendidly charming demeanor and when it comes to dating, we surely set examples for the others.


As on the first dates, we leave no stones unturned to make it a success. But what's on the hindsight of this consensus is the fact that there's a host of unanswered questions among many of us and even after coming from a legacy that paves the way for our entire nation, we still need to plan ahead of these special occasions that we all hold so dear to our heart.


So here we are today, talking of everything you need to keep in mind before you go on a first date in Delhi. From what to wear to where to go and also, how to go about such a thing, let's put an end to the most important question marks in your life before you head out biting the dust! 


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Choosing A Great Venue Is A Big Deal  

A venue defines your choice and the definition of comfort. When on a first date, you should look up to something that courts the same for both of you. In Delhi, there are a number of such spots that make for a perfect venue on a first date.



From the Haus Khaz Village, where a bounty of chic restaurants and heritage is served aside on a silver platter, to the quintessential Connaught Place Circle, just about every corner of the city has a place worthier than other for a first date.


You can also head to Rajouri Garden which is a gastronomical hub and churns out replenishing drinks and food every second you be there. Another great venue for your first date can be the Leisure Valley in Gurgaon, which happens to be right next door from Delhi and with a number of great places for a first dare speckled.  


Yet one thing to keep in mind is the fact that it shouldn't be somewhere you dominate the scene, but rather, heading to a yet undiscovered one is sure to keep you on the right track. So think of something new, something fun and still appropriate for a first date.


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Keep A Tab On The Expenses - You Have To Do This For Long

Keeping a tab on expenses is the next major thing to plan about. No one likes people showing off their fake riches! It's just a matter of time and your date is sure to get the fact that it's only temporary if you go all guns blazing on the first date.


And we do understand that you wish to make a good first impression, but that's where you're more likely to make mistakes. Instead, make sure that you stay in the proximity of your budget and being a Delhiite, it's never a tough nut to crack.


For if you can't find budget-friendly places for first dates in Delhi, well my friend, then you don't even belong to this city!



You should definitely check out the happening cafes of Hudson Lane, Satya Niketan or can simply head to the INA Delhi Haat which is one place you won't regret going to and all of these won't prick a hole in your pockets as well. 


Also, don't spend on expensive gifts and souvenirs, it's just the first date, you'll get ample opportunities to make up for these in the future.  


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Keep Your Racing Instincts At Bay If You're Going To Pick Up Your Date

No wonder that we Delhiites are always up for a challenge, but just not today! Because today, you're going to be the most patient rider on the road. The one sitting beside you trusts you to go out on a date with, but not over his/her life. 


And make her laugh instead, a good sense of humor won't cost anything and would reap a great and everlasting impression of you. Delhi's traffic wouldn't let you speed up anyhow, so why not make the most of this extra time on the road.



Keep a great playlist ready and with 'great' I mean a soothing one. It's even going to help you leaps and bounds in keeping that awkward silence away.


Who knows, you can even sing a few songs along as well! Isn't that romantic if nothing else? So make sure that you stick to making her comfortable and not worried about her life when on the road with you. 


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Engage Her Senses With Music, Food & Fun!

Well, Food & Music will be sorted with a car ride and the restaurant you choose, but to make it all the more fun is still on you. Just a simple lunch wouldn't do the trick and to top it all above, you should plan for something fun before as well.


You can choose to catch a movie near to your lunch or dinner venue, but if you ask me, try a hand at bowling before. And with bowling, you can never know how good you're at, before trying.


Also, there are a number of places that offer great music, food & bowling under the same roof. Who knows, while learning the traits of this game, the two of you even get some romantic moments that you would never mind after all. 



Yes Minister (Essex Farms) in South Delhi or SMAAASH Vasant Kunj make for perfect choices for such plans. Or, you can always head out for a stroll through the historic heritage of Delhi, a walk across the expanses of the Humayun Tomb or flea shopping at the Meena Bazaaar, Red Fort is sure to make for the time before you sit down for food.


Whatever you do, just make sure that it involves your date somehow or the other. Keeping him/her engaged is the real motive behind. 


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Wear Something Bright Not Loud:

Delhi's weather is always extreme, giving you only so much scope of dressing up as you wish. Instead, you should stick to clothes and fabrics that are more comfortable than cosmetical. Saving yourself from the scorching heat of Delhi or the spine chilling winters should be the first priority and some mild shades of colors or layering up would always help your case.


For The Handsome Hunks Of Delhi:

It's preferable that you stick to breezy cotton shirts and Denim in summers and in winters, just stick to zippers and jackets for the case.


For The Lovely Ladies of Delhi:

Well, you always know what to wear, so no suggestions are needed!


But hey, one thing for both of you, don't over-do anything, nor the clothes, not the accessories or the shoes! Dilliwalas know that less is good when it comes to style. And keeping it subtle is always the safest bet you can make.


So be presentable but not flashy at the same. As for the rest, let your vibrant personality take over the game. 


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Whatever You Plan, Keep Your Date Informed

Delhi won't spare you if surprises go wrong. And keeping your date well-informed is sure to keep you on a safer side. While you plan for something new, you can never be certain about how it's going to turn out after all.


Yes, it can be disastrous as well and if it may end up that way, then at least a mutually decided plan is less likely to land you in any trouble. It'll be on the circumstance and not on you if you've shared all the details among.


Also, ask your date for suggestions and inputs. Who knows he/she may know an even better plan for it. It's only going to make you two more comfortable with each other and all the more likely to be on the same page all that while.


So feel free to share your heart out about your plans, it'll only make them better.


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A first-date in Delhi is more likely to be a success if you stick to the above-mentioned things and look up to making your date feel special and not impressed.


Prioritizing the comfort of your date over showing off or making your stance would surely bud it into a beautiful relationship ahead. So my friend, head out and conquer hearts, else you'll fall prey to a place called "friend-zoned"!      

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