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Colour Your Mane! Highlight Ideas For Your Dark Brown Hair

By Vaishali Valecha

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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Are you bored with that same old brown hair? Well, it's time for a makeover! Hair makeovers can change your personality and your vibe. Highlights, Ombre and Balayage are some of the most popular techniques that can be seen on trend. But it is always adviced that you do your thorough research when it comes to hair colouring. From the shade palette to the style and most importantly, the artist or the salon you wish to book an appointment at. So, go ahead and start finding your inspo pictures, the technique and the tone you wish to go for.


1. Chocolate Delights

Let's start from the basics. Chocolate tones are going to add a dimension to your hair without leaving a drastic change. It blends well with your natural hair and suits all complexions. If you are getting your hair coloured for the first time and the fear of damage is taking over your decisions, this is the best and the safest option to go for. It looks sophisticated and classy at the same time.



2. Honey Golden

Channel your inner Victoria's Secret model by opting for this soft yet statement look. Tones of honey and golden hues bring a lovely contrast to your brunette mane. This is a perfect look for that beach vacation you've been planning for the summer season. Beachy waves, curls and braids would look lovely with this hair colour. Use hair masks and thick conditioners after you shampoo your hair as this colour can make your hair look a little frizzy. 




3. Red Head

A subdued burgundy or an electric scarlet, Red is a versatile colour which is a favourite amongst everyone. It blends well with dark brown hair and suits almost all complexions. It gives warm, rich and autumnal tones to the hair. This colour can fade out and turn to orange-brown tones very quickly. So, to prevent your redhead use red shampoos and conditioners which help enhance and maintain the colour for a longer period of time. If chemicals bother you, try henna to achieve a natural red tint for your hair.



4. Blonde Babe

Blonde can be a tricky style to pull off. Warm or cool toned, you need to make sure you get the right tone of blonde according to your complexion. It looks elegant and chic and creates a contrast with brunette hair that looks lovely in different updos and braid hairstyles. Blonde can get frizzy and difficult to maintain, so you should use purple shampoo and conditioner for longevity and hair masks to give nourishment to your tresses.



5. Rose Gold

Rose Gold has been on trend since forever. From accessories, fashion, tech and now hair, this colour have been ruling the charts. Tones of pastel pink with a tinge of gold creates a beautiful feminine look. It looks whimsical and princess like. Rose gold tones are one of the most demanded hair colour style at the salons. Bleaching might issue of frizziness due to the pastel and lighter gold tones you, so be prepared with an intensive conditioning routine before you wish for this fantasy moment. 




6. Sassy Ashy

Ashy tones are cool and sassy.  If you have a fair to medium complexion, place your bets on this hair colour style. It can vary from lighter tones to darker tones of greys and ashy browns. Grey ashy tones will definitely make a statement in while the brown ones would blend easier. This one is not everyone's cup of tea so make sure you do your research and make up your mind well before taking the big leap of ashy faith!



7. Yummy Caramel

The younger sister of red tones, caramel hues look beautiful on all skin tone. It chic and gives a great dimension and depth to your natural hair. Looks best on people with fair and olive skin tones. Caramel hair colour can get brassy so make sure you use right kind of hair care products to maintain it. Get ready to ooze deliciousness with this yummy hair colour!



8. Blue Bond

This one is for the bold souls. It may look over the top to some but for those who love to go all out and experiment, blue tones are a funky option that you can add to your locks. Tiny streaks or a full-blown ombre, this colour is going to help you stand out in the crowd. You can go for darker hues with long and luscious hair and icy blue with pixies and short bobs and lobs. Funky hairdos like space buns and accent braids would add to the beauty of your blue mane. 



9. Violet Haze

From dark and dramatic plums to pastel and soothing lavender, violet tones are another bold option that compliments the dark hair really well. You can go for the ombre or balayage technique for an overall plum hue. Deep plum hues best suited for people with medium to deep skin tones. Whereas, lavenders are great for fair skin tones. Go for messy buns and braids to enhance the rocker chic and gothic vibe of this colour.



10. Galaxy Hair

This one is not for the faint-hearted. As they say, your hair reflects your personality, so if you are someone who is willing to take a risk and let your hair do that talking this quirky and edgy trend is for you. Fiery reds and oranges to soothing greens blue, Pastel pinks to grassy greens, each and every hue gets a fair play when you think of galaxy hair. A blend of two or more similar or strikingly different tones curates this magical hair colour. Be a badass and let your tresses become the cause of people turning their heads to get inspired from you! P.S. this style is going to be perfect for music festivals like Coachella.



We hope you're pumped enough to step up, book an appointment and pamper your hair with some amazing makeovers. Let us know in the comments below which style suits you and your personality the best. Until then, PEACE!

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Question: How much do hair highlights cost?

Answer: It can range from 3,000-6,000. It also depends on the kind of salon you go to and the brand of colour you wish to choose


Question: Do highlights suit curly and thick hair?

Answer: Yes, it does. It'll add dimension and twist to your boring brown hair and make a statement.