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Dive in, Head First! Your One-Stop Guide To Planning A First Date In Bangalore

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 30, 2020 10 min read

There's nothing called too much planning when it comes to preparing for the perfect first date. As the saying goes, first impressions are last impressions, and if you want a shot at a rosy future with the person you adore, the impression you leave them with will definitely matter! A first date can set the benchmark for all the dates that follow, so suffice it to say, now is the time to start gearing up for that big day!


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If you have an upcoming first date on the horizon, there's no reason for you to dive headfirst into anxiety just yet! With careful planning and enough prepping, you're sure to create and be a part of, a first date that is worth remembering for the rest of your life, for the both of you! But what does "preparing for a first date" entail? That's what we are here for!


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With the all-year-round snuggle weather and a plethora of dreamy first date spots, Bangalore is perhaps one of the most ideal cities in India to embark on the path of a blooming romance. For your perfect first date in Bangalore city, scan through this one-stop guide to first date preparation to make sure you successfully lay the groundwork for the sprouting new romance in your life!


So, let's get going, shall we?


Let's Get Ready

First date outfits are all about the perception you want to leave your potential partner with. Whether you want them to think of you as someone who cleans up really well, someone who is effortlessly attractive or someone who is laid-back and easy-going, the outfit you choose for the big event can either make or break your attempts! While picking the perfect outfit for a phenomenal first-date is entirely dependent on your taste in fashion, the time of the year, and the activities you have planned, our experts ask you to be mindful of the following rules:


For Women

  • Comfort is key. Picking fashion over ease might work out for the first couple of minutes, but sooner or later your date will notice you struggling to walk in those 6-inch heels you picked out!
  • Less is more, and nothing is more attractive than a woman that can stimulate your imagination. So, avoid showing too much skin, and keep things simple and minimal for the first date. If things work out, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to flash your glamour quotient!
  • A first date is not the ideal occasion for experimentation. When you're already in the territory of uncertainty, its best to stick with fashion choices that have proven successful and attracted compliments in the past.
  • Avoid silhouettes that are unflattering, and make you look bigger or smaller than your true size.
  • Go easy on the make-up, and pick a look bearing in mind what you're doing. Showing up with smokey eyes and a face that can be seen shining from a mile away, for a breakfast meet-up might not fare well, as you can imagine.
  • First date = eating food = need for pants that won't crush your abdomen
  • Your outfit will always be incomplete without the accessory of remarkable confidence


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For Men

  • It's all about the fit. Tailored and fitted silhouettes (slim shirts, straight-cut trousers, snug t-shirts) will make you look polished and well-groomed. So please, put down those joggers.
  • Dress for the occasion. Showing up in a baggy t-shirt and running shorts for a first date in a fancy pub will give out the impression that you genuinely couldn't be bothered. And considering you're reading this, we don't think that's the case.
  • Lean towards darker or more neutral shades like black, navy, white, beige and grey.
  • Smell good, always. An appealing perfume can make a hell of a difference to how attractive your date finds you! That being said, keep it subtle and not migraine-inducing.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of the right shoes. If you're not sure which shoe to pick for your first date, try to find a pair that strikes a balance between formal dress shoes and crocs. Think sneakers in muted colours.
  • Don't opt for loud or gaudy prints on the first date. That's not to say you should dress boring, just try to incorporate quirk in the form of smaller details such as printed socks, or a colourful pocket square.
  • For the sharpest finishing touch, wear a smart looking watch. Pay attention to details such as wrinkles, and dirt marks on shoes.


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If the above pointers make you want to go shopping for the perfect first date outfit, we got you covered:


At First Glance

This is when the process of creating a lasting first impression gets initiated. When it's time to lay eyes on your date for the day, be sure to:

  • Not be late. Apologise profusely if you are, and actually mean it when you say it won't happen again
  • Greet your date whole-heartedly and enthusiastically. You want to seem just as excited (maybe slightly less), as you are feeling!
  • If you are picking your date up in your car, make sure it's clean, and not smelling of unwashed socks and month old popcorn
  • Remember to withdraw some cash for when the situation so demands
  • Acknowledge the inevitable awkwardness of the first few moments of a first date, and use humour to diffuse it
  • Compliments matter, especially when the other person doesn't yet know just how attracted you are to them. If you think she looks like she walked out of the most dazzling day-dream, tell her as much!
  • Manners maketh, well everybody. So, open that door, pull that chair, and be generous with your use of "please" and "thank you"


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Where Do You Head?

There are a lot of variables that come into play when you are deciding on the perfect place for your first date. Be sure to consider things like: least travel for both the parties, ease of carrying a conversation, mutual interests and individual personality, safety and comfort, and time of the day.


Luckily for everybody involved, there is no dearth of dreamy first date spots in Bangalore city. Here are a few options for deciding on the perfect place for your first date in Bangalore, depending on what you two want to do:



Brunch Hot-Spots

Brunches have the perfect casual, easy-going vibe that you'd definitely want to be surrounded by on a first date! For an idyllic brunch date, head to these places for first dates in Bangalore:


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Want more options? Check this out!


Laid-Back Cafes

If you and your date just want to kick it back with a cup of coffee and some soothing ambient music, a laid back cafe can be the perfect place for an engaging conversation.


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Want more options? Check this out!


Bars And Breweries

If you're in Bangalore city, chances are most of you trusted methods to unwind and socialise include freshly brewed beer. Some of the best breweries for a first date that Bengaluru has to offer are:


Image Courtesy - Gulp N Munch


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Want more options? Check this out!


Clubs and Party Hubs

If for both you and your date, the idea of a good time involves some heavy partying, we have lined up some of the best clubs in Bangalore you can take your date to!


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Want more options? Check this out!


Let us spoil you for choice! Here's a list of the most romantic restaurants in Bangalore for you to explore.


If you want a first date place in Bangalore that is unconventional and extends beyond just stuffing your face with food and alcohol, we have some options for you! 


Head To Cubbon Park For A Refreshing Picnic On The First Date


Image Courtesy - Events High


Set Out For A Romantic Drive To Nandi Hills


Image Courtesy - Thrillophilia


Let Your Romance Bloom At Lalbagh Botanical Garden


Image Courtesy - Mouth Shut


Enjoy The Fresh Breeze At Thattekare Lake


Image Courtesy - Wikipedia


Go For Grape Stomping At Grover Zampa Vineyards


Image Courtesy - BookMyShow


Straight To The Date

Now is your moment to shine and get your potential partner to want another date with you. It's important to stay confident, cool and composed during your first date. Remember to wear a smile, ask plenty of questions and smoothly keep the conversation flowing by interjecting with remarks and appropriate reactions. To ace that first date conversation, check out these hacks.


Getting nervous and unintentionally venturing into uncomfortable conversation territory is an unwanted, but highly likely occurrence during first dates. To ensure your first date does not go downhill and transform into a disaster, we strongly recommend you avoid bringing up these conversation topics during your first date with a person.


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Now What?

Okay, so that went better than your expectations, and now you're left with the final moments of your first date. To make sure all your previous effort and luck does not go in vain because of a last moment slip-up, we have some tips for you:

  • If it's late at night, drop her home. If you two had been drinking, drop her home. Regardless of the circumstances, at least offer to drop her home.
  • If you are dropping her off, walk her to the door. If you are not (we really hope it's a sound reason why you're not), insist that she sends a text or calls you when she gets home.
  • Don't mention going into his/her house unless your date explicitly invites you in.
  • Be mindful of body language, and subtle signs. Being a gentleman is always a good idea, so ask her before leaning in for a kiss. Ladies, consent doesn't depend on gender so the same applies to you!
  • Remember what that rom-com said about waiting for three days before you call a person after a first date? Yeah, forget that. If the topic of a second date did not come up while the two of you were together, and things seemed to have gone reasonably well, we urge you to pick up the phone and text him/her! However, that being said, if the opposite party doesn't seem interested, walk away with your answer. Knowing and moving on is much easier than wondering and worrying endlessly.


Please Don't

For that final nod to you being fully prepped and ready to win on the battlefield of dating, we have curated a round-up of things you should not do on a first date.


Now that we've covered the A to Z of how to prepare for a first date, all that's remaining is for you to get into action! Start hunting for your perfect first date outfit, look up online reviews of the best first date places in Bangalore, and get ready to welcome a new chapter full of love in your life! Break a leg!

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