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Get Ready To Work Towards A Fitter You With These Fitness and Wellness Events In Delhi (May-June 2019)

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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Fitness is not a task that you have to do, it is a lifestyle! Don't let your excuses lead you towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Make a promise to yourself of staying fit. Don't fret about ways to stay fit as we've got the best marathons and fitness workshops in Delhi covered for you. Train yourself in the best way possible - experiment with different forms of workout to know what suits you the best. Fitness is life!


1. Delhi Talent Half Marathon

Established in 2015, Run For Life is a creative company, specializes in event creation that will target sportive, running and lifestyle events. They are excited to bring their passion to produce fantastic running events for India in order to build up and expand a healthy community. With a commitment to keep their events always different and fun for runners! Run For Life aims to go beyond the trend and toward a revolution. They want to take forward the spirit of fitness in every home, anyone can start running for better health & fitness, they want to make people aware of a healthy life while running!

Date & Time: 5th May Sunday from 05:00-09:30

Venue: Dwarka, Delhi

Event Link: Click here for details

Entry: Click here for tickets 


2. Marathon Delhi

Run for fitness! Running 3-4 times a week will build your stamina, strength, and endurance you'll need to complete the 21.1 KM marathon. These days should include core, balance work, strength training, breath control, and mental focus. They are organizing marathon training and yoga sessions to improve stamina, strength, and endurance. 

Date & Time: Sunday, 7 July 2019 from 09:05-11:05

Venue: Jantar Mantar, Rajiv Chowk, Delhi, India 110001

Event Link: Click here for details

Entry: Click here for tickets


3. Simple secrets to reclaim your shape and fitness

Everyone wants to live a fit and healthy life but at times due to lack of knowledge or awarness we get discouraged and end up giving up on fitness. Here you have simple secrets to reclaim your shape and fitness. It's a 3 hours program scientifically designed by Dr. Ashok Thapa, that bursts myths about fitness, and he explains simple techniques to improve health and fitness.

Date & Time: Sunday, 19 May 2019 from 09:00-12:00

Venue: Hall Number 1, Dilli Haat, Lal Sai Marg, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Event Link: Click here for details

Entry: Click here for tickets



4. Delhi Night Marathon 2019

Delhi Night Marathon is a unique & one of its kind Delhi's own night running festival which will surely give you a different experience & thrill for sure. At dusk, the roads of #ApniDilli will get charged with runners to enjoy running at the supreme level under the moonlight and mark a break from the monotonous running routine with rows of amazing spectators cheering up runners. DSM 2K19 is an ultimate blend of run & fun.

Date & Time: Saturday, 15 June 2019 from 20:00-23:59

Venue: CWG Sports Village, Noida Link Road, Delhi, India 110091

Event Link: Click here for details

Entry: Click here for tickets



5. The Grand Master of Yoga 2019 Organised By Namo Gange Trust

Promoting Yoga as an ideal way of healthy and peaceful living, Namo Gange Trust is organizing the 2nd edition of “The Grand Master of Yoga 2019” contest to discover the best Yogis and Yoginis of the modern era and bring all yogis on a common platform. This contest will also encourage the Yogi of the new generation by highlighting their journey of Yoga, accomplishment, and contribution to our society.

Date & Time: 10 May at 09:00 – 12 May at 18:00

Venue: Pragati Maidan

Event Link: Click here for details

Entry: Click here for tickets


6. Aqua Zumba

"Are you tired of sweating it out at the gym? Try out Aqua Zumba, a trending workout that will help you reach your fitness goals faster. It combines traditional aqua exercises with standard Zumba moves and music. Because water flows in multiple directions, the resistance in the pool can range from four to 42 times greater than air. Therefore, the muscles get a rigid workout. Make your weekend more productive with Decathlon.

Date & Time: May 5 Sunday from 07:00-09:00

Venue: Fitso (Fitso SEALs, Sheikh Sarai, Delhi)

Event Link: Click here for details

Entry: Click here for tickets


7. Yoga Classes

A yogic journey to yourself at Zorba The Buddha. Our approach to yoga is Holistic. It denies nothing it brings awareness to all aspects of our being, from the body to soul. The class will help in releasing blockages in our system, which prevents us from living life fully. Starting from warm up, leading to fluidity in the body through Asanas and rhythm in breathing. The class will progress into pleasant detachment from thoughts, taking you into your Core, which is Immobile but has always been present. Ananta Jeevan’s approach to yoga is holistic combining therapeutic Asanas with pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditations.


Date & Time: Tuesday, 7 May 2019 from 17:30-19:30

Venue: Zorba Buddha, 7 Tropical Drive, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Ghitorni

Event Link: Click here for details

Entry: Click here for tickets


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