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Follow These Food Bloggers To Discover The Best Places To Eat In Delhi

By Rhea Tyagi

Updated - Sept. 28, 2022 5 min read

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There is no greater love than the love for food. But finding the best places to eat in Delhi is like a treasure hunt. But we’ve got some good news for you! We’ve curated a list of the best food bloggers in Delhi that you must follow if you never want to have a bad food experience again.


1. Chiclifebyte – Nidhi & Shilpa Arora

Nidhi and Shilpa, the co-founders of Chiclifebyte, have introduced their readers to the best food that Delhi has to offer. Each one of their posts is a combination of stunning food pictures and beautifully penned content. What’s more, they’ve also made a name for themselves in fashion and lifestyle domain!


  • Great food recommendations, stunning food visuals in every post

WEBSITE: chiclifebyte


2. Eatstory – Neeru Singh

Neeru Singh is a trained pastry chef and a full-time food writer.  She travels often to cover honest heartfelt food stories from across the country. From a Kashmiri Wazwan to a traditional Himachali Dham feast.  She has trained her palate for diversity and a deeper understanding of flavours and cuisines.  


  • She provides consultancy for restaurants and writes for various online publications. 
  • Original and engaging content

WEBSITE: Eatstory


3. Delhi Fun Dos – Sundeep & Bedabrata

Started by two food enthusiasts, fun-dos has everything related to food, travel and events happening in Delhi NCR.


  • They have been judges on Burpp food awards for Delhi NCR
  • They cover not just food but Travel, Films, Fashion, Handicraft and Theatre as well
  • Many restaurants and companies have tied up with them for their product promotions

WEBSITE:  delhi-fun-dos


4. The Food Fanatic – Karan Tripathi

Karan’s blog will take you through the reviews of different restaurants and eateries.  A collection of his favourite foodgasmic moments in the Foodography section and a place that can help you out in your kitchen affairs


  • Cooks occasionally and love to give his own twist to a few dishes that we generally eat
  • Mission to eat every cuisine that this world has to offer 
  • Eats from the top notch fine dining to the humble street food

WEBSITE: karanfoodfanatic


5. Foodelhi – Karan Marwah


What started as a small food blog, is now one of the biggest names in Delhi. Karan Marwah’s love for food is evident from his heartfelt posts and recommendations for his loyal readers.  


  • Foodelhi is now an online magazine covering some of the best recreational options for foodies
  • Foodelhi covers reviews, menu launches, restaurant marketing, editorials, and travel

WEBSITE: foodelhi


6. The Bhojan Lane- Chetna

Chetna is a big time foodie and clicks awesome pictures of the food she eats wherever she goes. Although she is a law student, she has an inclination towards the blogging world. She is a great photographer too. This allows her to click great pictures of the lip smacking dishes that she tries all over Delhi NCR. 


  • From Italian to Mediterranean, Chetna reviews every possible cuisine available in Delhi NCR
  • Always looking for newly launched restaurants and cafes

WEBSITE: thebhojanlane


7. BITE ME- Ambika

Ambika is a food blogger who covers a wide range of cuisines available in Delhi NCR. She’s a big fan of food festivals, so her readers are always up to date about the latest grub offerings in town. She covers all types of food events and restaurants, ranging from glittery cafes to lip-smacking street food.


  • She writes about recipes, restaurants, restaurant openings and food festivals
  • Covers specially cooked dishes for occasions like Republic Day, etc.
  • Themed restaurants and bars like LockUp in Gurgaon are also covered by her

WEBSITE: bite-me-ang


8. V for Veggie- Shubhneet Jain


A true food lover, taster and photographer, Shubhneet has been exploring and reviewing food for quite some time in Delhi. His happiness is to eat food, review it and let all of us know what’s the best out of the rest.


  • Gives details of the latest menus of infamous restaurants like Chaayos and others
  • always looking for major food events, fests etc with amazing ongoing deals
  • Descriptive blogs, good quality of the pictures and variety of cuisines included

WEBSITE:  vforveggieblog


9. MY FOOD STORIES – Vinayak & Deepika Bali

This couple decided to take up food blogging when they realised the need for a writing style which enables readers to imagine themselves sitting in the restaurants, eating the dishes being written about. They’ve done a commendable job in capturing the essence of the food.


  • They visit underrated food paradises that need recognition and serve amazing food
  • They bring out mind-blowing gastronomical experiences that they’ve had

WEBSITE: myfooodstories



Sudipto and Amogh are both students – Sudipto is training to be a surgeon while Amogh is a law student. But nothing can keep them away from their one true love – food! They’re avid lovers of all types of cuisines – from the far east to the western world.  They pen down detailed and honest reviews.


  • Visit their website for honest, genuine reviews 
  • They churn up eloquent articles on food as well as travel

WEBSITE: saltandsandals

11. Eatloveerepeat- Juhi & Bhavya 

You may call them foodies, who not only loves to eat but to cook as well, wishful wanderers, having an eye for all things beautiful, obsessed with pretty lights, and sucker for words.



  • Visit their website for food, travel and life stories
  • They put their heart in food reviews and also do food photography themselves.

WEBSITE: EatLoveeRepeat




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