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Experience The Extravagant Holi Celebrations Of Goa: March, 2024

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - March 18, 2024 4 min read

Marking the arrival of Spring, we all become kids again and go crazy about the Holi festival. Post Holika Dahan, the night passes by anticipating the most fun morning of a year. And the Holi 2024 is all about these pulsating moments and colourful desires to eat, dance and party hard till the evening. And talking of parties, my mind takes me to the Holi Celebrations in Goa, which is touted to be one of the most extravagant displays of this festivity. 



Holi Celebrations In Goa - The Shigmotsav

Holi festival is called Shigmo, the arrival of Spring in Goa, and is one of the most vibrant feasts to be held in this party capital of India. From parades to effigies and troupes performing on the streets all day long, to a bounty of fun with Gulaal and Neel make the entire ambience teem with festive vibes, the Shigmotsav or Holi in Goa is one experience you would want to seal away in the treasure trove of memories. 


Image Courtesy: Save And Travel


Experience An Offbeat Holi In Goa

For if you're not into traditional ways across celebrating Holi, and are looking for something more eclectic and groovy, then you can always head to the various party spots in the city, the bars & pubs, the beaches and those resorts, organize a gala affair out of this festival of colours. If you can't happen to find a place anywhere, then simply head out on the streets and you'll find a number of people, musicians, artists and locals coming together to make it a larger than life feast of Indian festivities. 


Image Courtesy: iTour Beat


Holi Parties In Goa


Goa Holi Beach Party

A modern twist to conventional Holi celebrations, the Goa Holi Beach Party is simply all things fun, music, dance and masti in all shades and colours. To be held on the beaches of Goa, the excitement and the fun factor is always high. 


Image Courtesy: Goeventz


Date & Venue: Tuesday, 10th March, 09:30 AM to 05:30 PM, at Tropicana Village Huts, Arambol Goa (Get Directions)

Event Link:  Click Here


Colorland Goa Holi Party

Touted to be the most colourful of multi-genre Holi parties in the entire nation, the colourland Goa Holi Party is going to entice your senses in endless fun, soul satiating food and enthralling music. Their motto says "No Stress, No Boundaries, No Rivalries, No Hate. Only Love, Music and Tons of Colourful Smiles" so you can only imagine the kind of Holi soiree this is going to be. 



Date & Venue: Tuesday, 10th March, 09:00 AM to 06:30 PM, at Nazri Ground, Baga, Goa (Get Directions)

Event Link: Click Here  


Holi Blast

Holi Blast is what personifies the festive feel in Goa. To be held at the UV Bar, a sea view venue that's reason enough to head out to this party, this Holi bash includes an assortment of EDM, Fusion, Techno, Psy Trance and many more genres to groove your way into Holi 2020. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Date & Venue: Monday, 09th March, 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, at UV Bar Anjuna Goa (Get Directions)

Event Link: Click Here




Q. Are beach shacks and market closed in Goa in summers?

A. The majority of beach shacks and markets are closed during May-June and the place can become a little solitary. The place virtually shuts down and there are hardly any water sports. But the business starts to pick up again in late June.


Q. When is Goa the most pocket-friendly?

A.  The weather of the place is pleasant throughout the year but the peak season when the tourist is high in Goa is from October to January. So anytime not October to January is comparatively cheaper. 


Q: Which are some of the cleanest and best beaches in Goa?

A: Bogmallo, Polem, Agonda, Vagator - mostly South Goa beaches.


Q: Why is that we don't see Ola cabs and Uber in Goa?

A: Due to strong resistance by local taxi drivers in Goa.


Q: Is it okay for an Indian girl to wear a bikini on Goa beaches?

A: Yes!


Q: Which are the best shacks in Goa that serve authentic Goan food?

A: Calamari, Souza Lobo, Britto’s, and Bobby’s beach shack are some of the best shacks in Goa that serve authentic Goan food.

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