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Holi Hair Care Tips For Nourishment & Protection: March, 2024

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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The festival of an exuberant spring is around the corner, and you all will have been mentally prepared for the fun-filled prolific indulgence of festive hues, aren’t you? After a day full of colourful Holi celebrations, complete re-nourishment of your hair becomes necessary. Dry scalp, covered in harmful artificial colours, and pores clogged with dirt and Gulaal, you wish you had never stepped out of your home. But hey, what's Holi without a splash of colours and some carefree fun? I would say, lifeless.


So this Holi, don't just head out and have fun, but be prepared with these easy, pre and post-Holi hair care tips for everything that’s waiting out there.


Pre Holi Preparations: March, 2024

Oiling & Moisturizing

Oiling is one of the oldest hair care hacks in the world. And prepping up for occasions like Holi, you can't afford to not check it up. Use regular coconut oil, Argan Oil or Almond Oil for a gentle massage first and then leave them for an hour before you rinse it properly. 


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Tie Them Up or Wrap Em Down

Tieing your hair or wrapping your head with a cool colourful bandana would reduce the surface exposed to the harmful condiments of Holi celebrations. So go ahead and enjoy, but keep your beautiful hair under a layer of protection. And sporting a bandana with a pair of cool sunglasses would add to your Holi look as well.


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Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate

The most damage is done to your hair after Holi is by dehydration. The harmful colours suck up moisture and leave your scalp vulnerable to damage and dryness. Not a quick fix, but a tried and tested one is to increase the liquid intake days before Holi so that your skin and scalp are sufficiently hydrated before you expose it to colourful splashes of Holi.

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Avoid Shampooing A Day Before

Shampooing extensively would drain all the moisture from your scalp, on any given day which would be just fine, but not before Holi, when you're looking forward to keeping it a little more moisturized. So instead, don't shampoo at all or use milder, moisture based alternatives to your regular Shampoo. 


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Post Holi Care

Rinse With Cold Water

Rinsing the colour off your hair is the foremost thing on your mind post to Holi celebrations, and doing it right can bring about a huge difference. Starting with using cold water not hot, for hot water would solidify the harmful substances, not using anything but milder shampoos and choosing from products that have natural ingredients like aloe vera and tea-tree oils would work the best. 


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Hair Masks And Conditioning

Using Hair Masks and conditioning is the next step on the list. These remove all the unwanted stuff from your scalp and help your hair rejuvenate from the damage. If you feel the need of professionals, then feel free to contact a dermatologist before applying any of these. Choosing a good hair spa session would also help. 


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Loose The Split Ends

After attending a day full of Holi celebrations, your hair would be severely damaged at the ends. Cutting off these split ends would only help in the growth of healthy hair from beneath. So get to a salon and get them split ends chopped off. 


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Refrain From Hair Colour For A While 

Hair colours are made of chemicals and which would be in abundance on your scalp post-Holi, so you won't need to add to it. Instead, refrain from using any hair colour for at least a month after Holi celebrations. If in dire need, choose the most natural alternative out available. 


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Things To Consider To Enjoy A Good Hair Day On Holi

  • Condition your hair with protective leave-in serum or conditioner with SPF to protect your hair from damaging Ultraviolet rays.
  • If you want an all-natural solution for a healthy hair day on Holi, use virgin coconut oil on your scalp. It blocks the pores which prevents colours from damaging hair.
  • Use a natural hair mask made of yoghurt, honey, some drops of lemon juice, and Hina powder. Mix all ingredients well and apply on the scalp, and strands, leave for half an hour then rinse with pure water.
  • Skip the temptation to blow-dry your hair post-Holi.


Keep in mind these cautions and prepare yourself for the best ever Holi experience with a healthy hair day.

Wishing You A Very Happy And Safe Holi