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Top 5 Healthy Cafes In Hyderabad To Eat Out Without Guilt

By Anubha Das

Updated - April 7, 2022 2 min read

The land of biryani is also home to healthy food. We love that some cafes follow sustainability and farm-to-table concepts, that are making us eat healthy and become more conscious towards the Earth. 


On that note, here is a list of the top healthy cafes in Hyderabad. 


Image Courtesy: LBB


Orka Cafe on Road No. 45, Jubilee Hills, has hammocks in the garden, seating areas holed into the walls, and a vast variety of desserts. This garden cafe, one of the best in Hyderabad, churns out healthy versions of our favourite dishes. Biryani and meaty appetisers, for example, with a healthy spin. Their Brown Rice Chicken Biryani and Royala Veppudu are classics, if you love ending your meal with a dessert (and who doesn't?).


Image Courtesy: Dineout


The Sacred Earth Cafe in Kaveri Hills has a Goan vibe to it. The place is done up in earthy colours with Bohemian aesthetics, making it ideal to get a bite with your friends. The recipes here are also Instagram-worthy, packed with proteins, fresh vegetables, nutrients, and fruits. You must try their 100% plant-based açaí bowls like OG Açaí and Treehugger Açaí.


Image Courtesy: TripAdvisor


Sage Farm Cafe was the first cafe in Hyderabad to pioneer the concept of farm-to-table dining. Ingredients for all their meals are meticulously gathered and hand-picked from their farms. This cafe is reminiscent of Goa's modest and tranquil eateries, and features Sage Organics, an in-house organic store. Sage offers an array of delicious pizzas, salads, rice bowls, and soups. What we like best about their menu is the fusion blend of flavours, which you won't find anywhere else in town.


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Home to a great space that's always bustling with activities and workshops, a drive to this organic cafe is so worth it. They host storytelling sessions and bonfire nights where you can interact with like-minded folks and artists from across Hyderabad. Why do we adore this place so much? They change their menu regularly, so there are high chances that you'll find something unique every time you go.

Image Courtesy: Dineout


Klimom Farm Cafe is one of our favourites for two reasons: it overlooks KBR Park and offers some decadent healthy delights. The cafe serves fresh food and produces its own dairy products. They use a lot of nuts, millets, eggs, and vegetables in their preparations, too. Not only this, they make their own detox drinks, packed with nutrients and antioxidants.


Try these healthy cafes and let us know your favourite!

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