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Glycerin - The Wonder Beauty Product We Don't Talk About

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 8, 2020 4 min read

Even if you're not a pro at reading beauty labels, or even remembering the ingredients your beauty products have, the chances of you never having encountered the word Glyrecin are likely to be quite low. Widely used in lotions, skincare and beauty products, there was a time when this colourless and odourless liquid fell in the category of the most recommended beauty ingredients. But over the years, and with the advent of newer beauty technologies, the discussion of Glycerin beauty tips, and Glycerin beauty benefits, began to wane progressively. 



Well, widely discussed or not, there's no denying the numerous Glycerin beauty benefits we don't give enough credit to. Produced as the result of the hydrolysis of animal or vegetable fats, and a trihydroxy sugar alcohol by chemical composition, the beauty industry deemed glycerin the unsung hero of beauty products quite some time back. To help you get on board with incorporating Glycerin in your beauty regime, here are 5 highly under-rated Glycerin beauty tips. 


Image Courtesy - Jake Hicks


*Note* - Please don't use Glycerin directly on the face as it could lead to unexpected reactions, especially on sensitive skin. Dilute it with equal parts water, or rose water before applying on the face, for best results. 


1. Use Glycerin As A Cleanser And To Remove Your Makeup 

Glycerin is immensely effective in removing accumulated dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells on your face. It works as an excellent cleanser for most skin types, but particularly well for those with oily skin, as Glycerin will wash away your grease without drying your skin of natural and necessary moisture. The same quality also makes it a great makeup remover that cleans and soothes the skin in equal measure. 


How To Use

  • Mix equal proportions of Glycerin and water, or Glycerin and rose water
  • Use a cotton swab to gently remove makeup, and cleanse the face


2. Use Glycerin To Moisturise Dry Skin 

Arguably, Glycerin's most impressive beauty benefit is its intense moisturising quality. It can help you in combating dry and patchy skin, by drawing moisture from the air to your skin surface and hydrating your skin. Those who apply Glycerin frequently, are well acquainted with its ability to instantly make your skin soft and supple. 


How To Use

  • Mix one tablespoon Vitamin E oil with Vaseline and Glycerin
  • Gently massage on skin before bed and leave overnight 
  • Wash the next day with a mild face wash 
  • Avoid over-use as you can also end up making your skin more oily and sticky 



3. Use Glycerin As An Anti-Frizz Serum 

Glycerin is rich in humectants which help draw moisture to your hair, albeit in certain weather conditions (when the air surrounding your hair is more humid than your hair strands; in case of dry weather conditions, humectants can possibly pull the moisture from your hair to the surrounding air thereby producing the exact opposite of your desired effect). So given the right weather, Glycerin and water can be used together as an effective frizz reducing leave in serum. 


How To Use

  • Mix equal proportions of Glycerin and water, or Glycerin and rose water
  • Throw in a few drops of your favourite essential oil for added fragrance 
  • Coat your fingers with the liquid, and run them through your hair, starting from the scalp and down to your ends


4. Use Glycerin To Treat Topical Skin Conditions, Acne And Over-Oiliness

The chief quality of Glycerin that makes it an indispensable beauty ingredient is that it's non-comedogenic. Which is just a scientific word used to say that it will never clog your pores. By promoting skin health, improving skin function, and accelerating skin repair, Glycerin can be used as an effective beauty tool against common skin problems like acne, fungal infections and inflamed or infected skin tissues.  


How To Use

  • Wash your face with water, and pat with a towel until dry 
  • Put some glycerin and a drop of water on a cotton swab and apply to problem areas 
  • Stop use, or consult a dermatologist in case of skin irritation. It's always advisable to do a swab test before applying any ingredient to your face no matter how widely trusted it might be


5. Use Glycerin As An Anti-Ageing Spray 

We've already spoken at length about Glycerin's magical ability to lock moisture, which leads to another Glycerin beauty benefit, and that is reducing the signs of ageing on your face. By hydrating your skin from within, Glycerin can significantly increase the elasticity of your skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. 


How To Use 

  • Mix one part Glycerin with ten parts water or rose water 
  • Store the liquid in a spray bottle 
  • Spritz it on every time you wash your face

Glistening skin, now a bottle of Glycerin away. 


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