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10 Gifts Women Would Actually Appreciate

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 12, 2021 6 min read

Gender stereotypes may trick you into comparing the task of buying a gift for a woman, to the quest of climbing a tall, steep mountain. No matter what you pick, what's waiting for you on the other side is a sharp fall into dissatisfaction, disappointment and requests for the receipt. Luckily, we're here to clear these misconceptions. I think I speak for all of woman-kind when I say this, WE JUST WANT GIFTS WE CAN ACTUALLY USE!


Now that that's out of the way, its time for some introspection. Are you really surprised that those tickets to the basketball game or that unimaginative photo frame set, did not make her want to run into your arms and proclaim her undying devotion to you? Next time you want to make a lady in your life feel special, just pick a gift that is rooted in practicality. Things she can put to good use, things that will simplify her life at least slightly. Lost? Look for inspiration in this list of gifts for women that they'd actually, genuinely, like. 


1. A Journal 



INR 499


Why She'd Love It


A bullet journal is the perfect way for a woman to find some artistic release in the process of staying organised. She can doodle when she wants to, put in appointments, create charts and basically get her life together between a few pages of paper. You can get her a pretty blank diary to encourage the habit, or help her ease into the hobby with a reliable daily planner.



Image Courtesy: Amazon



2. 2-in-1 Quick-Dry Running Tights



INR 899


Why She'd Love It


Working out in skin-tight leggings can be awkward, to say the least. Not just when you factor in the hot weather and truckload of sweat, but also the discomfort caused by leering stares. Ideal solution? Getting your favourite woman 1 pair of bottoms that give the coverage of 2, AND come with quick sweat management technology that whisks all the moisture away!



Image Courtesy: Decathlon



3. Instant Craft Coffee Set Of Sachets



INR 400


Why She'd Love It


If the girl getting the gift is a coffee lover, a set of easy-pour sachets from Blue Tokai can open up a whole new world for her. You can introduce her to the world of craft coffee, minus the investment and hassle of getting the right equipment and going through the long process. Instead, these easy pour sachets come with their own in-built nitrogen-flushed filter.  All she needs to do is anchor it to the cup and fill the cup with hot water, for instantly and conveniently made craft coffee!



Image Courtesy: Blue Tokai



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4. Satin Silk Pillowcase



INR 599


Why She'd Love It


While these might look like a luxury gift suggestion at first glance, a satin silk pillowcase is actually a gift of immense practicality. They can help the receiver achieve better hair and skin by preventing hair matting, tangling and breakage, as well as keeping skin reactions, dryness and face wrinkles at bay. Skillfully crafted by Dehman artisans, these silk pillowcases will quickly become one of her favourite sleep and skincare aids!



Image Courtesy: Amazon



5. Jewellery Organiser Box



INR 796


Why She'd Love It


From the popular saying that asserts a woman can never have enough jewellery, we arrive at the second conclusion - a woman can never have enough jewellery organising solutions! Trust me, this comes from someone who's constantly losing her new studs and rings despite the 3 storage boxes on my jewellery counter. We'd also highly recommend making it pretty along with practical, and this trinket organiser from Chumbak fits the bill perfectly.


Image Courtesy: Myntra



6. Travel Skincare Kit 



INR 899


Why She'd Love It


I can't begin to explain how badly I've wished for a travel kit of skin care products in my bag, when I've had to stay somewhere overnight. If the woman you intend to shower with a present, has a penchant for skincare regimes and products, gifting her a travel-sized kit of essential products will only serve her well in unexpected future situations. Also, the next time a travel opportunity arises and she doesn't need to try and fit her sizeable products in a compact bag, she's going to thank you for sure!



Image Courtesy: Plum Goodness



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7. Quirky Cotton PJ Set  



INR 1077


Why She'd Love It


Because sleep is one of the most important parts of life, and things that bring us closer to a night of restful sleep are always appreciated. A comfy, well-fitting set of cotton PJs is not only very useful when it comes to catching up on ZZZs, but they're also great for lounging around the house and working from home. The pure soft cotton material of the PJ set we're recommending, will ensure your girl stays untroubled through long hours at the desk, and drifts off into a peaceful slumber the minute she hits the sack!



Image Courtesy: Zivame



8. Intimate Hygiene Kit 



INR 799


Why She'd Love It


Everything that she needs to take good care of her intimate hygiene, will now be found in a single pouch. Especially in India where intimate hygiene products aren't as popular but the need for them is just as pressing, presenting a woman in your life with a ready-to-use kit can work out as the push she needs. This pack from PeeSafe comes with a powder, wash and set of wipes for intimate hygiene. On top of that, it also has a handy toilet seat sanitiser spray which will work wonders when she's using any public washrooms, coupled with a period cramp relief roll-on for that painful time of the month.



Image Courtesy: PeeSafe



9. Smart Band 



INR 1,995


Why She'd Love It


If the woman you plan on gifting this to, is anywhere close to being as scatter-brained as I am, trust me she will come to cherish this super practical gift. This smart band from Fastrack has so many organisation perks, from instant message display that will keep her constantly updated, to camera control for hands-free clicking. But the best part? It has an inbuilt phone tracker for moments when she can't find her phone! Now, that's like a super-power for any clutzy woman.


Image Courtesy: Amazon 



10. A Pamper Session



Based On Chosen Package INR 1,599 Onwards 


Why She'd Love It


Considering all that we deal with every day, the most meaningful thing you can present a woman with is an opportunity to take some time off, put her feet up and unwind! Spoil the woman you love silly by booking an at-home salon package for her from Urban Company. Let the professionals dispel some of her stress, and help her relax with their fantastic beauty services.



Image Courtesy: Freepik



We hope our guide to the best gifts for woman has been helpful. Now take your pick, and get ready to make a special woman in your life smile ear to ear! 

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