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6 Things That'll Keep You Rejuvenated & Energized Throughout This Pandemic

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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It'll be a few more suns till you get your daily work chronology back on track and life sorted as it was before the pandemic. I can imagine how your minds are already playing host to chaos sparked by these never-ending office hours and creatures living in your madhouse. While nothing beats the freshness and pump we bagged by stepping outside for morning walks or workouts or post-work nuptials with friends but making peace with your prevalent situation and staying indoors might be a smart move on your part.



I reckon things will take a turn for better soon enough but keeping our mind at ease and rekindling the scattered energy is a task that can be easily achieved in the comfort of our homes.  



Gear up for the new life coming in about five activities



1. Greet The Sun With Green Tea

Green Tea is the new coffee in town and it comes with the most healthy perks. In addition to being a hardy replacement for caffeine, green tea takes care of your brain functionality, blood sugar levels, metabolism, immunity and more. If a sip of this bewitching potion can calm your nerves down and give your body a good boost, then imagine, what would a cup do to you every day. With all that's been happening around us, the mind boggles and that's when this tea-of-a-magic starts to show its effects. A cup every morning with honey and ginger can do wonders. I highly recommend Amaara Herbs for ever so many options of teas to choose from. A fresh start can lighten your entire day.

Green tea

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2. Get Rumbling For Zumba

Dance enthusiasts, meet your new best friend, Zumba. An easy form of dancing that is not only fun but an excellent workout for the entire body. With a clap here and a step there, you can actually rock Zumba without any special training. Just stick to the beat and move the whole body while you rejuvenate your day with an upbeat fast-paced song and you'll be fine. To help you guys out for an energy-packed Zumba at home, I give you Vijaya Tupurani an expert to guide you through the process. Sulking throughout the day won't help but wooing and sweating through Zumba sessions might. Take the matter on your feet and just Zumba. 


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3. Looking Fresh Is As Important

Nourishing the dull skin going through all the stress from coronavirus, work-from-home life and boredom is a vital part of healthy living. From cleaning your hands at regular intervals to revitalizing the lifeless face with envigorating products and home remedies, it's time to take the matter in your own hands.

Skin care

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Get your binge-watching eye bags quickly fixed with homely products like cucumber, tea bags, coffee, etc., bid adieu to skin stress by adapting some good skincare habits by us. And if shopping is a stress-buster for you, better make Seer Secret your go-to online brand for all skin-care products and add Lavender Essential Oil from Khadi Essentials in the cart rather than wasting money on irrelevant stuff. 



4. Clean Eating

I can see you spoiling yourself with these newly found cooking skills already. Somewhere between frying gulab jamuns to hogging on junk made at home, clean eating lost its touch. With the virus at loose, keeping your immunity to an optimum level and taking care of your health is more important now than ever. Stuff like salads, freshly-cut fruits, lemon water, green veggies, healthy snacks from Mo's Bakery, etc. should at least get a day or two in your busy week. My advice; go for a 5-day detox regime or better invest a little time on acquiring healthy eating habits at our expense. 

Clean eating

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Delhizens, you can even buy organic foodstuff from these groceries delivering to your doorsteps. You're welcome!



5. Get Your Motor Running With Daily Exercise

Every health content available on this planet recommends a daily work out session especially when you have nowhere to go. Sitting on your bums all day with a backpain you can't shake off won't keep you fresh and happy but exercising daily will. Get your routine right with simple exercises you can do at home and if you ever lose track of your healthy habits, we are here with helpful tips to get back on the road. 

Exercise at home

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6. Yoga Is The Key

With cleaner air, bluer skies and fresh than ever summer breeze you have an opportunity to breathe in all the good possibilities and exhale all the negativity away from the body. There is no stress that yoga can't fix and there is no time better than present to surrender to this life-giving activity once and for all. Learn your way through asanas with Ira Trivedi's channel on YouTube and get a step closer to rejuvenation. 


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Get your daily sleep, don't overwork and put your heart into these healthy activities for a fresh and rejuvenating lockdown.