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8 Healthy Cafes In Bangalore That Serve Feel Good Food

By Anubha Das

Updated - Jan. 31, 2024 4 min read

Healthy food has always carried the tag of being boring. But, that is not true. With high-street food chains and restaurants serving guilt-free on-the-go food (or ’ready-made meals’… as Brit’s say) and every weird superfood snack you could imagine, has turned this notion around.


So, whether you aim to be a little healthier this year, or you've increased your gym visits and now want to improve your eating habits. Or maybe you're already health-conscious and just need some new recipes to keep things interesting while still keeping track of macronutrients, this is it!


Whatever the case, here is a look at some of the top healty cafes in Bangalore that will keep you energetic and fresh.


Image Courtesy: Curly Tales


Tapioca khichdi, summer salads, almond pesto pasta, quinoa vegetable soup — it doesn’t get healthier than this at Yogisthaan Cafe. This healthy cafe in Bangalore also have a yummy selection of smoothies and juices, and some healthy fruit-based desserts like honey-roasted banana!


Image Courtesy: magicpin


We’re big fans of the Chefkraft Cafe, and with homemade granola, baked yoghurt with fruits and grilled chicken, it’s the perfect breakfast spot. Located on the fourth floor of the Volt Energy Club, you can head to this healthy cafe in Bangalore straight after a high-intensity workout. 


Image Courtesy: Zomato


A brainchild of celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle coach – Luke Coutinho, Cafe Reset was born with the need to consciously break the strict diet mindset. The menu hosts cuisines from across the world, making the line-up of food extremely diverse. Options include a Turkish smoothie bowl with tahini, mezze platter, smoothie bowls, ragi dosa, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate cakes, banana pizza and thin-crust sourdough pizzas. Need we say more about this healthy café in Bangalore?


Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor


Infinitea‘s food and tea menu has always been on-point, but we have fallen in love with their new offerings. Check out their new healthy section, filled with lean proteins like meats and veggies, and a hint of added butter. They’ve also introduced some delicious smoothies — apples, beetroots and matcha green tea!


Image Courtesy: Lbb


Over the years, Phalada’s organic products have established a solid reputation. Their café, which also hosts a display of all of their menu items, allows you to see and taste the organic options. The café serves avocado and moringa smoothies, a healthy bowl of simple stir-fried vegetables with mixed fried rice, nippat falafel in a pita, jackfruit burger and jackfruit kheema, multi-millet biryani and kheer, and other meals made with palm sugar. *I am already drooling* 


Image Courtesy: Lbb


Serving all-day breakfasts with favourites like granola, cereals and pancakes, Smoke House Deli also has a great selection of eggs. Poached, fried, scrambled, omelette — you name it, this healthy cafe in Bangalore has it! Paleo soups, low-glycemic sandwiches, gluten-free pasta, millet risottos, grilled seafood and chicken, and soy milk cheesecakes are also a few other healthy food picks you can find on their menu.


Image Courtesy: Lbb


What people like most about Go Native is how they take their classic recipes and give them a sophisticated, nutritious twist. Consider the guntur idli with banana stems, the spinach neer dosa, or the red rice masala dosa. If you want to go all experimental, the ragi crust pizzas come with a variety of unique toppings. They also have unique Buddha bowls to pick from.


Image Courtesy: Lbb


You may shop 'til you drop and grab a healthy bite at this vegetarian café, which is attached to The Wishing Chair store. If you're looking for a sumptuous salad, try the Forest Of Pumpkin Blossoms or the Enchanged Forest Salad. You can expect a nice dose of whimsy here, as the café is inspired by Enid Blyton's novels.


So those looking to binge yet count calories, these healthy cafés in Bangalore will help you out! 




Q1: What makes Yogisthaan Cafe stand out among healthy cafes in Bangalore?

Ans: Yogisthaan Cafe offers a diverse menu featuring dishes like tapioca khichdi, almond pesto pasta, and honey-roasted banana desserts, making it a standout choice for healthy and delicious options.


Q2: Who is the brainchild behind Cafe Reset in Bangalore?

Ans: Cafe Reset is the creation of celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, offering a diverse menu with global cuisines, including Turkish smoothie bowls, ragi dosa, and chocolate cakes.


Q3: What sets Smoke House Deli apart in the healthy food scene?

Ans: Smoke House Deli stands out with its all-day breakfast options, including granola, cereals, and various egg preparations. The menu also features paleo soups, low-glycemic sandwiches, and gluten-free pasta.


Q4: Why is Go Native popular among health-conscious individuals in Bangalore?

Ans: Go Native is known for giving classic recipes a nutritious twist, offering unique dishes like guntur idli with banana stems, spinach neer dosa, and ragi crust pizzas with diverse toppings.


Q5: What makes The Mad Teapot Cafe a unique vegetarian option in Bangalore?

Ans: The Mad Teapot Cafe, attached to The Wishing Chair store, offers whimsical and vegetarian options like the Forest Of Pumpkin Blossoms and Enchanted Forest Salad, inspired by Enid Blyton's novels.


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