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Hold On To Your Breath As The Happiest Food Festival Arrives - The Horn OK Please 2019 Is Here

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 31, 2019 7 min read

Delhi's happiest food festival, the Horn OK Please Food Fest 2019 is just around the corner and we just can't keep the madness contained. A concoction of flavours from the numerous food trucks around. From angrezi fast food to desi versions of videshi twists and whatnot on the palette, you can satiate all your exquisite gastronomic desires over here. Not just for the food-lovers in Delhi NCR, it's for those looking for an experience along with that drool-worthy plate of awesomeness


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So come here and meet all the cool cats in town, or just for those insta-worthy clicks, you won't mind coming back every single year. No wonder, it's touted as the happiest food fest in Delhi. For 3 consecutive days, the entire capital region will go into a frenzy of foodgasm and tastes that you won't regret coming across till your last breath. 


What's New This Year?


Food Ok Please - But Not Just About Burgers

horn ok please food fest food

Image Courtesy: EazyDinner


1. Food Trucks - The Best You Would Find In The City

Horn Ok Please Food Festival has innately been about food trucks and this once, the 2019 edition is packed with so many of them and each of which is as good as they can get. So if you've been looking for a food truck festival ever since, your chance is now or never


2. Dessert Lane - For Those With A Set Of Sweet Teeth

What's life without something sweet? Boring! Indeed, and if you can feel the same, you're in for a treat! The Dessert Lane at the Horn OK Please Food Fest is sure to satiate all your sweet cravings at once. With so many colourful, flavourful and sweetness coated delights up for grab, you would be definitely spoilt for choice here. 



3. Kebab Gully - Seriously Meaty Delights

Being a meat lover can be tough in Delhi! Not because there aren't very many good things to hog onto, but there's so much that it's all just usually good by now. And this is when you need to head to the Horn Ok Please Food fest 2019 at JLN Stadium. For all things amazing meaty delicacies and all things exclusive experiences, there's nowhere better. 


4. Grub Campus - For Those Always On A Money Crunch

We all have that one friend who is always low on cash and being a student or simply out of luck this once comes with such constraints. But fret not, you can still have so much deliciousness here. This once, the Horn Ok Please Food Festival brings you the Grub Campus that won't prick a hole in your pockets for as much deliciousness as you can have. 


5. Momo Land - Only If You Can't Live Without Momos

Bored of having fried, steamed or gravy-licious momos all the time? Well, the momo lover in you has just got in luck. Yeah, because you would get more than 100 varieties of Momos at the Horn Ok Please Food Festival 2019. So you got not one, not two but a hundred reasons to book tickets now. 


6. Pan Asian Street - Deliciousness Overloaded From Overseas

All your food experimentation won't end as great, but trust me on this, this one will. If you like trying new tastes in life, then the Horn OK Please food fest is somewhere you won't regret coming to. With an array of delicacies from across Asia, you would surely come back for more. 


Fun OK Please - But Not The Same Old Pun

horn ok please food fest 2019 fun

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock


1. Quirk Bazaar - Not Just The Usual Flea

Not just a usual flea, but this is way cooler. Undoubtedly, the Horn OK Please Food Fest is a pandemonium of unusual, quirky & offbeat experiences and the Quirk Bazaar is nothing short of an evidence for the fact. I mean, how many more shades of cool can you add to this, they even have a flea market for the shopaholic souls among.       


2. Kiddie Land - Because, They're Still Our Kids

Yeah, they're still our kids, even after however devious, irritating and painful their presence can be at times, but their smiles do make our souls light up. And the real meaning of fun for these little bundles of joy is the Kiddie Land in the Horn OK Please Food Fest. So be here, and get your kids, the bunch of you are in for a treat.  


3. Experience Zone - Full Throttled Madness

And for when you're done hogging on to deliciousness for the day, you're still not done on the fun part yet! It's time for a ride at the ATV track, experience the VR, rumble in the bubble football, skateboard - if you know how to, and who would say no to taser tags? Well, I would go gaga over any of these. And so would you, over your day at the Horn OK Please Food Fest 2019. 



Music OK Please - But Not Your Chikni Chameli


Image Courtesy: Easy Dinner


1. Home Grown Bands - Live To Jam 

Feel the need for a live jam? Well, you could have asked to be a movie star as well and maybe even that wish could have come true here, but for now, let's stick to the Live Jam and as you can get to listen over 25 homegrown bands and artists here. So the Horn OK Please Food Fest is a treat for literally all your bodily senses.  


When & Where's All This Madness?


At: Gate No. 2, Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi (Get Directions

From: Friday, 15th - Sunday, 17th November 2019

Time: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Event Link 

Buy Horn OK Please Food Fest Tickets Here


Terms & Conditions

  • Right to entry or denial to do so is reserved with the event authorities and they also reserve that right to cancel or delay the event without any prior intimation.
  • All guests would have to go through a thorough security check before entering the event premises and entry shall only be allowed from specific pre-decided entry points.
  • Once you've exited the event, no re-entry requests would be entertained.
  • The ticket is non-refundable, even in case of any emergency or any expected contingency.
  • Consumption of narcotic, banned substances is prohibited in the premises. Subjects found in such practice shall be prosecuted by the legal authorities involved.
  • The terms and conditions of this event are subject to change without any prior intimation from the event authorities.



Q. Will alcohol be served at this event?

A. Yes, alcoholic beverages would be served on a chargeable basis, but to consume alcohol at the Horn OK Please Food Fest Event, you shall be of or above the legal drinking age. The event authorities reserve the right to demand a govt. I.D. verifying your age.


Q. Can I bring along outside food?

A. No, you cannot bring food from outside to the Horn OK Please Food Fest 2019, food and beverages can be bought from inside.


Q. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

A. No, the Horn OK Please Food Fest tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable in nature.


Q. Would parking be available?

A. Yes, however, there are a limited number of parking slots available near specific entry points. After the occupancy runs out, the Horn OK Please Food Fest authorities would not be liable for parking your vehicles. In no way can the Horn OK Please Food Fest authorities be held responsible for any theft or damages incurred by your vehicle.


Q. Can I bring my children to the Horn OK Please Food Fest?

A. Yes, you can, but not toddlers and infants. The age restriction to the Horn OK Please Fest is set at 4 years or above, hence, children of the age of 4 or above can attend this event.


Q. Will the tickets cover food and beverages?

A. No, the tickets only get you access to the event, i.e. an entry only, and food and beverages would be available inside on a chargeable basis.


Q. Will it be an indoor event, air-conditioned?

A. No, the Horn OK Please Food Fest would be held in an open space and without any roof or air conditioning.

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