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Take Your Taste-Buds For A Spin At The Grub Fest 2020 In Bangalore!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 28, 2020 5 min read

Here's a thrilling piece of news for all you enthusiastic foodies out there! India's biggest food festival is officially returning this February! The Grub Fest 2020 is all set to hit Bangalore city, and honestly, could we BE more excited!?


Image Courtesy - The Statesman



What Is This Grub Fest?

Grub Fest is the name given to India's most premier and grand food festival, that literally brings to your plate, the best delicacies from all corners of the globe. Replete with authentic ethnic restaurants, exclusive creations by celebrated chefs, the hottest upcoming food brands and delectable dishes and drinks, The Grub Fest is a massive opportunity for all the foodies to get their hands (and mouths) on the best flavours from around the nation!


Image Courtesy - Daily Pioneer


While The Grub Fest is largely centred around celebrating all things food and beverages, there are a number of other festival attractions to stimulate all your senses at once! Great foot-tapping music, and live performances by acclaimed artists, dedicated shopping areas and exciting stalls, as well as experience, carnival and picnic zones, all await you if you decide to head to Grub Fest 2020 in Bangalore!


When & Where

Saturday, 22nd February 2020 to Sunday, 23rd February 2020

12 PM Onwards

Jayamahal Palace Hotel, Bengaluru (Get Directions)


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For The Perfect Entrance

Tickets available on Insider for each day across two categories:

Saturday, 22nd February: General Entry at INR 299, Grub Star (VIP) (Inclusive of dedicated entry, lounge washroom access, bar and F&B lounge and open access to all general areas) at INR 999 Buy Here

Sunday, 23rd February: General Entry at INR 299, Grub Star (VIP) (Inclusive of dedicated entry, lounge washroom access, bar and F&B lounge and open access to all general areas) at INR 999 Buy Here



What Can I Expect From The Grub Fest 2020 in Bangalore?

Mouth-watering drinks and delicacies, carnival activities and music that makes you inevitably groove are some of the things you'll be met with when you enter the premises of the Grub Fest 2020. You can expect to experience:


Grub Carnival

Expect a carnival straight out of your most amusing dream! This International-level carnival will comprise of engaging games, an enticing carousel, an expansive arcade area and fun that never ends!


Grub Arena

If there's a popular artist you can't get enough of, don't be surprised if you get to witness them at the Grub Fest! Experience groovy music played live by all your favourite trending artists, only at the Grub Fest music stage.


Black & White Experiential Zone

Get your hands on specially curated cocktails that will give you the kick you need to get this party started, coupled with community seating and insane games!



Image Courtesy - Economic Times


Grub Theatre

Cook up a storm with guidance from the best chefs, mixologists and industry experts form the country!


Grub Star Lounge

Experience the Grub Fest 2020 in Bangalore like the star that you are! Head to this special VIP zone for the ultimate taste of luxury!


Juke Box

Attend captivating live performances by the hottest upcoming musicians in India!


Grub Market

If you want to predict what the Grub Market will be like, just think of a grand Farmer's market buzzing with energy and enthusiasm for fresh and organic food!



Image Courtesy - Ado Trip



Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum age of eligibility for the entrance ticket to the Grub Fest 2020 is 4 years
  • Entry will be permitted to attendees after thorough security frisking and only through the specified entrances
  • Only authentic Grub Fest tickets from official vendors will be accepted. Hence, it is advisable to avoid unauthorised vendors and sources for the Grub Fest 2020 entrance tickets
  • The tickets to the Grub Fest 2020 are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged, returned or cancelled once purchased
  • Re-entry to the venue won't be allowed, hence it is advised that you avoid leaving the premises once you've obtained entry
  • Consumption of banned, illegal or illicit substances is strictly prohibited at the venue, and in case you're found in possession, you'll be handed over to the appropriate legal authorities
  • No refunds will be made on F&B purchases



Q. Will alcohol be available at the Grub Fest 2020?

A. Yes, alcoholic beverages and drinks will be available for purchase at the Grub Fest 2020. However, liquor will only be served to those above the legal drinking age.


Q. Is the venue air-conditioned?

A. No, the Grub Fest 2020 will be held in an open-air venue, devoid of air-conditioning.


Q. Can I bring my children to the Grub Fest 2020?

A. Yes, you can bring your children to the Grub Fest. Kids above the age of 4 will be eligible for an entrance ticket.


Q. Is there parking available at the venue?

A. Grub Fest 2020 in Bangalore will not have any parking provisions at the venue.


Q. How do I obtain my tickets?

A. Tickets booked online will be delivered upon request at the address you mention. You can also purchase your Grub Fest 2020 tickets from the on-ground box office at the venue.


Q. Can I smoke at the venue?

A. Yes, you can. However, smoking will only be allowed at the designated smoking zones, and not the other venue areas.


Q. Will the ticket be inclusive of F&B?

A. No, the regular ticket to the Grub Fest 2020 will only provide you with entrance access. The F&B at the venue will be available on a chargeable basis.


Q. What is the duration of the Grub Fest 2020?

A. The Grub Fest 2020 will start on Saturday 12 PM and end on Sunday at 10 PM.


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