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Give Your Words Another Chance. Join These Online Poetry Clubs For Free

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - April 4, 2020 3 min read

"For men may come and men may go, But I go on for ever", a little slice from Alfred Lord Tennyson's The Brook to remind you of the true charm of poetry. While nature is reviving and reliving as it used to when you were younger, it's a poetic indication for you to go back to the things that made you happy then. And if poetry was one of them or still is, I've got a little thing you can try on the internet. 


Since you are spending most of your quaran-time moping from one room to another, floating from one TV series to another movie, I would like to put forth a new plan. Here are few online poetry clubs that you can check out to brush up those writing skills and learn to read between the lines.  




A website with a tightly knit community to help you embrace your words in the blessed form of poetry. The rigidness towards posting poems is a clear indication of a dedicated and immersed audience who will help you grow. The outlook has modern feels, much like a newly purchased diary. They also give you the liberty to go through some of the A-list poems without even signing in. Although I do find the community awfully small and predicting your success here is difficult as well. On the other hand, a smaller viewership and element of surprise could also mean intimate interactions and specific criticisms. 




Commaful is not just another poetry club, they are a much better and improved version of every club you see on the internet. With their feature of accompanying images and other visuals with the poems, they are not only expanding the scope of your creativity but also gifting you an opportunity to master the hidden artist in you. How often do you land on a website with a fresh format and an active audience? Well, you got lucky with this one.

This can be your one-stop website if you are planning to go the distance with the poetry. And I don't mean a career if you are not ready but what's the harm in stretching your words a bit more. Once you sign in to this club I don't think you'd opt for any other soon. Why? You ask! Since you get to post, get reviews, befriend friends, enter in contests, join various groups and avail free online courses on a single platform I don't see the point of going anywhere else.


Personally, it's always a good idea to post your word magic on multiple platforms and learn from different perspectives. A room to grow never harm anyone.



Deep Underground Poetry

This club offers you a wider range of writing exercises like poems, lyrics, short stories, spoken words and even performance poetry than any other online poetry club for free. For the people who still aren't sure whether it's poetry or just plain writing can easily sign up here. The first ladder towards growth is accepting criticism in good spirits and here you don't have to worry about that. Besides, you'll meet people with similar interests and that's worth a shot!




Tumblr isn't news but I added this one to the list in order to push you towards writing a bit more. It's only normal to shy away from words when it's been so long but this website is quite flexible and acceptable with the types of poetry you try out. The reach is quite large as compared to the others and feedbacks here can turn out to be excellent motivators.



While it's the perfect time to take a #LifeRewind break don't let this nudge die even after you are back in the real world. Having something old and yours isn't such a bad idea after all!


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