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Level Up Your Cooking Game With These Food Influencers In India

By Juhi Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 4 min read

The Instagram feed of these food influencers in India will give you major cooking goals. Passionate about cooking? Have a thing to try something new in Kitchen every day? Then you need to head to these profiles and level up your cooking game. One scroll down through their Instagram feed is enought to make you drool over those pictures of scrumptious dishes that you won't be able to resist. Be ready to hold them responsible for sudden cravings as their already an expert at what they do so follow them up to learn about new fancy dishes and even how to cook them yourselves. 


1. Swayampurna Mishra

Yet again, she makes it to our list of people to look forward to when the love of food takes over. Swayampurna's Blog La Petit Chef is all about home-cooked goodness. She cooks homemade meals like it is magic. With her food photography, she gives us major food and photography goals. On her feed, you will everything from wholesome breakfast inspiration to delectable desserts. Hit her up in case of any questions and she will be happy to help. 





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2. Archana Doshi

Archana Doshi is India's leading recipe blogger curating magic in her kitchen through her recipes. She also has a food discovery platform which gives users a credible "DIY" solution for your everyday cooking. Needless to say, she loves cooking and it is her mission to encourage more people to enjoy cooking. She has a tremendous media presence and large community of followers. She has worked closely with many food brands as well. 




3. Kartik Khanna

Also known as The Kitchen Foodie, Kartik Khanna cooks all things delicious. His story is an interesting one. From a shy foodie to someone who is an enthusiast when it comes to trying new things in the kitchen, Kartik Khanna's blog is all about lip-smacking recipes and delicious food. He adds charm to his website with his beautiful food photographs which are sure to make you drool. 




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4. Karan Tripathi 

Hit up the #Cookwithkaran and be rest assured that you will find drool-worthy content on this feed. Karan Tripathi is a food blogger who started his blogging journey by trying different places. Now he also works his magic in the kitchen with his one of its kind of recipes. From simple yet scrumptious breakfast dishes to drool-worthy cakes and donuts. Nutella is undoubtedly his best friend. 





5. Rekha Kakkar 

A name well known, Rekha Kakkar is known for curating meals which are flawless. She blog is called mytastecurry and it is about all things home-made. She believes that if you know your ingredients well and how to play with various combinations, you can create turn any meal into a scrumptious one. Her feed is all about easy to make meals which are comforting as well as tastes delicious. 





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6. Maunika Gowardhan 

Comfort lies in a nicely cooked homemade meal and Maunika knows that pretty well. A Mumbai born Indian Food Writer, Maunkia's approach to cooking is simple and enticing. With the use of local ingredients and spices, Maunka is known for creating simple recipes which are easy to make and cooked from communities across India. She's definitele one of those food influencers in India, you can't miss out on as her Instagram feed will leave you spoilt for choices.






7. Nandita 

Are you a vegetarian and looking for a twist to your meal? If the answer is yes, you need to head to Nandita's blog The Saffron Trail. All about vegetarian home cooked food, her feed is sure to give even non-vegetarians major food goals. Also a writer of the book, The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, Nandita has leveled up the cooking game with her recipes. Nandita is definitely one of the top food influencers in India who makes our crave for mouth-watering dishes made with such precision and art.






8. Amrita Kaur

Known as the mother of Zucchini Paratha, Amrita Kaur's feed named Amritaoflife is the place to hit to for simple yet comforting homemade meals. She believes a lot in Ayurveda and her meals are inspired by the same. Head to her feed for a bit of healthy and a lot of wholesome food. Her innovation, Zucchini Paratha has created a buzz on Instagram. She also hosts cooking workshops which one should look forward to.


Instagram :


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Q: Who are the top food bloggers in India?

A: Roxanne Bamboat, Shivesh Bhatia, Himanshu Segal and Ronak Rajani


Q: How to be a successful food blogger?

A: A successful food blogger definitely has to be a multitasker as the job is not just about food tasting rather indulging into the art of clicking good pictures, attending events, building contacts, reviewing a number of restaurants and managing good quality content on social media. It's a mixture of ten different jobs!


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