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10 Best Highway Dhabas Every Foodie Needs to Bookmark Right Away- August, 2023

By Anubha Das

Updated - July 29, 2023 4 min read

Road trips are magical, right? One of the best parts of any road trip in India is halting at a dhaba and gorging on the delectable butter chicken, stuffed paratha, makke di roti, or malai lassi.


These roadside eateries, known as dhabas in India, don't have expensive furnishings or modern décor, but the authenticity, quality and taste of the food are unquestionable. The massive national highways that connect the cities are lined with some remarkable dhabas that have grown in popularity over time to become the destination's top tourist attractions. Some of these Indian dhabas serve food on traditional charpais (cots), and meals are generally cooked with earthenware utensils.


If you're driving down on one of India's major highways, don't forget to stop by at one of these amazing highway dhabas!


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Well, it started as a traditional dhaba, but in no time Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba got so famous (owing to its luscious north Indian delicacies) that it soon turned into a swanky air-conditioned dhaba. The place is well-maintained and offers different varieties of delicious parathas topped with a dollop of butter. Don't be surprised to find people waiting for a table, as everybody shares a similar love for this dhaba. You'll find them all, from truck drivers to families enjoying their meals at this Murthal dhaba.


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Struggling to find vegan dishes? Go to Ramdev Dhaba and enjoy some of the most delectable vegan Rajasthani food. Situated on the Mumbai-Pune Highway at Nigdi, this place is great to fill your stomach right! Must-try items here are Dal Baati and Rabdi. Grab one of the khats to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at Ramdev Dhaba.


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Foodies travelling to Shimla via NH 22 on the Kalka-Shimla Road will want to stop here. Most of the time, the place is busy, and you'll be impressed by its rustic appeal. This dhaba-turned-restaurant is the oldest in the region, and has a devoted following! It's one of the famous dhabas among travellers, as everyone is well-aware of their tempting meals. One should totally give their chicken starters a try.


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No, we're not lost on the subject of this blog, but when it comes to highways and cuisines, Karnal Haveli should be on the list. Karnal Haveli, which we would describe as a "Dhaba Redefined," has every justification to be added to the list of the popular highway Dhabas. This restaurant provides authentic Punjabi cuisine and is located on GT Karnal Road, NH 1. The rustic impact on the restaurant's outside and interior décor contributes to its reputation, and a children's amusement park is a pleasant add-on.


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This dhaba was started by Mr. Puran Singh - One can locate it right across the street from Ambala Railway Station. Puran Singh Dhaba is popular for its non-vegetarian delicacies, which include the perfect combination of mouth-watering butter chicken and naan. This Punjabi dhaba should definitely be on your list if you're crossing Ambala.


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Sharma Dhaba brings you Rajasthan on a platter! Situated on Jaipur-Sikar Road, Sharma Dhaba is one of its kind. They serve authentic veg Rajasthani delicacies and their Mawa Naan is to die for! There are two dining areas to choose from, one is just off the road and the other is in the backside, known as Sharma Garden. Try paneer butter masala, malai matar, missi roti and dal tadka here.


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You will certainly fall in love with this place – its extensive menu, location and design. Situated on the road to Tezpur (37A highway connector) between Bhomoraguri and Sonitpur, it offers the most authentic and delightful Assamese specialities. Their pigeon curry is a highlight, although vegetarians can feast on the aaloo pitika. It's time to try some spicy curries to sober down your hungry soul. Their never-ending menu will leave you spoilt for choices.


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This is one of the most picturesque dhaba that we have seen. Neat and clean with thatched-hay shacks and delectable food, if you are by any chance travelling on NH 24, and you are around Gajraula, then you have to visit this place. This highway dhaba offers great food at reasonable prices; try their paneer butter masala, kadhi pakora along with garlic lachchha here and believe me you will never forget the taste!


So, check out these highway dhabas in India for the hungry souls and make your roa!



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