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Planning To Get Your Hair Colored? Read This To Find The Best Shade For Your Skin Tone

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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New hair color trends are on the horizon. It may seem like there’s nothing new to offer after all the trends we’ve seen in the past years. Well, advanced versions of best hair colors for women are becoming imminent. Take a look and choose according to your skin tone.
According to this classification, there are 6 skin types:

Type I  - Light Skin - pale white; blonde

Type II - Fair skin - white; fair; blonde

Type III - Medium skin - cream white; wheatish

Type IV - Tan brown skin - dark brown

Type V  - Black brown skin - deeply pigmented dark brown to darkest brown


Scroll down for plenty of inspiration —


1. Pinkish Plum

hair color
Plum is our favorite color this season. Like any other shade, plum also comes in numerous sub-tones so it may seem a bit tough to decide on the shade that suits you. Undoubtedly, the choice should be created based on your skin tone and eye color. This shade is simply gorgeous as it adds extra depth and dimension throughout your locks. If you want to taste plum hair color without full commitment, going Burgundy plum is the best way to do that. It is a dark shade. Plum is a statement shade that will set you apart from the others. This color works for both business women and young ladies. You can keep the roots dark to reduce maintenance.
Type I - Keep roots dark (black/dark brown) with shades of rose gold 
Type II - Ombre plum
Type III - Burgundy
Type IV - Plum and brown
Type V - Leave more of black strands with shades of plum and brown

2. Blonde
hair color

Blonde hair color is diverse. So, the question is which blonde shades are appropriate for women with different skin tones? Icy blonde is the color that makes pale skinned beauties stand out. Gwen Stefani is the best example for pale-skinned celebrities with whiter shades of blonde. When it comes to blonde, you can opt for ombre, somber or highlights- the options are limitless. 


Type I - Consider wearing ashy, silver, white or platinum tones
Type II- Can choose any ombre shade, go completely blonde.
Type III - Go for somber, darker tones of blonde
Type IV - Leave the roots dark
Type V - Go for blonde highlights


3. Dark Red

hair color


Red is a head-turning hue, and you have to be self-assured enough to accept the stares. Many blondes and brunettes dye their locks in red shades to stand out in the crowd. While many think that deep red tones are flattering for fall, we are here to admire the latest deep red hair colors for Spring-Summer 2017. The dark red hair color is a good idea for everyone. It suits most complexions and eye hues. You can combine this hairstyle with dark red lips and black eye makeup.
Type I - Bright orange red 
Type II - Medium auburn, soft ginger, brownish copper 
Type III - Bright highlight, copper highlights
Type IV - Blue-red
Type V - The darker the skin tone, the more blue red you should go 


4. Granny Hair

hair color

Granny hair has taken over the internet as the coolest hair trend. Your next hair color transformation is going to be awesome if you have decided to join the stylish group of grey-haired ladies.Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kelly Osbourne have dyed their hair gray in the past. Are you ready for this big change? Pick up one of these gray hair color ideas that best goes with your skin tone. From silver to white to fawn, gray hair enjoys as many subtle tones and potentially gorgeous highlights as your former brown, blonde or black locks.
Type I -   Creamy pale yellow or pure white gray tone
Type II -  Creamy white or steely gray tones
Type III - Go more dramatic with bright silver tones
Type VI -  Blond salt-and-pepper look by adding some dark lowlights
Type V - Dark gray strands


5. Blue

hair color
If you have been waiting for the blue hair color trend for 2017 then you are in the right place to find out the gorgeous tones of blue for your dark locks. Shades of blue grab attention at the first sight and make you look unique. Instead of the full ink blue or blue-black hair color, women can also choose dark blue ombre hair colors for their brunette strands. This trick works well, especially with long hair. Keep the top part in your natural black shade and dye only the tips into a dark blue tone. It will change your overall look.
Type I -  Royal blue 
Type-II - Light blue or sea green ombre
Type III - Dark gray with denim blue
Type IV -  Go half-half, leave the half section as natural black and another half of dark blue ombre.
Type V - Go for dark blue 

How To Maintain Your Hair Color:

  1. Shampoo as infrequently as possible.
  2. Avoid harsh shampoos.
  3. Have your stylist use only quality, conditioning hair colors.
  4. Red dye is more susceptible to color loss.
  5. After coloring, wait two days before shampooing.
  6. Condition every time you shampoo.
  7. Avoid sulfates.
  8. Apply a hot-oil treatment to add sheen.
  9. Maintain a healthy diet.
  10. Use less heat on your hair.


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