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Diwali Shopping Troubles? Check Out These Top Markets In Delhi For Your Home Decor Shopping

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 6 min read

Truly, home is where the heart is! And renovating your safe haven to be a heavenly living space this Diwali, is one of those many projects that you take up wholeheartedly. When it comes to home decor, only you are the best connoisseur in this world. From small little home decor articles to major furniture upgrades, you know what suits the place and space around you better. Also, who would want to give away the pleasures of shopping for Diwali & your home when you would die to do that.


Image Courtesy: JustDial


So today, we bring you a list of home decor shopping places in Delhi NCR that are all things inclusive for a complete revamping of your small little world, that you call home. 


Karol Bagh - A Home Decor Heaven To Oomph Up The Interiors

Home decor is a comprehensive project! And when it comes to finding Diwali home decorative articles for interiors, it can take you places. Decorating the interiors of your home for festivals? Leave no stones unturned, because it's these small little things make for the best impressions of your taste. And one place that offers everything under the same roof, or to be precise, in the same vicinity, is Karol Bagh! From stalls and thelas in the main market selling quirky and out of the box Diwali themed home decor items, to the Tip Top market, an exclusive place that offers a wide range of home wall decorations, Karol Bagh is a one-stop shopping destination for those who wish to amp up the interiors of their home.


Image Courtesy: DFOR Delhi 

Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh


Kirti Nagar - A Wholesale Hub For Home Decor Furniture In India

If you've ever been across the Kirti Nagar main road, then one thing you can recollect are those huge furniture houses lined up. Undoubtedly, it's the hot-spot for home decor items of all shapes and sizes in Delhi. From furniture for Diwali to home decor art pieces and much more, you can buy just about everything from here. Also, the bargaining scope at these shops would make you come back for more. Just about every other showroom you hop into would offer something exciting and worth your time and money.


Image Courtesy: Medium


Nearest Metro Station: Kirti Nagar



Banjaara Market - For Antiques That Add More Cool To Your Home

Antiques charm their way around everybody! And also, they make for the best gifts for festivals like Diwali. One of the best places to buy some antique things for home decor and without spending a fortune out of your pockets is the Banjaara Market. Hiding away in plain sight since god knows when and boasting a gypsy's collection or inheritance, who knows, yet one thing that's certain about this place is that it's uber-cool when it comes to some of the most amazing home accessories. From huge, live sized wooden mirror frames to antique cabinets and small little table decors to huge vases, you would have to keep yourself from buying just about everything you lay your eyes upon.     


Image Courtesy: Youtube


Nearest Metro Station: Huda City Centre Gurgaon 


Panchkuian Road - Perfect Handcrafted Home Decor For Dirt Cheap Prices

If you have an eye for the best, then get to the Panchkuian Road to score some marvelous landscaping home decor pieces for your garden this Diwali. Yes, you can buy great artsy home decor merchandise for the exterior verdant space as well. And guess what, this is an entire market dedicated to such things. So the moment you or guests step into your compound this Diwali, the jaws drop in awe and appreciation. Starting from mix-n-match table-chair duos to colorful furniture that would add more contrast to the greens outside, you can buy almost everything out of your imagination from this market.


Image Courtesy: Times of India


Nearest Metro Station: R.K. Ashram  


Amar Colony - When Classy Met Funky

Another hidden jewel in the realms of home decor havens in Delhi is the Amar Colony. For those who like it funky and classy, both at the same, this is the place to be. With a wide collection of Bohemian and eclectically definitive home decor pieces, if not for shopping, you can be here to just dig out some cool DIY gifting ideas for Diwali at least. For a smaller place that's perfect for privacy & exclusivity or for a huge condominium for your entire family, you'll get plenty of mind-boggling Diwali home decor ideas and concepts to make your ordinary living place a desired one. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony (Violet Line) 


Sikanderpur Furniture Market - The Best Of Lamp Shades, Bean Bags & Cool Assortments 

Need to add some Chic to your home this festive season? Well, here's a place that's all things amazing for the purpose. The Sikanderpur Furniture market is a one-for-all festive home decor shopping hub in Delhi NCR. You can buy almost everything for your Diwali home redecoration project. Illuminating yet jazzy lamp-shades, cool lights to beam your festive madness, bean bags & what-not other cool merchandise to swag things up, are simply speckled around every nook & cranny of this market. So be here to shop or to just have a know-how of the latest trends, you won't leave disappointed.


Image Courtesy: Baggout


Nearest Metro Station: Sikanderpur 


INA Dilli Haat Market - Shoppers' Paradise For Best Diwali Home Decor

Another all-inclusive market in the heart of the city and that becomes an exclusivity for Diwali Home Decor during the festive rush is the INA Dilli Haat. Apart from the best of handcrafted Diwali specific gifts like Diyas, decorative wall hangings and other things that light up your home with colors of Diwali, you can come here to just relax, watch the people pass by, eat and click pictures of almost everything worthy around. Trust me on this, but for a true sense of Diwali festivities, you've got to be here once! 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Nearest Metro Station: INA 


Home Decor Online Stores - For Those Who Can't Afford A Day Out Before Diwali

We know that some of us won't have enough time to head out for Diwali Shopping. And home decor online stores come in handy for such situations. Also, while shopping for Diwali gifts and home decor essentials, one can search the heaven and earth, and still find nothing worth the money and effort invested. Herein, an online store fits in the need more suitably than others. At a browse through websites like Pepperfry and Homecentre, you would come across so many different home decor ideas and options to choose from, at just a few clicks and without the hassles of stepping out of your home.


Image Courtesy: Purple Velvet Project



This Diwali, don't just splurge on gifts, be wise enough to present smiles or rather things that bring about one. And the above-stated places are nothing short of such opportunities to spread some around the world.  

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