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Mumbaikars, Pump Up For These Upcoming Fitness Events In October

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

It's time to get out of your comfort zone, and stretch those muscles as these upcoming fitness events in Mumbai will give you a crazy adrenaline rush!


1. Trek Bikes India | Ride Camp 2.0

A shout out to all the outdoor enthusiasts – here’s your chance to unleash the rider within you! Get ready for an enthralling ride camp with international experts from Trek. They are all set to take you on the ride of your life with a learning curve! Get ready to understand the technicalities, servicing needs and also let us elevate your experience with a ride alongside our very own global brand ambassador, Jens Voigt.


Date: 14th October

Time: 7:00-18:00

Venue: Starting Holy Family High School

Entry: Rs.500

Event Link -


2. Pinkathon

Pinkathon started out as a running event but is now a grassroot movement, with people across the country taking up the cause and spreading the message. Ambassadors of Pinkathon have been relentless and unflagging in their efforts to spread this message and build this community from the ground up, in every household. In the eight cities of Pinkathon, Ambassadors are doing their bit. Now it is time to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Starting this October 21st, and at least on this one day each year, women AND THEIR FAMILIES in more and more cities across India and the world will run together under the banner of Pinkathon. People across the country are invited to nominate themselves as Ambassadors, register their cities, and call for participation. The target this year is 100 cities. 



Date: 21st October 2018

Time: 06:00-08:00am

Venue: CBD Belapur

Entry: Rs.150

Event Link -


3. Animal Flow Workshop

Learn much more than just excelling the Animal Flow movements - It's time to learn how to effectively coach others and understand integrated movement and bodyweight training. Learn to move better, the carryover will improve your performance no matter how you integrate Animal Flow into your training. The course will be taught in English by Master Instructor Richard Scrivener, from UK. Level 1 is open to fitness professionals who want to become Certified Animal Flow Instructors, and to regular fitness enthusiasts who just want to take their Flow to the next level. You’ll cover all 6 elements of Animal Flow, including the Traveling Forms (the “ABCs” of animal movements); Switches and Transitions; Wrist Mobility; Activations; Form Specific Stretches, and, of course, Flows. To become a Certified AF Instructor you will need to pass the assessment tests (written exam and practical assessment submitted on video) after the workshop, but there are no additional charges for those. 



Date: 10th October

Time: Starting time 4:00pm

Venue: Studio 23 Mumbai, Nariman Point

Entry: (Regular cost of the workshop is 21,000 INR), Group discount for 5 or more trainers is 17,000 INR

Event Link -


4. Mumbai Marathon 10 K

Get out of your comfort zone and run a marathon this month - Its's time to get a crazy adrenaline rush. There will be two categories 10K & 5K runs - every timed runner will get a Tshirt, Medal, Snacks, Breakfast and E-Timing Certificate. Non Timed Run Category - 5 km (Rs.499) - Participant will not get any T Shirt and Run will be non Timed Run. All Non Timed Participants will get Bib, Medal, Banana, Water & Breakfast.


Date: 21st October 2018

Time: Starting at 5:30 am

Venue: Bandra Fort Garden

Entry: Rs 500 Onwards.

Event Link -



5. Nutrition and Exercises while traveling

It's high time you ditch the habit of eating junk while traveling - Embrace the reality and identify the healthy food items you need to have while trekking or traveling. This short workshop will tell you about the diet and nutrition based on the food options available while traveling. They will focus on nutrition requirement, choosing a healthy drink, healthy meal or snack. They will also highlight matters of hygiene which will focus on the proper packaging of food, water sources & busting myths about sanitizers. Lastly, they'll ponder on exercises related to forearms, triceps, shoulders, core, and stretching.


Date: 13th October 2018

Time:  4:30pm to 6pm

Venue: Khar

Entry: Rs.300 only

Event Link -


6. A Nature Trail to Mumbai's Highest Point

"A Nature Trail to Mumbai's Highest Point" is a trek to Jambulmal the highest point in Mumbai which is located in the core of Sanjay Gandhi National Park Borivali (E) above the Kanheri caves complex. This nature trail will be led by Nikit Surve, the young and promising wildlife zoologist whose recent project in June 2015 on leopard census in SGNP made breaking news across the city.


Mumbai's Highest-Point-Nature-trail-fitness-events-mumbai-october-2018_image

Date: 14th October 2018

Time: 7:00am to 1:00pm

Venue: Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Entry: Rs.1499

Event Link -


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7. BR x Shivaji Park

Every Thursday, Bombay Running are hosting running session which is suitable for every LEVEL. Whether you are a runner beginner or a PRO, you can be a part, #JoinTheCrew and run with us. You decide how long you want to run 5K, 10K. On Thursdays, they run 10-15K max. You can find your pace group. There are a lot of runners who run at the same pace as yours. You will find someone eventually. They also provide a handy Bombay Running hydration bottle- if you don’t have one yet. However, carry your own water. There is no specific baggage drop-off but you can leave your bag in one of the crew runners’ car.



Date: 11th October 2018

Time:  05:45-07:15am

Venue: Shivaji Park

Entry: Not mentioned

Event Link -


8. Sporty Sundays - Decathlon

One platform - different sports - Decathlon has a lot to offer from Cycling, Running, Skating, Waveboarding, Badminton, Table Tennis, Carrom, Yoga & Zumba. Come with your family to experience and discover new sports every sunday in Decathlon Atria. Pick up a new hobby and cultivate it with passion to see the best results.


Date: 28th October

Time: 6:00am - 9:00am

Venue: Decathlon Sports India (Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai)


Event Link -


9. 10x10 Run 3.0 

If you are in Bombay, #JoinTheCrew with Bombay Running. Bombay Running (BR) crew will be running at the below locations: Friday, 19 October : Shivaji Park (Park Club), Saturday, 20 October : Juhu Beach (Novotel), Sunday, 21 October : Worli Seaface (Sea Link Entrance), Monday, 22 October : Bandra Fort, Tuesday, 23 October : Marine Drive (NCPA), Wednesday, 24 October : Shivaji Park (Park Club), Thursday, 25 October : Bandra Fort, Friday, 26 October : Worli Seaface (Sea Link Entrance), Saturday, 27 October : Shivaji Park (Park Club), Sunday, 28 October : Marine Drive (NCPA).


Date: 19th to 18th October

Time: Starting at 5:45 each day.

Venue: Different each day


Event Link -


10. BR x Chembur Hill Training

Meet 6:00 am at Deonar Farm Road to start with your session of Hill Training. You need to stretch & start the run by 6:10 am. They run along Deonar farm road covering the uphill. Plan is to run 7- 10 Kms but everyone is free to adjust the kms & pace.



Date: 10th October

Time: 6:00 - 7:30am

Venue: Deonar Farm Road, Chembur East

Entry:  No registration required

Event Link -


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Q: What are the benefits of Yoga?

A: Does your body reject the strict gym equipment routines and can't cope up with the crazy adrenaline rush? Fear not! Yoga is exactly the opposite. It's more like art than a restricted workout routine where you just let your body go with the flow of movements. Get a yoga mat and find your calm spot to stretch your muscles and tone your body the easier way. Combine your yoga sessions with meditation to have a better impact on your body and mental health.


Q: What are the common mistakes runners make?

A: Increasing your speed and distance at the same point, wearing heavy gear, improper posture, not taking days off from the routine encourages injuries, swinging hands too much and landing on their heels.


Q. Should I drink water before a morning workout?

A. Staying hydrated is essential for your health, particularly when you're working out and possibly losing a lot of water through sweat. General guidelines are to drink 17 to 20 ounces of water 2 to 3 hours before exercising, another 8 ounces during your warm-up (or 20 to 30 minutes before exercising), 7 to 10 ounces every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise, and 8 ounces of water within 30 minutes after exercising. Yes, that's a lot of water!


Q. Should I have an empty stomach before exercising and gym?

A. No! One shouldn't be empty stomach before hitting the gym. You must have some lite and rich food before you resume your workout. However, excessive intake may feel you bloated while exercising. 


Q: Which is the healthiest diet in the world?

A: A Mediterranean diet which includes fruits, vegetables, wholegrain cereals, nuts, fish and dairy as the main source of fat.

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