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8 Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting Goa During Monsoons

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Goa weather during rainy seasons could be more than just a mess so you've got keep everything handy to enjoy your vacation. Goa weather in June gets way too unpredictable and stormy to deal with. You've got to keep these 8 things in mind before visiting Goa during the monsoons as safety always comes before anything. It can be more than a mess to deal with Goa monsoons, the windy weather and heavy rainfall can be a huge problem. You might end up getting stuck at places if you don't keep these important factors in mind as it's better to be safe than sorry. We're not denying that Goa looks the most beautiful during the month of monsoons but it comes it its own pros and cons.


1. Keep Your Umbrella and Raincoat Handy

REMEMBER to always keep your umbrella and raincoat handy along with protective covers for your mobile and other electronic items as it can rain almost any time. There's hardly any space for sunshine. So be prepared to get used to everyday rains during your vacation. Try not carry any heavy electronic items like a DSLR as the rains are heavy and it's hard to keep these items shielded. These essentials will definitely help you survive the monsoons like a boss. It's always good to be prepared to face continous rainfalls and unexpected super-windy goa weather.



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2. High Tides - Flooding Beaches

Goa isn't much crowded during monsoon season due to the heavy rains because of which every beach is flooded with high tides. It's dangerous to even go for a swim in those high tides or be a part of any water sports. So if you're expecting to indulge in water sports - it might be a disappointment as half of them won't be there during off seasons. It's not really the beach season so be careful if you're planning to indulge in any kind of beach activities. We don't want you to drown either.

high tides


3. No Flea Markets

If you were planning to visit one of the famous flea markets or Saturday night markets during monsoons then let us give you a heads up, a majority of the shops and markets are closed. You might get the basic shopping souvenirs and hippie clothes and flip-flops around but that's all. Shopkeepers tend to close down their shops during rains and it's a struggle to keep up with an open-air flea market during the rains. You've got to tell the shopaholic in you to take a break this season as there won't be much to shop from during monsoons. Majority of the sellers shut their shops and come back after the season is over. It's a much required break after a fully-crowded season.


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4. Best Of The Shacks Will Be Closed

It's not just markets but beach shacks also remain closed hardly 5-6 of them are open on the most popular beaches. It's hard to maintain shacks when the beaches are flooding with high tides touching every edge and corner of shacks. There's a huge possibility of the waves flooding majority of the shacks. Brittos and St's Anthony in Baga - North Goa is always open throughout the year - one can definitely check out the high tides from there to know exactly what we are talking about.



5. It's Not The Flipflop Season

Don't carry your flip flops this time as they might just slip away at the beach or break away because of the rains. Carry shoes or floaters to be on the safer sides as wearing flip-flops might be a bad decision. Why mess with your safety when you can stay monsoon safe. Style can wait, be comfortable and survive the monsoons like a boss. It's always better to not let one of your flipflops slip away with the rains - so better get your sneakers ready and advise the same to your fellow mates.



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6. Deprived Of Magnificient Sunsets

It's sad as you won't be able to witness those breath-taking sunsets at any of the beaches as the weather remains consistently stormy with hardly any sunlight. We're sorry to tell you, if your checklist included witness a beautiful sunset then you've got to cut that point out as because of the windy and rainy weather in goa, there is hardly any rays of sunlight visible the whole day, forget about a scenic sunset view. It's disheartening but it would be your lucky day if you get to witness it any day during monsoons. 

no sunset


7. Do Not Rent A Scooty

Be safe, do not rent a scooty during rainy season. It's dangerous as the roads and slippery and it gets very difficult to drive a scooty during heavy rains. We do care about your safety and precisely why we are writing this blog to make sure you keep these factors in mind as not every Goa vacation can be as happening as it seems. Goa weather becomes a little too difficult to deal with during monsoons but the undying love for this beautiful city still attracts hundreds of tourists to flock in evenduring monsoons. But the least we could do is prepare them with the consequences. Rent a car and not a scooty this time, the slipping of wheels can be a dangerous issue when it comes to driving a scooty in the rains.



8. Is The Trip Worth It?

Ask yourselves again! We agree to the fact that majority of the tourist things are shut down and Goa seems like in a mess but remember Goa looks the most beautiful in the monsoons season. The scenic beauty of Goa is highlighted because of the rains making it look more spectacular. You will be amazed to see the greenery around and wildlife parks, spice plantations and churches amidst the greenery.



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