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Get your Mughlai Fix at The Chicken Mahal

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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So I went food hunting again and landed at one of my favourite Mughlai food junctions in the heart of North Delhi. The Chicken Mahal.

It does complete justice to its name!

“You only live once, lick the bowl.”

Yes, I didn’t feel like holding myself back after I ate my food and wanted to literally lick the bowls. Placed at the heart of a busy chicken market in Ashok Vihar, this place is a non-vegetarian’s delight. Think of anything you love and this place probably serves it.

The food is authentic Mughlai prepared by the hands of top notch chefs, and you can feel their magic in the food this place offers.


They have ample staff who are around you all the time. You are served quickly and are well taken care off. You can even ask for extra portions if you’re not satisfied with the serving size.


What you should order:

–  Chicken Qorma with Rumali Roti: This is an amazing curry that Chicken Mahal has been serving since its incorporation. The Qorma is delicious and the bread perfectly compliments it. It can give any 5 Star Restaurant a run for their money! So Good.

Chicken Qorma


– Stuffed Tandoori Murgh: It’s a delight to even take in the aroma of this dish. It’s the best stuffed leg pieces I have ever tasted. So juicy and well made. The chicken is tender and meaty. It tastes scrumptious and is a must have.

Stuffed Tandoori Murgh

– Murg Malai Tikka: Another amazing dish they have on offer which just melts in your mouth. Tikka is so well cooked that you can’t help overeating. Served with mint chutney and onions.

Murg Malai Tikka

– Chicken Biryani: Served with Qorma Curry, this is a dish that would transport your taste buds to nirvana. Highly recommended.  I can have it over and over again.

Chicken Biryani

– Chicken Lababdaar: Another dish which smells amazing and is made in authentic Mughlai spices. This is something you wouldn’t find at other places. The taste is inexplicable. It’s one of my favorites.

Chicken Lababdaar

– Roomali/Butter Naan: We would suggest to try both the Butter naan and the Roomali.

Butter Naan


I have been visiting this place for over 6 years and there is hardly anything I have disliked. This place satisfies my fetish for Kebabs and Biryani.  I would recommend you to visit this place once and trust me, there isn’t a thing that you wouldn’t like!

Happy Hogging Fellas!