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15 Ideas For A Laid-Back Valentine's Day At Home: February, 2024

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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Before you get swept up in the whirlwind of red roses, champagne flutes and dinners that cost your life savings, stop for a moment and ask yourself. What is Valentine's Day really about? Is it about materialism, consumerism and grand gestures that cost a pretty penny? Or is it about celebrating the unique love you share with your partner, in your own special way? 


There's nothing wrong with looking forward to and being excited for a typical Valentine's Day experience, replete with flowers, wine-ing and dining. But if you are tired of celebrating the day of love at expensive restaurants filled to the brim with equally enthusiastic couples, we get it. Which is why, we have compiled a list of date night ideas for you, which don't require you to leave the comfort of your home. 

So without any further ado, let's jump into this guide to celebrating Valentine's Day at home, with comfort, ease and heaps of love! 


1. Participate In A Cook-Off With Each Other 

The point here isn't to see who can create the most Masterchef worthy meal. It is to kick it back, share several laughs and have fun in the face of healthy competition with your best friend! It also doesn't matter if neither of you has any real culinary skills to boast of, just sharing the kitchen, experimenting with ingredients, cooking what the other person likes, and occasionally trying to sabotage their process, is enough to bring the two of you closer together in love. 


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2. Orchestrate A Wine Tasting Session 

Just because you two have decided not to venture out for the night, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to fore-go being fancy! Invest in different bottles of wine, preferably ones that are reasonably priced and you haven't tried earlier, buy a packet of cheese cubes, and turn your dining room table into a grand wine-tasting venue! Regardless of whether you end up discovering a new favourite wine, your tipsy Valentine's Day story will be a memory you will cherish forever!


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3. Have An At-Home Spa Night 

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating the heady yet comforting feeling of love. So why not spend this special day loving your partner as well as yourself? If you, your wallet or your preferences are not up for a fancy couple's massage, we suggest that you bring the spa home this Valentine's Day 2021! Splurge on some aromatherapy candles, face masks, pedicure kits and body scrubs, and kick up your feet with your partner on the V-Day for some much-needed pampering!


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4. Create A Joint Bucket List For The Upcoming Year 

Perhaps, one of the best parts about having that special someone in your life is the prospect of creating a future with another person, custom made for the two of you! The possibilities are suddenly endless, as you now have a partner in crime to share every experience you've ever wanted with! So we urge you to spend this Valentine's Day 2021, creating grand plans with your love. Doesn't matter when you'll get around to ticking the items off, it's all about spending time together dreaming of a dreamy future! 


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5. Have A "The Most Romantic Movie Scenes Ever" Binge Night 

Whether its Jack teaching Rose how to fly, Noah kissing Allie in the rain or Carl realising his greatest adventure was the life he spent with Ellie, the world of cinema is replete with dreamy, romantic gems that can warm the coldest of hearts out there! So why not spend your indoor Valentine's Day, curled up under a cosy blanket, watching (and swooning over) your favourite romantic scenes of all time? Hold your partner's hand and celebrate your love, coupled with all the love that exists in the world! 


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6. Have A Picnic In Your Living Room

Who said you need to travel to a sprawling park to have a picnic? This Valentine's Day 2021, turn your living room into the perfect picnic spot and have a garden party on your rug! Buy all the snacks, tidbits and drinks you need, roll out a mat and lounge out with your partner, nonchalantly munching on junk, talking about everything under the sun, and falling in love, over and over again! 


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7. Play Drunk Twister 

Add a twist of joy to your Valentine's Day house party for two, by busting out the good ole' game of Twister and some bottles of booze! The combination of Twister with alcohol is a sure-shot recipe for a remarkable night, and when it's your best friend you are playing with, the fun gets further amplified! This classic on-the-floor party game will leave you both in stitches, and what better way to celebrate your love than remind each other of the kind of fun you've always had together, and will continue to! 


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8. Enjoy A Karaoke Night At Home 

The love you share with your partner deserves to be sung about from every rooftop. And your significant other has definitely earned the right to being serenaded! So bust out that karaoke system that's been sitting and collecting dust in the corner of your living room, and team up with your partner to belt out love ballads all night! It's a party for two!  


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9. Stay Up Playing Video Games Together 

Video games are always a good idea, especially when it comes to celebrating a low-key, laid-back Valentine's Day at home! Joining forces to work for a common goal will only bring you closer together as a couple, and strengthen your bond as the two-person team that you are! Cheer your partner on as they go on an epic zombie killing spree, and show that you mean it when you say you have their back, always! 


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10. Breakfast For Dinner

Isn't breakfast just another synonym for happiness? So this Valentine's Day, we are asking you to team up with your partner to engage in the most satisfying act of rebellion of all time, breakfast for dinner! Pancakes, waffles or sunny side up, however you like your first meal of the day, is how you should end this special day. Bonus? Breakfast is also the easiest meal to make, so no hours of prepping and slogging in the kitchen for a special Valentine's Day dinner! 


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11. Babysit A Mutual Friend's Dog For The Night 

As a couple, you will sooner or later start considering the idea of starting a family. It could be a human child you both want to raise together someday, or a beloved pet you both dote on! And even if neither of you has any parenting instincts or desires to boast of, engaging in the process of taking care of something as a couple, is rewarding in itself! So ask a mutual friend if you can babysit their dog or cat for a night and spend Valentine's Day laughing at your new temporary baby's antics! 


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12. Bring The Club Inside 

Like we've repeatedly emphasised in this article so far, if anything is outside the confines of your bedroom, instead of venturing out, bring it to your house! And that advice is applicable even when it comes to some heavy clubbing and partying! In no mood to dress up in fancy clothes and blow some hefty cash, only to wind up back at home? Well, all you need is some good booze and better music, and the clubbing mood will take over you, your partner and your living room! 


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13. Plan Your Dream Vacation In Detail

I know currently, it's all the more difficult to fly out on a holiday when you please, but that's alright! Not being able to physically travel to your dream destination, is also no reason to not get into a vacay mood! So, why not spend Valentine's Day, fantasising about a rejuvenating vacation with your partner? Plan every detail of your dream vacation, and spend hours daydreaming by each others' side! Or if your schedules so permit, why not venture out on a staycation?  


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14. (Try To) Draw Each Other's Portrait

You don't need to be Picasso's spawn to participate in this fun little activity. All you need are some blank sheets and a set of colours to enjoy some valuable time with your partner, this Valentine's Day 2021! Sit facing each other, and embark on a race to draw the other person's portrait. There is no need for perfection, and you can make it as funny as you'd like, as long as the two of you end up sharing a few laughs, and an overwhelming amount of love together! 


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15. Build A Pillow Fort Cuddle Zone 

Last but not least, no matter how seriously you take Valentine's Day, it doesn't get more opportune than the day of love for a loooong cuddling sesh! And no matter how old you are, a pillow fort can always, unfailingly get the heart racing! So combine these two fool-proof hacks to happiness, and spend time assembling the most legendary pillow fort, ever! Next step? Don your cosiest pyjamas, and brace yourself for some serious spooning! 


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At the end of the day, whether it's a bar, restaurant or your home that you decide to spend Valentine's Day 2021 in, what matters most is the person next to you! Celebrate the little, seemingly trivial things that make the two of you a couple, and fall in love all over again like its the first time you laid eyes on them! Happy Valentine's Day!