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Vegan & Trendy! Get A Load Of These Amazing Lace-Up Shoes By Greensole

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - June 8, 2021 2 min read

To be able to walk on this planet knowing you're doing fashion and Mother Earth justice is a rare kind of blessing! The sort accompanied by the latest fashion trends with planet's interest at heart. Sustainable fashion is an eco-friendly and socio-ecological process of manufacturing clothes, accessories and footwear in tandem with the environment. 


And even though it's a road less travelled, I see Greensole walking just fine. Their secret? An unbelievable range of uber-cool, upcycled and sustainable footwear!


What Is Greensole?

Greensole's is a self-sustaining social venture refurbishing discarded shoes into peppy and ultra-modern footwear. In other words, they bring old and worn-out footwear back from the dead. This deed not only prevents old footwear from going into landfills but it also turns them into sturdy and chic slip-ons', sports shoes, lace-up sneakers and flip-flops with zero carbon footprint. However, what sets them apart is that the revenue of each purchase goes into refurbishing old shoes, financially supporting children in need and opening skill centres. 



Lucky for me, I received a package from Greensolesa a few days back and it's nothing short of amazing. Take a look!


Lace-Up White Star Canvas Shoes By Greensole

Quirky, trendy and comfortable, Greensole's lace-up white star canvas is a piece of art. They just don't look good, they feel good.

Image Courtesy: magicpin


  • The soles of the shoes are made from discarded footwear which is further remelted and moulded using a discarded cork.
  • The upper part of the shoe is a rewashed canvas which is hand-crafted and dye printed to look flawless.
  • The inner sole is well-padded and super comfortable.
  • The material allows plenty of breathing space for hot and sticky days.
  • The packaging consists of a recycled and reusable cotton bag


Final Review:

Greensole can surely walk the talk! These shoes are extremely comfortable and sturdy. The sole feels heavy at first but it's not something you can't get used to. 


These shoes can be paired with denim shorts, jeans, boyfriend pants and even skirts. You can thank me for this look later!

Image Courtesy: magicpin


I love how these bad boys have a solid grip which works out well for me considering my likeliness to trip on certain surfaces. 

Image Courtesy: magicpin


A pair costs around 2599 bucks, which might seem to be a bit steep for a canvas model but at least you'll walk knowing it's for a good cause. 

Image Courtesy: magicpin


I'd give Greensole's lace-up white star canvas a 10 on 10. It's a great product, worth every penny and looks super cute!

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