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Cut Down on Calories With Dark Chocolate-Based Yummies!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 9, 2023 4 min read

Does the word "diet" conjure up the imagery of a scary, taste-less life for you? Does it make you want to kneel on the ground and pray for the omission of all those extra calories you thoughtlessly consumed? If you answered both these questions in affirmative, I have some happy news for you. You don't need to skip on everything you love to have, in order to transition to a healthier diet. In fact, some of your biggest dietary weaknesses can be channelled as your most useful weight-loss tools. Like what? Like, dark chocolate!   

Because we love you so much, we'd like to tell you exactly what you can put your slab of dark chocolate into, for a healthy boost. So on that note, let's walk you through 6 healthy dark chocolate-based recipes you can fall back on to reduce that calorie count!


1. Dark Chocolate Banana Bites 

Double up your nutrient intake with these banana bites dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with bits of dry fruits. Perfect as a power-packed tid-bit to munch on before your gym session, you can dish up this healthy snack quickly with just 2 basic ingredients - banana slices, and melted dark chocolate. We first discovered this healthy dark chocolate recipe on the Simple Cooking Channel, so that's the Youtube recipe video tutorial we'd recommend you refer to for guidance. 


Image Courtesy - SimpleCookingChannel on Youtube 




2. Dark Chocolate Almond Granola

Granola is a food item loved for its energy enhancing qualities along with its rich content of fibre. So when you add the valuable ingredients of Almonds and Dark Chocolate into the mix, the result is a high-nutrient bowl of snackable that helps you on your weight loss journey. We absolutely loved this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Jessica Nicole because of how informative and detailed the video is, as well as the straightforward recipe she uses here. 


Image Courtesy - Rachael Hartley Nutrition




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3. Dark Chocolate Custard Pudding

If you're a fan of pudding and custard as two distinct desserts, take my word for it, you will love this unique bitter-sweet concoction. Lip-smacking in taste, and simple to put together for both cooking lovers and amateur cooks in equal measure, the Dark Chocolate Custard Pudding is an awesome late-afternoon healthy dessert. If you want to cook some up on your own, we'd urge you to follow this Youtube video recipe tutorial by GlassOfWineForMe


Image Courtesy - CSR Recipes - CSR Sugar




4. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Here's a decadent dark chocolate based dessert recipe, that also doubles up as a quick boost of energy. Loaded with the richness of no-stir all-natural peanut butter and the ambrosial taste of dark chocolate bits, these ball-sized nibbles are surprisingly easy to make in your own kitchen with little to no help. Because all the guidance you need to make a delicious bowl of these, is right here on this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Tasty! 


Image Courtesy - Tasty on Youtube



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5. Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bites

I absolutely love trail mix, because I can snack on it bit by bit, without any guilt of putting junk into my body. So. when I stumbled upon this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Jennifer H, and saw the process of whipping up dark chocolate trail mix bites in motion, I had to take a gander myself. And suffice it to say, this has been pinned as one of my favourite healthy sweet recipes. We'd recommend you get yourself a packet of trail mix, along with a bar of dark chocolate, because that is all you need to make these. Apart from your microwave, that is. 


Image Courtesy - Northwest Fresh Haggen




6. 99% Dark Chocolate Smoothie

You know what I've realised? 80% of maintaining a fit diet is essentially tricking your body into eating healthy. Case in point? This smoothie. At first glance, this may look like an ordinary milkshake with rich chocolate loaded in calories, but it's far from that. It's a 99% dark chocolate and banana smoothie, that you can use as a natural supplement for your weight loss journey. Don't believe us? Just follow Nisa Homey as she takes you through the process of blending your own smoothie, and informs you about its myriad of health benefits. Here's the Youtube video recipe tutorial by Skinny Recipes we speak so highly of! 


Image Courtesy - Nisa Homey's Skinny Recipes on Youtube 



So, are we ready to become fitter, one bite of dark chocolate at a time? Talk about dreams coming true! 

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