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Organise Your Life With These 10 Items Under 1K

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Monika Gellar (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) was obsessed with organising everything in her life. And so are we. Well, sort of. TBH, there's nothing more satisfying than an organised and clean house. "And not just clean. Monika clean". Not only it makes room for breathing, it also clears out clutter for the stuff you've never had space for before.


I also completely understand the limitation of storage spaces in the little boxes we live in today. But you know what? It's fine, because like always, I am here to help. Here's a list of 10 super-practical home storage items from Flipkart under 1,000 bucks that will sort out your life in seconds!


1. Metal Collapsible Shoe Stand

Shoes lying at the doorstep gives a tardy impression. Solution?

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


This super-intelligent, compact and stylish metal shoe stand from Flipkart. It's a collapsible piece that comes in various attractive colours and layers. It's a six-layered home storage whiz with a capacity of more than 12 shoes, that comes with a foldable curtain and good quality metal. It's lightweight, portable and as promised, affordable. 


Price: ₹620



2. Multipurpose Wall-Mounted Storage Organiser Case

This four-piece home storage set from Flipkart will sort out your life in seconds. Paste it on the wall/s of your living room, bedroom, bathroom and save a lot of space and energy.

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


Yes, the energy you waste while looking for stuff like spectacles and phone chargers. It's a practical item fit for both storage and home decor. Notice the elegant shape, slick look and functional design. This will undoubtedly store a lot of items such as remotes, mobile phones, chargers, plug holders, stationery tidbits and also clear out the clutter you've been dreading to get rid of for years. 


Price: 170



3. Metal Desk Accessory (Pen Stand)

Metallic structure, nine compartments, a small drawer, attached pen stands and so much more. There's a limit to what a single product can store. However, this nifty home storage item from Flipkart has crossed all boundaries. 

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


Look at the space you'll be saving and the clutter you'll be clearing out by just buying this item online. Place this metal desk accessory/pen stand on your office desk, WFH table or kitchen for the best outcome. 


Price: 488



4. Metal Open Bookshelf

Bibliophiles? Here's a storage unit on a budget from Flipkart you'll really appreciate. 

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


It's a four-foot-tall, DIY metal bookshelf that might need assembling. But don't worry, a video tutorial explaining the process is already at your disposal on the website. We think it's time to quit spending exorbitant amounts on expensive wooden bookshelves, especially when Flipkart is offering a contemporary and modern home storage item that is not only super stylish but also spacious and sturdy. Store all your favourite authors, decor pieces and more here.  


Price: 899



5. Jute Folder Bag

Compatible with A4 size paper, this jute folder is a convenient storage item available on Flipkart at an affordable price.

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


The folder comes with a user-friendly handle which makes it even handier. Store and protect vital documents, important papers in the jute folder made from all-natural fibre. We love the quirky art and the fact that it's super stylish and very trendy. Now, this folder will not only help organise your life but also reduce carbon footprints since no plastic is used in its manufacturing.


Price: 399



6. Iron Tissue Holder

Beautiful, attractive and practical, this metal tissue holder is all of this and more. 

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


It's a lovely addition to your list of home storage items from Flipkart on a budget that will not only spruce up your dining space but also store tissues in style. Don't worry, the metal clip on the top will take care of this. Additionally, this tissue holder will also serve as a conversation starter in case long-lost relatives decide to visit you. 


Price: 219



7. Multipurpose 5-Layer Hanger

Organise your closet and save a considerable amount of space with these 5-layer multipurpose hangers in your shopping cart. 

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


It's one of the most practical home storage items you can easily order from Flipkart. The size is perfect, the quality is good, it's easy to access and designed for maximum efficiency. You can organise all your looks on one hanger and save not only space (as mentioned before) but time. 


Price: 243



8. Wooden Multi-Purpose Holder

Your one-stop storage unit at home, this multipurpose holder is a blessing from Flipkart. 

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


From this day forward you don't have to look for keys, watches and other important items you tend to lose. Everything will be placed right on this wooden holder. And trust me, the walnut brown colour of the product will surely class up your living space. TBH it's a storage cum home decor piece you got to have at your place.


Price: 359



9. Handcrafted White & Yellow Cube Storage Wall Shelf

Here's a set of six solid wood cubes, designed to add elegance and flair to your living space. 

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


And yet, it's not backing down from its primary function of storing your favourite showpieces, books, pictures and other home decor items. It's a beautiful home storage item from Flipkart you should definitely own. The best part? It's quite affordable and chic. 


Price: 1,259



10. Spice Container Set

Image Courtesy: Flipkart


This 360-degree easy rotatable spice container comes with a high-quality free stand and 16 clear plastic containers perfect for storing all your spices in one accessible piece of equipment. It looks very pretty and the fact that it's a practical product makes the task of buying it much appealing. It's also easy to wash and clean, lightweight, unbreakable (to some extent) and 100% recyclable. 


Price: 449



Store your daily things and organise your life with these super-affordable home storage items from Flipkart that costs less than 1000 bucks!