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8 Diwali Chores You Can Hire Someone To Do For You

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 26, 2020 6 min read

I love festivals. The excitement, the shared moments of joy, the special spreads of yummy food, and plenty of opportunities to go shopping. I love all these unique, happy elements only a festival can bring to our lives. But like most great things, there's a flip side to a fun festival. And that comprises of hour-long cleaning sessions, scrubbing the toilet because you'll have guests over, and obsessing over every corner of the house being squeaky clean. So essentially, while I love celebrating festivals, I'm not too fond of the tedious preparation it entails. 


So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much can you relate to that sentiment? Especially with us nearing October end, and Diwali now just around the corner, the mile-long list of festive-chores is causing stress to bubble over. I know I'm not too far from the truth when I claim that almost every bachelor has considered not celebrating the festival at all, if it meant getting away with a dirty house on Diwali. Well, we're glad to tell you that you no longer have to resort to that. 


With Urban Company's professional services a quick tap on your phone away, why would you fret over household chores any longer? Don't feel like cleaning your bathroom? Get some hired help! So, on that note, here are 10 chores you can hire someone to do for you instead of procrastinating for weeks, just in time for Diwali season! 


1. Kitchen Cleaning

Accumulated oil in nooks and crannies, stove blackened by charred remains of food, and shelves collecting years worth of dust, kitchen cleaning can be quite the laborious affair. Luckily, Urban Company offers both the choices of getting specific bits of your kitchen scrubbed to perfection or getting the entire kitchen professionally deep cleaned. From the gas stove to the kitchen sink, and from the tiles on the floor to the ceiling fan, you can get everything scrubbed to your liking with Urban Company! 


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2. Electric Repairs 

Once upon a time, the LED bulb in my bathroom gave up on me. So, I did what every functional adult does. Use my bathroom in complete darkness at night for about 2 months. All this to say, please don't be like me. Just get somebody from Urban Company to come over and fix it for you! Whether its finally repairing the switchboard in your guest room, or replacing bulbs around the house, or perhaps fixing your doorbell that's been broken for weeks, you can hire an electrician from Urban Company with a quick swipe!


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Image Courtesy - Puckett Electric


3. Putting Up Diwali Lights

Considering it's literally the festival of lights, it's safe to assume that you're going to decorate the house with different kinds of lights. You'll need to drill a few holes here and there, hammer hooks into the wall, and put up a tonne of decorative stuff around your home. You know what would make this whole process super easy? If someone else did it for you! Just avail the services of a professional carpenter from Urban Clap, and all your drilling, installing and hanging needs get taken care of. 


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4. Car Cleaning

When it comes to the condition of your car, you're either someone who keeps it mint clean, or filthy like a pigsty. If you fall in the former category, um, good for you? But unfortunately most adults I know, eventually start leaning towards the latter. And I don't blame you. With a thousand things to attend to, who has the time to clean their car? People who do exactly that professionally, that's who! Shine up your car interiors, get the whole thing disinfected, or pamper your car with a full-blown spa session, you can do all of it and much more with Urban Company! 


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Image Courtesy - Business Insider 


5. Polishing Old Wooden Furniture

I don't think you remember it now, but your wooden furniture didn't always look this way. There was a time when it shone, when it was perfectly polished. And then over the years, your cat started scratching at your sofa handrest, guests started leaving stains all over the table, and dust started getting into every small cut. But now, you can easily get your wooden furniture looking like its brand new, by hiring a professional from Urban Company. Yep, leave your guests raving about the condition! 


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6. Deep Vacuuming Carpets 

Personally speaking, this one is the chore I dread the most. And that's because I live with a golden retriever who sheds hair like it's his favourite hobby. Even if you don't have a dog, carpets can be super annoying to clean thoroughly. Dust, hair and stains with suspicious origins, these are common sights one finds atop a living room carpet. So I'm guessing, you'd be glad to hear about Urban Company offering professional carpet vacuuming and deep-cleaning services, right before all the festivals come knocking!


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Image Courtesy - Thought Co


7. Repairing Leakage In The Bathroom 

The minute your bathroom tap starts leaking, do you immediately get it fixed, or are you normal? Asking because I have friends, who've long accepted the leaking pipes in their bathroom, as part of the decor. But while that's okay for you, and also for me, I doubt you'd want to show that lazy side to your guests. So, before they start arriving and witnessing the leakage around the house, call a plumber from Urban Company to fix everything! Godsend, am I right? 


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8. Installing Curtain Rods 

First off, I'm going to clarify something I've experienced in far too many bachelor homes. A printed double bedsheet, does not make for a great curtain. With that out of the way, I'll jump straight to how you can instantly brighten up your home with some beautiful curtains. By first installing the rods that hold them, duh! Don't know how to do that? You know what we're going to say....a carpenter from Urban Company will show you how, by doing it on your behalf! 


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Who knew festival prepping could be oh so easy

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