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Restore The Health Of Your Locks: 5 Haircare Rules To Follow While You're At Home

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 23, 2020 4 min read

You can choose to look at the current lockdown situation in two ways. You can either think of it as a punishment that's keeping you away from the things you enjoy, or you can view it as a much-needed break to invest in and take better care of yourself. Either way, the truth won't change, and the lockdown will continue for as long it has to. So really, you might as well use this inevitable free time, to do things that you can benefit from in the longer run. And that includes quality haircare. 


Think about it, for the first time in ever, your hair isn't being exposed on a regular basis to harmful pollutants, drying weather conditions, or even harsh styling products that you used to generously lather on before heading to work. You no longer need to apply damaging heat to get your curls just right, or spend an hour straightening your locks to perfection. In other words, for the first time in ever, you have the freedom to let your hair just be. Which also makes it the perfect time, to work on restoring the natural good health of your hair by putting extra effort and love into taking care of your mane. 


If you think you're on board, here are 5 hair care tips you should follow during the lockdown to ensure you come out with a head of shinier, silkier and healthier hair. 


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1. Generously Oil Your Hair & Leave It Overnight, Twice A Week 

We hate to break it to you, but your mum (and every mother on the planet) was right when she asked you to oil your hair every now and then. Hair oil is actually a great source of essential minerals, vitamins and good fatty acids that boost the health of your hair. Oiling your hair and leaving it overnight twice a week can help accelerate hair growth, get rid of dandruff, and replenish your hair with nutrients. 


2. Indulge In Periodic Hair Masks At Hair Spas At Home

Your hair definitely deserves some periodic TLC. Invest in quality hair products such as replenishing masks, and beneficial hair serums. Once a week, take out some much-needed time for pampering yourself and use the occasion to apply an enriching hair mask. If you don't have any masks, you can make one at home with readily available kitchen ingredients. Some health-restoring all-natural hair mask combos include avocados + olive oil, coconut oil + egg + honey and green tea + apple cider vinegar. 



3. Avoid Combing Wet Hair, & Let Your Locks Air Dry 

While detangling damp hair seems easier, and more manageable, the truth is your hair is at its most brittle when it's wet. Running the bristles of your comb through your wet hair can lead to breakage and a more than usual amount of hair fall. Instead, let your hair air dry naturally after a wash, and wait until it's sufficiently dry to detangle the strands. 


4. Give Your Split Ends A Careful Trim 

Needless to say, visiting our trusted hair salon for a trim, isn't exactly feasible at the moment. But does that mean you have to forego your monthly trim? No! You can give yourself a slight trim at home during this lockdown period to help your hair grow faster, and get rid of pesky split ends. Word of caution, be very careful if you choose to trim your own hair. Ensure you cut your hair at the same level, and your hair length isn't outrageously uneven by the time you're done. 


5. Wash Your Hair With Cold Water 

Washing your hair with steaming hot water can deprive it of its natural minerals, and moisture. Moreover, hot water can make your hair more porous leading to dry and weak strands that break easily. It also leads to increased frizz, as is the case with any kind of heat when applied to hair. The best way to avoid unnecessary hair damage is to cold rinse your strands when you shampoo them. This will not only help your hair retain its natural moisture and essential oils, but also make your mane considerably shinier, and easier to manage. 



6. Deep Condition Your Hair Once A Week 

This is a hair care tip that's often taken for granted by most. But the truth is, regardless of whether you condition your hair every time you shampoo it, a once a week deep conditioning session still stands important to achieving dreamlike silky smooth hair. Set aside a day of the week when you spend a good 10 minutes generously conditioning your hair right from the tips down to the roots. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with cold water. The difference will be starkly evident just after one such session.


Use this lockdown period to give your hair (and yourself) some long over-due love and care.  

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