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Get Soaking Wet In Madness At These Top 5 Holi Events In Mumbai

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 19, 2020 3 min read

Every year, Holi celebrations spread across the nation like a wildfire and the best of which can also be seen on the streets of Mumbai. If you're done exploring the traditionally charged versions at Mathura and Banaras, then maybe you should give the spirit of Mumbaikars a try. Holi in Mumbai is always a funfest of colours, food, the grooviest of beats and undeniably high spirits of the locals. 



So this is about the major hotspots of Holi Celebration 2020 in Mumbai. 


Colour Splash 2020

With celebrity singers like Ramji Gulati, Punjabi Dhol and many other famous DJs from the nation like Dj Shaan, Dj Sumaya, Dj Nick, Dj Hereafter, Dj NKD, Dj Tapan, the Colour Splash is undeniably Mumbai's biggest Holi 2020 affair. To be organized at the epitome of luxury, the Country Club Andheri West, this Holi celebration in Mumbai is a treat for your body, mind and soul. And if you think it isn't enough, then come here to experience Holi Rain Dance, a Thandai stall, Organic colours to spread the true feeling of Holi and 6 hours of non-stop Masti and fun.     


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Date & Venue Details: Tuesday, 10th March, 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM at Country Club Andheri West (Get Directions)

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Bollyboom Holi Bash 2020

Mumbai's own Bollywood themed Holi celebration is back in town and we can't keep our excitement at bay. Powered by Kingfisher Storm, this is going to be a day full of Bollywood tunes, Bhangra Beats and Garba Steps that make it all the more fun. It's your only chance to celebrate Holi in Mumbai with celebrity artists like Omen, Naitik Nagda, Juggy Sandhu, Ali Merchant and many more who would spell their magical charm through the day full of fun and Holi madness. 


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Date & Venue Details: Tuesday, 10th March, 03:30 PM Onwards at MMRDA Grounds Bandra East (Get Directions)

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Zoom Holi Fest 2020

Zoom Holi Fest has always been the premium destination for Holi Celebrations in Mumbai. And even this year, the event is all set with stomping music and Holi festive vibes. Come and indulge yourself in an unlimited buffet of Food, Beverages and all things fun at this sought after Holi event in Mumbai. This Holi party is your chance to get clicked with Bollywood celebrities you only dream about every single night, so don't wait, make reservations right away.  


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Date & Venue Details: Tuesday, 10th March, 10:00 AM to 04:30 PM at Taj Lands End, Mumbai (Get Directions)

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The Holi Tandav

Partying till the sunrise is so not Holi, instead, you groove it to the sunset here. The Holi Tandav is one of the biggest Holi events in Mumbai with budget-friendly prices and equally throbbing vibes. There'll be DJs, drinks and a delectable spread to last through the day, making for one of the best Holi celebrations in the city. 


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Date & Venue Details: Tuesday, 10th March, 03:30 PM Onwards at Blossoms Lawn Andheri East (Get Directions)

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Supermoon Holi Mumbai

Presented by Supermoon, a name synonymous to good times in India, the Supermoon Holi Party in Mumbai is one experience you should not miss out upon. With uber-cool musicians like Shalimali, Raja Kumari, Ma Faiza And DJ Akanksha Popli making for the menu of fun, this Holi party in Mumbai is going to be all things musical & entertainment.


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Date & Venue Details: Tuesday, 10th March, 10:00 AM to 11:59 PM at JVPD Grounds, Juhu, Mumbai (Get Directions)

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