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Adrenaline Junkies Follow These Tips To Prepare Yourself For Adventure Sports

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

Whenever you will hear about adventure sports the first thing to pop up in your mind will be the thrill you will experience with an extraordinary adrenaline rush. Some may also think what if it would turn out to be highly dangerous for conquering all those thoughts we have some precautions, safety measures and must know things. You should always take carethese  before going for an adventure sport. how-prepare-adventure-sports


Be Physically Fit

This is something very important, your body needs to be in the good physical condition so as to bear all the things regarding adventure sports. It will definitely be an ill experience if your body is weak, you will become more prone to go through some mishappenings. So eating healthy food and doing exercises along with enough rest routine will make your body enough stable to go through any thrilling adventure sports.
It is not advisable for a person who is physically weak to go for an adventure sport or people who are suffering from any serious diseases as that may turn out to be a little dangerous regarding their health and if you really wanna experience the sport that a doctor's consent would be advisable. So, checking the physical fitness is important before going for any adventure because precaution is eventually better than the cure.  

Make Up Your Mind

For undergoing a thrilling experience to play extreme sports one should be able to make up their mind. Adventures can be easily tackled down if your brain is compartmentalized. You can even call it functional delirium if you want and separate that risks that you'll be taking while going for an adventure sport. Once you make up your mind you are ready to leave your home to the dusty van parked at the end of the road and go for the thrilling experience that you have been craving. Making up your mind is an important part of preparing yourself for an adventure sport.


Don't Starve Yourself & Eat For Fuel

While preparing for an adventure sport you need not starve yourself. This is one of the most common mistakes made by people while they are getting ready to play extreme sports. Along with extreme sports fitness you also need to eat for fuel. It is important to have the power to go through with extreme adventure sports since they are tiring and takes up a lot of your energy. So, always eat and not


Take Along Necessary Gear

There are some sports which require some important equipment you should always have a double check on your equipment and gear. Have sufficient resources so as to not spoil the thrill of the sport and other things. Do not financially compromise on buying the equipment because later it may cost you more because of other consequences, buy good quality durable equipment be it a little expensive.
Equipment is very essential and nobody should compromise on it at any cost. For example - if you are going for river rafting then you must check up your essential equipments like, life jacket, helmet etc very well before actually stepping up to start the rafting experience, things may go wrong because of the equipment and then you may think that you should have rechecked your gear and essentials beforehand that is why rather than regretting later give extra attention before. 

Preparatory Exercises 

A human body takes a little time to get used to something and it all the better if you lightly make it used to the abnormality or else it may take exertion. So, you should start preparing your body accordingly with the help of some light and useful exercises before you go for the adventure sports.
Sudden body exertion may become a reason for cramp or stiff muscle injuries so make it routine to exercise daily to prepare and loosen up your body from at least 2 weeks before the day you have planned your adventure sports. For example, if you are going for treks then you can make walking and climbing stairs as a routine with different trails so as to make your body used to the situation of walking for hours without any physical issue. 

Professional Coaching

Professional training is usually for the sports which need professional attention but if you are new to the world of adventurous sports then it is better to take profession coaching for yourself to avoid any bitter consequences. Also it is possible that you may not know some things that are important about the sports that will eventually lead you into a mess so if it is a big sport unlike trekking then you should definitely give yourself a perfect start for the smooth adventurous ending of the whole plan with a perfect coaching session before going for the sport.
It will make you aware of the essential requirements and also it will also boost up your confidence because with the coaching you will be taught basics which will give you a sense of self-confidence to do the thrilling sport that could have scared you out with half knowledge and no basics. 
Now let us know about some particular tips that you need to remember while going for these adventure sports:

1. Trekking

  • Start walking daily which would help in increasing your strength in the legs and with the help of practicing swimming you can increase your breathing
  • Try to include vegetables, grains, and fruits in your diet to have more
  • In case of an emergency try to use an alternative contingency plan.
  • Devote one day to the acclimatization if you walk more than 3 thousand meters in
  • Always carry plenty of water when you are going for


2. Mountain Biking

  • Prior to starting with mountain biking be sure to do cardiovascular and power work for at least three times in a
  • According to your size and your physical condition get a bike for yourself. how-prepare-adventure-sports
  • Always wear the necessary gear and study the route of the mountain biking thoroughly. how-prepare-adventure-sports
  • Try to walk the route once if it is short so that you can get a good idea of the route. Make descents in the city with your bike to practice.


3. Climbing

  • Be sure to get a doctor checkup before going for this adventure sport for alignments in the joints of the wrist, ankles, knees or in the
  • Your weight should be relative to your height since during climbing it is all about 70% in the legs and 30% in the arms.
  • Get a training a month before to learn about the positions in the hands. how-prepare-adventure-sports
  • People who go to gymnastics and pilates before the climbing helps them being more flexible. how-prepare-adventure-sports
  • If you go to more than 3500 meters in height you must acclimatize yourself with short walks.


4. Rafting

  • Before going for rafting consume breakfasts that would include fruits and carbohydrates for
  • Keep on walking or running
  • Learn about the forms of communication to use in the water, what your safety equipment should consist of and what level of river flow you will
  • Always remember that when you start rafting go along with rivers that pass water quickly as compared to the ones that have obstacles to get around.
Keep all these things in mind while you prepare for any adventure sport. As we say, stay safe, stay thrilled. To know about extreme sports in India read: Make Today An Adventure - A Guide To 15 Extreme Sports Destination In India.

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