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Drool Over The Coolest & The Biggest Food Affair Of India - The Grub Fest 2019 In Delhi

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 31, 2019 6 min read

For those who think that the festive season has ended, here's a reason to think again! The Grub Fest begins this November! Yes, my fellow Delhiites, the biggest food festival of the nation is back in the city, the Grub Fest 2019, Delhi, is about so many different things on the palette.


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What's The Grub Fest 2019?

From upcoming food brands to the best of delicacies available in the world, the Grub Fest Delhi is an all essential destination for the food lovers and food mongers to come and share gastronomical goodness. With the best of kitchens churning out tonnes of delectable food every minute, all your taste buds are in for a treat at this event. 


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A feast or a fest of unique paradisiacal experiences, the Grub Fest would own all your bodily senses at the same once. Great music and raking beats would make your mind go frenzy, the picnic areas and shopping stations would make you come back for more and just don't get me started about the food, not just but also a major reason to be here every year. 

grub fest delhi november 2019

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So what are you waiting for? Mark the calendar and make plans for the date! Indulge yourself in the biggest pandemonium of Indian, Lebanese, Oriental, European, Asian & Italian cuisines, along with pulsating tunes and eclectic vibes that you won't find anywhere else. 



When & Where Is All This Fun?

At - Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Gate No. 2 (Directions)

From - Friday, 1st November to Sunday, 3rd November

Time - 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Event Link: Click Here

Tickets: 399 onwards (Buy Here


It's More Than Just Good Food


Apart from finger-licking good food, the Grub Fest 2019 is so much more on the fun quotient! Here's a peek into what all you may come across at the event.


1. Experimental 'Grub Theatre' For The Artistic Minds

For those who wish to explore the inner artist, this can be the stepping stone into the world of theatrics. Even if you have no idea howsoever, you're a great fit over here. 


2. Black & White Cocktails To Pave The Way

Cocktail lovers are in for a great time as well! Coming from the best connoisseurs in town, you would surely drool over the heavenly spirits available here


3. Who Wouldn't Love Picnics - The Central Park

Picnics and good food come together just as good! So how about a designated spot for spending some great time along with your friends and family here?


4. The Innate Gamers - Here's An Arcade Of Fun

When we say that there's something for everyone, we literally mean it! And where else in the world would you find, great food, plus-sized fun and arcade gaming under the same roof? Well, nowhere but the Grub Fest!


5. Live Music Stage For Some Musical Domination

To really get high on life, you need to groove! And the live music at Grub Fest is surely going to make you trance into the state of a melodic Nirvana. With trending artists playing heart-thumping beats, you cannot stop yourself from tapping them feet.


6. 'Carnival Area' - Turn Into A Kid Again

Who would say no to a fun fest of colours and flavours speckled around? Not me if you say so! Here's to all those who like it lively and extravagantly colourful.


7. Grub Market For The Shopaholic Souls

Even if you've cancelled your shopping plans for this, this place is sorted for one and all! Shop some cool merchandise or just browse through the exhibits, you'll gleam with awe & inspiration every once. 



Terms & Conditions:   


  • An age restriction applies to this specific event, i.e., you should be 4 years or above in age to enter the Grub Fest.
  • Internet handling charges (extra) would be added to the total ticket amount for those who wish to book tickets online.
  • Right to entry or denial to do so is reserved with the event authorities and they also reserve that right to cancel or delay the event without any prior intimation.
  • All guests would have to go through a thorough security check before entering the event premises and entry shall only be allowed from specific pre-decided entry points.
  • Once you've exited the event, no re-entry requests would be entertained.
  • The ticket is non-refundable, even in case of any emergency or any expected contingency.
  • Consumption of narcotic, banned substances is prohibited in the premises. Subjects found in such practice shall be prosecuted by the legal authorities involved.
  • The terms and conditions of this event are subject to change without any prior intimation from the event authorities.




Q. Will alcohol be served at this event?

A. Yes, alcoholic beverages would be served on a chargeable basis, but to consume alcohol at the Grub Fest Event, you shall be of or above the legal drinking age. The event authorities reserve the right to demand a govt. I.D. verifying your age.


Q. Can I bring along outside food?

A. No, you cannot bring food from outside to the Grub Fest 2019, food and beverages can be bought from inside.


Q. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

A. No the Grub Fest tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable in nature.


Q. Would parking be available?

A. Yes, however, there are a limited number of parking slots available near specific entry points. After the occupancy runs out, the Grub Fest authorities would not be liable for parking your vehicles. In no way can the Grub Fest authorities be held responsible for any thelft or damages incurred by your vehicle.


Q. Can I bring my children to the Grub Fest? 

A. Yes, you can, but not toddlers and infants. The age restriction to the Grub Fest is set at 4 years or above, hence, children of the age of 4 or above can attend this event.


Q. I am a person with a physical disability, would I be accommodated at the Grub Fest?

A. Yes, Grub Fest would accommodate people with all sorts of disabilities, and a wheelchair and entry ramp would be provide to these. 


Q. Would Smoking be allowed at this event?

A. Yes, smoking would be allowed, yet only at specifically designated areas. Subjects who would not comply with this rule can be asked to leave the event or further actions can be taken as well. 


Q. Will the tickets cover food and beverages?

A. No, the tickets only get you access to the event, i.e. an entry only, and food and beverages would be available inside on a chargeable basis. 


Q. Will it be an indoor event, air-conditioned?

A. No, the grub fest would be held in an open space and without any roof or air conditioning. 


Q. How much would a ticket cost? By when would the online sale start and end?

A. The tickets are priced at 399 onwards, for online bookings click here. You can also buy tickets from the venue itself, at the on-ground box office stall. The ticket sale has started already and the last date of offline booking is the 3rd of Nov 2019. For online bookings, the end date is subject to slot availability and yet to be declared!  

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