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Looking For Some Crazy Fun In Life? Fly On These Off-Limits & Super Fun Things To Do In Hyderabad

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 9 min read

Words fall short when you talk about a city as versatile as Hyderabad. The rich cultural heritage, the delectable cuisine, the adventure, the grand plan of things and the upcoming cyber status, it seems that the city has been blessed through ages and remains to be such. This also includes a lot of options for fun things to do in Hyderabad.


Image Courtesy: Zero Gravity Photography


Therefore when it comes to picking out some fun things to do here, the list might get extraneously long. To help you sort out this issue a small list of some of the fun things to in Hyderabad has been compiled below. These handpicked activities are sure to satiate your need to understand the city and its character.


1. Golconda fort light and sound show

One of the most renowned monuments of the city of Hyderabad by day turns into quite a magical place displays a plethora of colors at night. An architectural wonder, the Golconda Fort was built with the state of the art techniques in its time. The scientific principles behind it all still amaze the tourists.


Image Courtesy: The HotFridayTalks


It is through scintillating illuminations that the great history of Telangana is told during this show. An absolute must, this show is definitely among the fun things to do in Hyderabad.


2. Heritage walk through the lanes of the city

The thing that Hyderabad and its people most pride in is the legendary heritage of the place. Simply a walk through the lanes of the city of Nizams is enough for you to understand the grandiose cultural treasure that the place possesses. A guided tour of this city of the Charminar helps you understand it all.


Image Courtesy: mindvoices



3. Explore the Charminar and its surroundings

The epic monument of Hyderabad, the place which is the city’s most important landmark, the Charminar, is another thing that needs to be explored at its best when in the city.


Image Courtesy:


This architectural masterpiece comprising four minarets now has quite a setting around it. The chaotic fleas around this monument possess a character of their own and it is through a walk (or maybe even shopping) through the area around this monument that you truly grasp the city of Hyderabad.


Image Courtesy: Times of India


4. Savor the luscious biryani

Counting the things that you directly associate with Hyderabad, your first guess is the Charminar and the second the dum biryani. The pioneering flavors of this rice dish that this city serves have set quite high benchmarks when it comes to the Indian food.


Image Courtesy: Swasthi's Recipes


The best of the best of this dish is available at legendary and yet old and tiny restaurants like the Shah Ghouse Café.


Image Courtesy: Justdial


5. Relive the charm of the British

There are many monuments in the Hyderabad, most of which are famed for their Islamic architecture but among these gems there lies a place that symbolizes the period of the British Raj in the country.


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia


The home of the British residents of the city back then, the Koti Residency instantly takes you back to the time of the Raj. Elegant and graceful, the place still stands tall in all its glory as a testimony to that era.


Image Courtesy: Firstpost



6. Visit the Ramoji Film City

A visit to a film city is always quite enlightening and enthralling as an experience. But visiting one of the biggest film cities in the country and witnessing all of the frills and fancies that the place has to offer first hand is a memorable experience. A visit to the Ramoji Rao Film City near Hyderabad is one such episode which must be witnessed.


Image Courtesy: Film City Tour


7. Bow down the head at Birla Mandir

How about a devotional touch to the city of Hyderabad, with a siding of panoramic views of the city? Pristine white, this Hindu temple devoted to Lord Vishnu is a testimony to the faith of the people of the city.


Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


Being at quite a height above the city, this temple is an absolute beaut during the sunsets, turning the city below into varied hues of the setting sun.


Image Courtesy: Hyderabad Weekend Getaways


8. Move along the Rath Yatra at the Jagannath Temple

Another devotional experience that you can have in the city is by participating in the Rath Yatra at the Jagannath Temple. This temple is yet another gem that the city of Hyderabad boasts of and is visited by innumerable tourists each year to witness its majesticism.


Image Courtesy: Raghu's column


The Rath Yatra that takes place is basically a procession in which the three deities of the temple are taken out. Grandiose and extraordinary, being a part of this Rath Yatra is an experience in itself.


Image Courtesy: Hyderabad Boss


9. Get close to the wild at the Nehru Zoological Park

Talking about fun things to do in Hyderabad, how can be close to the animals given amiss? Yes, the Nehru Zoological Park that this city house is among the very few of places in the city that take you close to nature.


Image Courtesy: Trover


The park has a number of activities like jungle safari and visits which surely keep the tourists entertained. Having quite a variety of animals, this place is a must visit if coming to the city with kids.


Image Courtesy: YouTube


10. Be a part of serenity at the Hussain Sagar Lake

Calm waters and among them the lone standing statue of the Buddha, this is an experience that has to be had when talking about the city of Hyderabad. This heart-shaped lake is manmade and was built in the year 1563. The tranquillity that takes over right by the look of such an expanse of water is an experience to be had.


Image Courtesy: Holidify



11. Cross the boulder walk

Blessed with quite a few of the natural marvels, the city of Hyderabad is surrounded by varying landscapes. Among these landscapes, a side of the city is touched by rough and exquisite rock formations.


Image Courtesy: Condé Nast Traveller India


Surprisingly balanced, these monoliths and rocks are captivating and intriguing, a walk through these rock walls is an offbeat encounter something to cherish.


Image Courtesy: LBB


12. Go-kart at Runway 9

Letting go of the tracks has to be the ideal way to have a little fun. And like every other city, the city of Hyderabad too, promises this fun. The place that goes by the name Runway 9 in the city offers this distinguished experience to the tourists. Go kart your way at high speeds and inexplicable fun when you visit this place.


Image Courtesy: Toours


13. Shopping at Laad Bazaar

What is a trip to a place like Hyderabad without the touch of its wholesale bazaars? Come have the true shopping experience here at the Laad Bazaar in the city. This place is lively through the day with people from all walks of life making purchases at this distinguished open market.


Image Courtesy: Holidify


Most famous for the bangles, this market also goes by the name ‘Choodi Bazaar’. One intriguing fact about this place is that it has been selling bangles since the time of the Nizams, and till date remains to do so.


Image Courtesy: OYO


14. Get the visa approval from God

India is a place of multiple faiths but among some of the most absurd beliefs of this land is that it is only through an approval through a deity at the Chilkur Balaji Temple that a person will be approved for a visa.


Image Courtesy: CITY HYDERABAD


This unique gift that the god is known to bless its devotees with has come to change the name of the temple itself, and now this place of worship is more popularly called the ‘Visa Balaji Temple’. Witness this form of faith at this beautiful temple.


Image Courtesy: Aastik


15. Witness the majestic Mecca Masjid

Grandiose in every sense of the word, the place is nothing but an exquisite display of some of the best artisans of the times. The most sacred place for the Muslims of the city, the Mecca Masjid can accommodate up to 10,000 devotees. It is the spectacularity of this place that lures in people not only from Islam but from a plethora of religious backgrounds.


Image Courtesy: Dynamite News


A city with such an exceptional number of things to do has to be among the top choices for your next vacation. Such is the glory, glamour and grandiose of the city of Hyderabad. Experience this city and the things listed above first hand when you make a visit to this distinguished place.


Q: What is famous in Hyderabad for shopping?

A: Hyderabad is known as the city of pearls and colorful lac bangles which are available at the Laad Bazaar. Apart from that, the Ikkat pattern cloth is also available for shopping.


Q: What can we do in Hyderabad on Sunday?

A: Hyderabad is the city which has abundant places to visit around and spend the Sunday. People can go and explore the various water parks and historical places like the Golconda Fort and Charminar.


Q. What is the difference between Hyderabadi Biryani and Lucknowi Biryani

A. Strong blend of flavors and spices, the Hyderabadi biryani: What's unique to Hyderabadi biryani is its strong blend of flavors and spice. The dish is not only influenced by the unique flavors of South India but also enriched by foreign flavors as brought by the daughters of nobles from Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and other Middle Eastern/West Asian countries who married Hyderabadi nawabs in the olden days. When preparing the Hyderabadi Biryani, the mutton/chicken/vegetables are first marinated in yogurt, herbs, and spices and then cooked with rice over a low flame. Rice cooked this way absorbs all the spices along with the juices from the meat and vegetables.


Wrapped in subtly of flavor-Lucknowi Biryani: On the other hand, Lucknowi Biryani has a uniquely delicate flavor and rich fragrance. In preparing this unique dish, the meat and the rice are cooked separately and then layered in a pot that is placed over a low flame. Many chefs also add a little-concentrated stock to the rice to flavor it. Each grain will look like nothing much, but when you put it in your mouth, it will (if it's done right) burst with flavor.


While both biryanis may have been influenced by the Mughals, Lucknow's chefs refined the cuisine through the use of aromatics and cooking techniques and Hyderabad transformed the dishes with robust flavors.



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