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6 Ways You Can Personalize Your Denims

By Aishwaryaa Jain

Updated - June 24, 2020 3 min read

Tired of being locked in? Want to add some glam to your wardrobe but running on a budget? Here’s a thought: pull out your much-loved but boring pair of jeans and get ready to give it a serious face-lift! Great fodder for your magicpin profile, great use of time while you’re probably still spending most of your time indoors, and you get a fab-n-fashionable piece out of it. What’s not to like!? 


Personally, I love denim for its versatility. It’s the perfect sturdy fabric for a klutz like me, lasts for years and years, and lovingly homes most of my DIY fashion projects without complaining! So naturally, my cupboard is loaded with jackets, jeans, overalls, shorts, skirts -- you name it, I have it -- in denim. And I have them in all conceivable varieties and washes, from raw to unwashed, acid, tinted all over. 


But, then again, wearing the same old denim jacket or pair of jeans can get, well, boring. So when you’re in that in-between stage: when you’re bored with how the piece looks, but not ready to part ways and replace it with something new, yet. Why not make an addition to the lockdown to-do list and personalise what you already have lying around the closet. 


1. Patch It Up

The easiest and least time-consuming way to upgrade your denim is to add some patches and stickers of your choice. There is a whole variety of patches and stickers for denim in the market. You can add anything to your denim pieces from your favourite cartoon to your go-to slang. Iron on patches are the most convenient and time-efficient ones available.


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


2. Embellishments

Rhinestones, studs, beads and sequins… They’re all perfect, if what you’re trying to make your denims pop! You can write your name, your initials or make abstract designs with them. The possibilities are endless. You can find embellishments of different colours, sizes and shapes to add to your denim. Most embellishments available now don't even require sewing. You can just use a glue gun and dazzle.


Image Courtesy - Papaya Clothing 


3. Buttons  

Adding a few buttons here and there on your jeans, jackets and skirts never hurt anyone. You probably have a ton of different buttons lying around. Let’s just put them to good use and add them to our denim jacket sleeves, jean side seams and patch pockets.


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 



4. Lace

Stonewash, acid wash, bleach wash or any other denim wash, pairs perfectly with lace trim. You can add lace to the hems of your denims or just border the denim with a suitable lace. Again there is a vast variety of lace to choose from. Personally I feel white lace pairs beautifully with any denim. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


5. Printed Fabric

We all have a bunch of clothes we don't really use anymore. Cut out your favourite designs from them and add some colour to your denims. A fun, inexpensive and time-efficient addition. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


6. Embroidery And Painting 

Embroidering or painting your name, initials, a design or just anything of your choice on your denims is a perfect way to personalise them. There are also so many stencils available to guide you. The options you have when it comes to embroidery and painting are truly endless. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest

This lockdown let nothing stop you. Let your creativity flow. Don’t forget to share some pictures of your revamped denim with us!

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