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Top 19 Food Bloggers In Pune Whose Instagram Feed Will Leave You Spoilt For Choices

By Swati Mishra

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

Indecisive? Let these food critics decide for the best. Follow these food bloggers in Pune hand-picked by us as they are sure to give you some major cravings. Be ready to hold them responsible for your sudden hunger pangs as their Instagram feed will leave you awestruck for sure.


1. Natasha Diddee

Yet again, she makes it to our list of people to look forward to when the love of food takes over. Natasha who instagrams by the name 'thegutlessfoodie' isn't just a food writer but she has been an inspiration for many, foodie or no foodie. Based out of Pune, Natasha Diddee faced a life-threatening health condition but that did not stop her from following her passion. A rare health condition, Natasha does not have a stomach. But the passion for food and cooking hasn't stopped her from following the cooking journey. She cooks everything under the sun and clicks it in the most beautiful fashion. Follow her blog for healthy recipes and for endless motivation to do what you love. Anybody is bound to get hooked to her beautiful posts of all sorts of delicacies with detailed write-ups. More power to this woman! 




2. Rinkel Arora

Doing something that you love and turning it into your passion takes a lot of effort and confidence. Rinkel Arora through her beautiful blog 'Dine Delicious' has made it possible by giving us all readers a treat on a regular basis. The intent behind her blog lies in exemplifying what the phrase "Food for soul" really means. She improvises with the dishes in a way that they are healthy and easy to be prepared. She strongly believes that "Cooking is an art which when shared with everyone else doubles its value of creation". 




3. Saiyam Arora

Saiyam Arora, who goes by his Instagram handle 'khaane_ka_deewana', is a foodie in Pune who truly is 'crazy for food' as the name suggests. His reviews on Instagram as well as Zomato are all you need to decide what you're going to eat next - one scroll through his feed will take you to a foodie's paradise.




4. Ruchi Parekh

Ruchi Parekh has com has made sure that her Instagram feed and blog which goes by the name 'The Vegetarian Foodie' is a treat to her viewers. Even though doctor by profession, her passion lies in food writing. Being tagged as a 'Connoisseur' on Zomato, She has definitely reviewed it all to get your weekend scenes sorted when it comes to finding exquisite restaurants for mouth-watering dishes. We just can't miss out on her feed when it comes to experimenting with new food. 




5. Madhav

I considered myself an atheist until I came across this gentleman's relationship with food. For Madhav who blogs and Instagrams by the name 'punehungry', 'Food is religion'. His food travelogue is filled with some fascinating pictures waiting to lure you. Missing out on his Instagram feed and blog is a risk you shouldn't take as they've got drool-worthy pictures of food which will make you crave for so many dishes that you'll end up being spoilt for choices.




6. Samruddha Patil 

Samruddha Patil shares her love for food through her blog 'When In Pune' which should definitely be on your list If you're trying to find the best dishes in town, more so for the desserts out there as she calls herself a 'Dessertarian'. But she's got everything covered from quick-bites to street food, scrumptious desserts to refreshing drinks - you've got to follow her to know the real food trends.




7. Punefoodhunt

If we are talking about food bloggers in Pune, how can we not mention 'punefoodhunt' hunting and sharing with you absolutely the best of food, drink and travel in Pune and beyond. If you are a foodie and you miss out on this blog, know that you're already committing a crime - The love for food is reflected in the most elegant way possible through their Instagram feed.




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8. Pune Bhukkad

They are a team of foodies always on the run to explore the best dishes in and around Pune. Undoubtedly, they have got the best dishes covered on their blog without compromising on the pictures. Are you sure you want to miss out on them? We don't think so. We're already craving for so much, one scroll down their feed is more than enough to figure out your next meal.




9. Manasi Oswal

Manasi Oswal who go by her Instagram handle 'themillionthfoodie' brings to us the finest delicacies our dream city of Pune has to offer. You'll be amazed to see beautifully clicked pictures of tempting dishes which will make you drool. Her Instagram feed will definitely give you hunger pangs but will make sure you hit the right places to taste these scrumptious dishes.




10. The Pune Foodie 

If your eyes gleam seeing the perfect food shots which are delicately styled, then you must head to this Punaikar's passion project which goes by the Instagram handle 'thepunefoodie'. They've got it all covered for you, right from basic tea to coffee, from scrumptious dishes to delightful desserts. 





11. Tasty Pune

When in doubt where to eat in Pune - Visit "Tasty Pune" Instagram Feed as it's filled with mouth-watering pictures of Food from the best restaurants in Pune. They make sure that they have their hands on every tempting dish possible. This food blog is just the right place to explore when you can't find a place to eat at. It's definitely one of the fastest growing food blogging pages on Instagram and we just can't deny.




12. Pune Food Explorer

It's definitely one fo the best Food Instagram account to explore the best delicacies in Pune. You've got to follow them to get the best out of Pune when talking about delish meals. The number of followers, quality posts, and amazing content - definitely highlights them. Stay updated with the best dishes around town from street food to fine dining with Pune Food Explorer.




13. Archisha Tripathi

Archisha Tripathi is the face behind this brilliant food blog - Food Paradise. This food blog not just covers the best meals from Pune but also Delhi. You've got to follow her for the most perfect food recommendations ever. She covers everything from pocket-friendly Street food to fancy dishes at the best restaurants in the capital and Pune. Head to her blog to find the most delectable dishes in the city.




14. Jerlyn

Jerlyn from Pune will give you the right motivation you've been looking by setting an example through her offbeat food blog. The blog speaks volume itself - we're totally in love with the content as it ends up giving us some serious hunger pangs. There is no way one can go wrong with recommendations when it comes to scrolling through her Instagram Feed. She has also been featured before in Femina and Pune times which counts her credibility as well.




15. Sailee Paranjpe

A Food blogger, traveler & an explorer - Sailee Paranjpe's Blog "I For Explore" is the best example of portraying memories of beautiful places, exquisite meals and offbeat exploring experiences around the world. Her blog is not just limited to covering Pune Delicacies but delish meals from around the world. You'll definitely fall in love with her feed!




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16. Darpan Chordia

His Instagram account is a treat for all the vegetarians out there as he’s got the best of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes covered for you on his blog - “Veggie Pune” definitely one of the best vegetarian community in Pune. You’ve got to follow him to find just the right places for mouth-watering vegetarian dishes in Pune




17. Craving Souls Pune

It might be recent food blog but has definitely managed to get out of Pune - find the most mouth-watering food pictures on Craving Souls Pune run by Sujay and Niharika. Head on to a food journey with both of them and say goodbye to indecisive food ordering decisions. They're definitely one of the best duo food bloggers showering their love for delectable food through their amazing blog.




18. Nikita Sohoni

Nikita has made sure that her Instagram feed which goes by the name 'Sangriamulgi" is a treat to her viewers. She has definitely reviewed it all to get your weekend scenes sorted when it comes to finding exquisite restaurants for mouth-watering dishes. We just can't miss out on her feed when it comes to experimenting with new food. 




19. Maanas Shah

An International Food, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger - Sounds interesting right? You've got to follow this one for the best food/travel recommendations not just for Pune but from around the world. We're already drooling over this Nutella Bun! You've got to follow him to know what's new in Mumbai when looking for exquisite meals.




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Q: Which are the top localities in Pune for best restaurants?

A: Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Erandwane, Boat Club Road


Q: Which are the best cafes in Pune?

A: Cafe Goodluck, Vohuman Cafe, Pagdandi Book Cafe


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