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10 Decor Items Under 1K That Can Revamp Your Room!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 4, 2021 7 min read

Okay....I'm trying to figure out a way to put this without being too blunt. I'M BORED OUT OF MY MIND. Hmm, I guess subtlety is not really my forte after all. But seriously, aren't you? Every day has become so monotonous and routine, most affairs of the day can be handled without any conscious thought on my part. Some days, on the better days I would say, I feel like a robot. On the worse ones, I feel entirely dead inside.


I wake up, I look at the same four walls, sit on the same desk and attend the same calls. Then when it's time to wrap up work, I take a total of 5 steps to reach my bed, and do it all over again the next day. It's not like I haven't tried switching things up by making plans, venturing outside. But then I come back to the same place I was in, and have been for the past 10 months, and the dullness seeps in yet again. So I figured, let's address the problem at its root. They say figuratively, change begins at home, but I think it's time to incorporate the literal meaning of those words in my life. And my house. 


So, I set about trying to find some tangible things, that could freshen up my surroundings in some way. And I'm glad to say this, the results exceeded my expectations. So, here's me sharing the treasure I unearthed. On cue, a list of the most wonderful home decor items I found online, each of which cost less than INR 1,000 and can almost instantly give your room a new lease of life! 


1. Colourful Geometric Rug From Flipkart 



INR 539 


I found this vibrant multicoloured rug on Flipkart, and was blown away by the reviews, especially when I factored in the super wallet-friendly price. Featuring an abstract geometric pattern bursting with bright hues, and the practical material of Polyester, this rug is the perfect statement piece of decor that can cheer up your space seamlessly. The dimensions of this carpet are 152 cm x 91 cm, which is big enough to occupy sufficient floor space and bring in a splash of art into your room! 


Image Courtesy - Flipkart 



2. Handmade Embroidery Cushion Cover From Ajio



INR 449 


Imagine looking at your bed and a pair of adorable puppy eyes is peeking up at you. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I stumbled upon this quirky cushion cover on Ajio, and couldn't help but add to cart immediately. The graphic you see, is100% handmade embroidery, which in my opinion really amplifies the appeal of this home decor pick. The cover is made of pure cotton and will fit all cushions within the dimensions of 40 cm x 40 cm. 


Image Courtesy - Ajio 



3. Set Of 2 Flamingo Canvas Wall Art From Myntra



INR 800


If you've been itching for a vacation to no avail, why not bring some tropical vibes into your humble abode instead? I can't stop fawning over these gorgeous Flamingo paintings by Art Street I found on Myntra, which come in a set of 2. The vibrant canvas art will turn any drab space into a tropical paradise, and the colour combination of pink, orange and green is super soothing to the eyes. Each painting is sized around 40 cm X 30 cm, and together they're perfect for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise solid wall. 


Image Courtesy - Myntra 



4. Set Of 3 Decorative Mirrors From Flipkart 



INR 799


Bring some light into your room without doing much at all, with this set of 3 fabulous wall decor mirrors. From the house of Flipkart Perfect Homes, comes this easy hack to creating a statement wall. Especially if you want to put together the perfect backdrop for your self-timer photos, or just upscale a boring wall in your house, these crafted mirrors will get the job done instantaneously. Each mirror is 10 inches x 10 inches, and when you couple them together you get a budget-friendly home decor item that looks way more expensive than it actually is! 


Image Courtesy - Flipkart 



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5. Grow Dammit! Tea Cup Planter From Chumbak 



INR 795


First things first, how quirky is this teacup planter!? Enough to grab the attention of every guest who walks into your house for sure! And then as their eyes fall on the words scribbled across this home decor item, they will turn to you with a knowing smile. Because we've all been there, so frustrated with our poor gardening skills, we just wanted to scream at our plants to grow. But guess what, you now you can do it without becoming the culprit yourself! You're very welcome. 


Image Courtesy - Chumbak



6. Filmy 9 Se 12 Wall Clock 



INR 779 


To be frank with you, I end up judging people who claim to not like Bollywood at all. I mean, there's gotta be some filmy side to your personality, right? Anyway, my personal biases aside, this wall clock is the perfect home decor solution for someone with a fondness for funky, Desi stuff. It can easily add a splash of personality to the plainest of walls while being practical in its essence. Bonus point? It will certainly make anybody who spots it chuckle in delight! 


Image Courtesy - Ajio 



7. Elephant In The Jungle Wall Plate From Chumbak 



INR 995 


Take a break from the usual wall hangings, photo frames and printed tapestries, by hanging up this gorgeous wall plate from Chumbak instead. One of my personal favourite finds from my latest home decor hunt, this elephant wall plate is as refreshing to look at, as it is budget-friendly, especially considering the quality promised by Chumbak. This wall plate is made from bone china, and comes with a metal hanger as well as a stand, so you can use it to spruce up either a wall or a table top!


Image Courtesy - Chumbak



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8. Black Eye Dream Catcher From Ajio 



INR 700


Are you bored of the usual dreamcatchers, featuring a few colourful feathers and a poorly embroidered circle? Sigh, me too. Which is why, when I came across this quirky dream catcher on Ajio, I couldn't help myself from talking about it! This black eye dream catcher is, rather ironically, super eye-catchy with its unusual and unconventional details. I particularly loved the pop of green in this home decor piece, and the fact that I could easily tell my mom, "isse nazar nahi lagti!"


Image Courtesy - Ajio 



9. Abstract Wall Shelf From Flipkart



INR 649


Do you like it when things straddle the line between practicality and aesthetic appeal, perfectly? Then this home decor suggestion is meant for folks exactly like the both of us! As an avid reader, I will never say no to the prospect of more wall shelves, especially to ones that look as vibrant as this one. I absolutely adore the colour combination in this one, but you also have the option of choosing from 7 different varieties. According to the reviews, this one is sturdy, trusty, and fantastic for decor purposes. 


Image Courtesy - Flipkart 



10. Geometric Square Hanging Lamp From Myntra 



INR 599 


You can now literally brighten up any space in your house, with this square hanging lamp! Made of good-quality iron, this ceiling lamp is sturdy as well as extremely attractive, especially for folks who love minimalistic decor. I'm not sure what else to say, other than it's absolutely charming, and at the price it's placed at? Also a total steal! 


Image Courtesy - Myntra 


After all, home is where the art is, ammiright?


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