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Spending Diwali Alone This Year? Here Are Some Things To Do!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 8, 2023 11 min read

It happens to the best of us, and this year the probability of being away from home on Diwali, is even higher. Whether it's a matter of choice or the ploy of circumstances, but if you're dreading being by yourself this Diwali, we took the liberty to make some plans on your behalf! 


We at magicpin, are here to share some ideas to celebrate Diwali when one is stuck miles away from home. If you can relate to these emotions, read on to derive some inspiration for your "ghar se door waali Diwali". If nothing works, just ping us on social media! Regardless of whether you are in Aamchi Mumbai, Namma Bengaluru or Dilliwalo Ki Dilli, we will jump straight to your rescue.


1. Treat yourself to a spa-cial day 

Diwali is all about celebration and there are no norms when it comes to revelry. As long as you're doing something that makes you more happy than usual, we'd say the objective has been achieved. This Diwali 2023, spend the day pampering yourself with an at-home spa session. 

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Slap on a face pack, put some cucumber slices on your eyes, and sit back to unwind. While everybody else around you is running around making arrangements for Diwali, you will be de-stressing and relaxing.

The more good news is this Aqua Glow Skin Refreshing Kit for Hydrated & Fresh Skin Price: ₹1,123 from Mamaearth will help. 



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2. Strike a conversation with your neighbour

For so long you have managed to evade your neighbour in the halls, desperately and repeatedly pressing the "close lift" button the second you hear movement at their door. However, now that the day of Diwali has rolled in and you have resorted to watching their Diwali celebration from a key-hole in your door, you might as well let go of your apprehensions and initiate a conversation with them. Offer some of your regional sweets, compliment their decorations or just walk up and say hi! 


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However, now that the day of Diwali has rolled in and you have resorted to watching their Diwali celebration from a key-hole in your door, you might as well let go of your apprehensions and initiate a conversation with them. Offer some of your regional sweets, compliment their decorations or just walk up and say hi! 

But don't go empty-handed. 



3. Skype/Facetime with your family

This one may seem a bit obvious, but if you are really, REALLY missing your family, why don't you join them, albeit virtually? 

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Plan a Skype session with your parents and siblings, and pretend you are right next to them. You can also teach your grandparents how to video call and soon you will be spending hours just talking to them.


4. Share a Zoom Diwali party invitation on social media

The sad part is that you are alone on the night of Diwali. The good part is, so are several others! Put out a status reaching out to everybody who, like you, happens to be by himself/herself on Diwali in your city. 

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Set up a Zoom video conference link, and ask everybody to bring their own mithai! Spend Diwali bonding with strangers, and making some new friends along the way. 



5. Get drunk & dance to a playlist of peppy Bollywood numbers

There is nothing in the universe that holds as much power as Bollywood songs to cheer up an Indian. Seriously, you might be in the middle of something grave, but the second the tunes of a dhol come floating through the air, you will end up invariably dancing in your head. 

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So this Diwali, why not combine two of your favourite things - drinking and dancing and sway away. Create a Bollywood playlist full of your favourite celebratory Bollywood songs, break out the whiskey and rock the night out in your bedroom.



6. Capture pictures of the celebrations around you

Diwali is one of the most beautiful Hindu festivals, and for good reason. All around you, there are sparkling strings of lights adorning every house, tastefully curated colourful rangolis at doorsteps, troops of children and adults lighting up sparklers, vibrant firework patterns in the sly and plenty of opportunities to click the perfect Instagram Diwali picture. 

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Go for a neighbourhood stroll and capture moments of pure unadulterated joy with the FUJIFILM Instax Mini Instant Camera Price: ₹5,699 from Flipkart. Just remember to wear a mask! 



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7. Create a list of things you are grateful for 

You might be away from your family, but hey, at least you are lucky enough to have a bunch of people who love you unconditionally!  Diwali is an opportune time of the year to count your blessings. 

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If you're feeling bogged down by your lonesome night, whip out a pen and a piece of paper and start listing the things you are grateful for. It is an instant cheer me up and will also put a lot of things in perspective. Lost in the humdrum of existence, we tend to forget the little things that make our lives worth living. This might be the perfect night to fondly remember them all. 


8. Bond with strangers by playing an online game 

You know what I'm talking about. If you happen to be a Minecraft or Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, why not spend your Diwali night continuing to do what you love? 

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Pick an online multi-player viral battle royal video game, join in, and wish all the other players a Happy Diwali. If you bump into an Indian, you might just find a fellow compatriot.  Besides, it's a fun way to interact with others without actually investing any time or energy into going out!



9. Binge-watch that Netflix show 

If there is a show that has been sitting on your to be watched list, why not finally binge-watch it on Diwali night? 

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It might seem like an odd thing to do in the midst of festival fervour, but if you wish to spend some quality time with yourself, what's better than lounging in your bed, with some great food and a captivating new show?  



10. Indulge yourself with some festive food & a bottle of wine

It's okay if you don't have access to your mum's Diwali dinner, that does not mean you can't gorge on some good food regardless. Pick your favourite from any cuisine and any food group, order enough to last you the night and search for that fancy bottle of wine you've been hoarding in your cabinet for months now. 

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If you are feeling particularly festive, you can order some traditional sweets and Diwali snacks to accompany you. Set up your own private feast and indulge yourself. Last I checked, calories don't count if it's Diwali!



11. Go on a Bollywood binge 

We have already spoken about the therapeutic qualities of Bollywood music. Equally remedial are Bollywood movies, especially those that include travelling. 

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In addition to being endlessly entertaining, travel-related Bollywood movies are a lot like comfort food that let you feel like you are right at home. And what better way to celebrate Diwali than experience that warm fuzzy feeling recurrently? 



12. Deck up your house 

Who said you can only deck up your house with vibrant Diwali decorations if you are with family? The place that you call home, however transient it may be, deserves some special festive sprucing up. 

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Not only will you find yourself in the middle of a beautiful, zestful place on Diwali night, you will also have plenty of content for your Instagram Diwali posts. So go splurge on some vivid rangoli colours, strings of twinkling fairy lights and some traditional lamps and diyas. Here are some Diwali decor ideas to get you started!



13. Look up mithai recipes & cook 

So it's Diwali night and you are experiencing some seriously powerful cravings for the Kaju Katlis that your mom gets for the family. If it's too late to order those in or you forgot to include them in your grocery list, why not make these mouth-watering sweets from the comfort of your home? There is a surplus of easy mithai recipes that you can find online, most of which include simple, easily available ingredients. 


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Not only will this yield some mouth-watering, healthy sweets, it will also keep you engaged and make you feel productive on Diwali night. Need some inspiration? These mithai recipes are easy to make at home!



14. If all else fails, try some retail therapy 

If you are feeling particularly sombre and don't wish to expend any energy on traditional Diwali celebrations, why not cheer yourself up with some brand new goodies and outfits? 

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Sprawl on your bed, cocoon yourself in a cosy, comforting blanket, and browse outfits/shoes/accessories on your trusted online websites. You don't even need to feel remotely guilty if you want to be extravagant with your shopping. After all, it's Diwali and new clothes are a pertinent part of celebrating the festival!



15. Write about your experience spending Diwali alone 

If you have a knack for creative expression and also want to touch some hearts, why not create a lasting record of your own experience of spending Diwali by yourself? 

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Not only will it serve as a great outlet for your pent up feelings, leaving you feeling great about yourself, it might also reach some people who are in the same boat, but have no silver lining to look forward to. In addition, it will always be documented so if you're ever in the same situation again, you can look back and gather some inspiration from your younger self.


16. Sleep it off

Honestly, if nothing else works and you aren't particularly hyped up about Diwali night either, view it as a rare chance to catch up on your ZZZs. 

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Put your phone on silent, create a cosy cocoon with some ultra-comfy blankets and quilts and just nod off for the night. You will successfully avoid any potential drama, you won't have to think of things to do AND your body will thank you for it the next morning. This is what I call, a Win-Win-Win situation!



So you made it all the way to the end, huh? We hope this guide on things to do alone on Diwali served as a source of some much-needed inspiration and that you found a thing or two you would like to invest time doing on Diwali night.

As an end note, we would like to remind you that when it comes to festivals, there is no singular right way of celebration. So what you're away from your family, recreate your traditions and have a ball with yourself instead! Happy Diwali 2023!


Q: What traditional Diwali activities can I do solo?

A: Cook traditional sweets, decorate your home, and perform aarti for a fulfilling solitary Diwali celebration.


Q: How can I make my home festive alone?

A: Adorn your space with fairy lights, rangoli, and flowers to create a vibrant and joyful Diwali ambiance.


Q: What are some meaningful rituals I can follow alone on Diwali?

A: Practice gratitude, donate to charity, and perform a selfless act to bring positivity and blessings into your life.


Q: How can I connect with loved ones virtually during Diwali?

A: Host a virtual puja, cook the same recipes together, and exchange heartfelt messages to celebrate the bond despite the distance.


Q: What movies or books can I enjoy alone during Diwali?

A: Watch Diwali-themed movies or read spiritual books to enlighten your mind and soul during the festive season.


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