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We Tried Freewill's Customised Haircare Kit!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 4, 2020 5 min read

One thing I can say with a certain amount of certainty, there's little homogeneity in the hair troubles women grapple with. Let me elucidate the point I'm trying to make, with an example I think a lot of you might relate with. Come the wetter days of the year, and my mane becomes so unbelievably frizzy, my go-to look is "just got electrocuted". And then there's my best friend, whose locks remain as sleek as ever, but the number of lost strands on her hairbrush quadruple, and that's putting it mildly. So, same condition = different issues, but different issues = same solution? Something clearly doesn't add up! 


Luckily for all of us, taking our pick from a shelf of select products, is progressively becoming passé. In recent times, we've seen a surge of haircare products, customised specifically for the person buying and using them. Sort of like the notion of couture, seeping into the territory of haircare. And within this growing segment, we've encountered a couple of promising brands, whether through Instagram ads, or earnest recommendations by recently converted fans. So naturally, we wanted to jump on this beauty bandwagon, and see where it takes us. And the name we decided to start our journey with, is Freewill. 


Let me give you a low-down of my experience with Freewill's customised hair care kit.


To develop a solution for your hair needs, they first have to identify what those needs are. Which is where the hair assessment comes in. The online quiz, was quite comprehensive and felt like visiting a hair expert without getting up from my chair at all. It posed questions, I hadn't really ever thought of as relevant to my hair's health, like the city I'm going to be in for the next couple of months (laughs in pandemic), and the hardness of the water in my area. I also really liked the fact that they give clueless people like me the option of selecting "I don't know". Once you're done with the quiz, a detailed hair analysis report will pop up on your screen. I'd give this bit a solid 10 on 10, because of the sheer number of bases this report covers, with both assessment results and subsequent suggestions under every header. Seriously, loved this. This is followed by a listicle of the ingredients your custom haircare formula will contain, coupled with a brief on what each aims to a achieve. Again, this part was awesome. 


Now, moving on to what happened after my kit arrived in the mail. I'd give the packaging maybe a 4 out of 5, an extra half point for my name slapped on the bottle in cursive. Since I'd chosen the colour of my kit during the online assessment, there were no surprises there. The quantity of the products was pretty decent. I did feel that adding a physical copy of my hair analysis results, along with a list of my hair care goals, would've been a nice (and helpful) touch. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin



Image Courtesy - magicpin


Okay, going past how the products looked, let's take a look at how they felt. I liked the smell, but felt it was a tad shortlived. The shampoo felt a bit milder on my hair than what I'm used to, perhaps due to the all-natural formula. The conditioner seemed to be smooth and most importantly, easy to wash off, which is always a win in my eyes. After stepping out of the shower, next in line was the serum that I gently dabbed along the lengths of my towel-dried hair. It was pleasant to put on and did seem to soften my damp tresses. But of course, I had to wait for an hour or so for proper evaluation. To be entirely honest here, the results I got after the first application of all the products, was slightly underwhelming. It could be due to my unrealistically high expectations, or the sudden shift in my hair care regime, but for me, it wasn't love at first wash. But, the snap judgement didn't seem fair, and I wanted to give the products a reasonable amount of time to work their magic. And so I did. 


Here's the final verdict. 


By the fourth or fifth wash, I definitely felt a lot more positively towards the products than I did when they first went on my hair. My hair's wavy, and after using Freewill, the ends seemed bouncier than usual. I also noticed an enhanced gleam to my hair strands, which applied on my bleached hair ends, looked really awesome. My hair goals had to do with split ends, smoothness and volume and I felt the products achieved these to a satisfactory extent. Especially considering I only used them for 10 days or so. But, here's the catch, at least in my experience. I tend to wash my hair every second day, and the lovely results achieved by Freewill's hair care products, seemed to diminish a bit on my non-wash days. This could also stem from the fact that these hair care products don't have the strong-acting chemicals and sulphates our usual mass-produced shampoo bottles do.


Image Courtesy - magicpin



Image Courtesy - magicpin


So, would I recommend Freewill to a friend? 


I think I would! But the recommendation would also come with an advisory warning, of being patient. If you want to see instantaneous, miraculous results, you might want to turn to something else. But let's get real here. Whatever you turn to is probably going to cost a lot more than Freewill's kit of three products will (single kit = INR 1,600). So as long as you value long-term results over instant impact, and are ready to wait it out, I'd definitely suggest you try Freewill at least once. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


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