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17 Fitness Influencers You've Got To Follow For The Right Motivation

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20248 min read

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Struggling to find the right kind of motivation to work out? We've got your back with the top fitness influencers in India. What are you waiting for? Follow these influencers for a complete transformation!


1. Radhika Bose

Radhika Bose is popularly known as "Yogasini" is a fitness addict who believes that working out is more about challenging oneself to achieve more each day without exerting yourself. She's been practicing Yoga for almost 9 years and has finally taken it up as a profession after excelling in it. If you're looking for some real motivation then here workout videos are all you need to get the right kind of adrenaline rush.




2. Kunal Rajput

Leaving behind his engineering and marketing background, Kunal Rajput followed his passion for fitness which made him get his way through becoming a coach at the Nike Training Centre. It's always about going an extra mile for him as that one additional rep makes you stronger every time. For him, Fitness is all about confidence and dedication and we're sure he'll inspire you as well!

fitness-influencers-india-kunal rajput



3. Sheena Fit

A scroll down through a feed will make you feel motivated in seconds, Sheena has definitely proved to be a motivation for many as she's come a long way by challenging herself each day. Her Instagram videos are all about inspiring people to lift the right way and transform those muscles by challenging yourself each day.




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4. Shivoham

Being in the fitness industry for over a decade, Shivoham has established himself right at the core of this industry - He has successfully trained a number of celebrities including Ranveer Singh, Pariniti Chopra, Arjun Kapoor, and a lot more. He currently looks after Shivfit's physical training program which includes various combinations of gymnastics, weightlifting, body weight training and cardio to provide you with an intense workout session.




5. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

A food scientist, a writer, and a fitness trainer - it's inspiring to see people like Nidhi going out of the box to achieve everything by combining best of their skills. She's all about toned muscles, balanced diet, and crazy adrenaline rush.Nidhi Mohan Kamal makes sure that her followers get enough motivation each day as she encourages her followers to work those desi muscles out every day - What else can you ask for?




6. Devrath Vijay

You just can't go wrong with this one as his crazy skills will make you go all "WOAH". His workout sessions are all about the right posture, challenges, stress busters and building strength each day. Devrath Vijay is the Co-Founder of the well-established fitness training center known as "The Outfit" - He's certified as a strength and conditioning specialist with an association with International Fitness and Aerobics Academy. There's no doubt about how good he at what he does.




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7. Swetha Dev

Swetha Dev has totally got her fitness routines on point. We can call her a game changer in the fitness industry as her tremendous core strength and toned body will amaze you. A Crossfit trainer, a marathon runner and a medical professional - Multitasking at another level, Swetha has set definitely established herself to stand out. Devrath Vijay and Swetha Dev also have a collaboration - popularly known as "The Sweaty Ninjas" through which they encourage people to experiment with their bodies as much as possible to attain fitness with a routine which suits them the best. 




8. Delson Joy D'Souza

A Sr. S/W Engineer, A Martial Arts Instructor along with achieving the advanced level of Calisthenics, Delson Joy D'souza has definitely gone all the way out to achieve everything that comes his way, in fact, a lot more than this. You'll be amazed by his strength endurance and skills which makes him challenge his capabilities each day to bring out the best results. One can totally acknowledge him as an epitome of fitness as it's all about the hustle and being consistent to bear the right results.

fitness-influencers-india-delson joy d'souza



9. Neha Khincha

A CA and Lawyer by profession and a fitness enthusiast by passion - we totally admire how one follow's their passion even if it's not their career path. Neha's Instagram feed will definitely give you some high-time motivation that you've been looking for. Her core strength and on point yoga postures will leave you awestruck for sure!




10. Sumir Kapoor

An athlete, Animal Flow Trainer, Health, and Nutrition coach who excels in Calisthenics - this is how we would define Sumir Kapoor. You'll get a crazy adrenaline rush just by going through his Instagram feed as her strength and capabilities will amaze you. Stay updated with the right kind of fitness training with Sumir to game up your work out routines.




11. Mohit Bisht

A YouTuber who covers fitness routines and a Nutritionist - Mohit Bisht is definitely one of the fitness influencers you've got to follow for some hardcore work out routines. Nothing comes easy and her toned body definitely reflects his hard work and inspiring journey through fitness.




12. Ajay Tokas

Redefining yoga in the most beautiful form - Ajay Tokas will leave you awestruck with her on point yoga postures and stunning techniques. You'll be amazed to see how a human body can attain any kind of flexibility if the right kind of hard work and efforts are put in. He's definitely one of the best fitness influencers in India - inspiring everyone each day.




13. Swetha Subbiah

She is definitely an epitome of fitness - Swetha Subbiah is a certified Nike Instructor and has also successfully completed Functional Training, EXOS Performance training and so much more. It's inspiring how women have taken a step ahead and are giving a strong competition to the men out there. There's no way we can underestimate the strength and capabilities of a woman's body today - Swetha has definitely set an example for the same.




14. Neha Singh

Again a perfect combination of an Engineer and a fitness enthusiast - seems quite intriguing right? Women of today have taken a step ahead and have started following their passion. You've got to follow Neha for some serious fitness motivation as she has got it all covered for you from the best workouts to healthy diets - stay updated for a real-time work out routine!




15. Chitra

One scroll down her Instagram feed will leave you with an adrenaline rush as she is all set to motivate hundreds of women out there to get out of their comfort zone and start working out. Nobody knows how capable their bodies are until they start working out - Chitra's hard work, core strength and toned body reflects her successful journey towards the path of fitness. You've got to follow her for the right kind of fitness motivation!




16. Rohini James

The word "Fitness" speaks for her - Rohini James has definitely achieved a lot by her hard work and efforts that she puts in keeping herself fit. It's one confidence and will that takes them up the ladder of success which worked for her as well. Follow Rohini as her account speaks volume about fitness inspiration and training ethics.




17. Urmi Kothari

A Nike Coach, owner of A wellness and fitness Bootique (Kinetic Living)and a Fitness career counselor - Urmi Kothari is a talented fitness enthusiast you can't miss out on when seeking for some real-time fitness motivation. You'll be amazed by her toned body as it's the result of everyday workouts and the right diet. Nothing comes easy!




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Q: What form of workouts are trending this season?

A: Pilates, HIIT - High-Intensity Interval Workout and Floating Yoga


Q: Which is CrossFit all about?

A: Forget about finding weight machines which make you feel overloaded with strain as CrossFit is also about focusing on pull-up bars, kettlebells, and barbells for squatting, running, jumping and throwing. Remember nothing happens in a day and your body takes time to adjust and gain strength every single day you workout and that's what CrossFit is about. It's about not making your body restricted but strengthening it each and every day with unique routines.