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Sabyasachi Has Designed H&M's First-Ever Sari & We Can't Wait To Get Our Hands On It!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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Our prayers have been answered, our pleas all heard. The fashion gods have finally decided to oblige us with a glance of what we've been incessantly talking about since it was first announced. But before we get into it, I just have one question for you. Are you ready, I repeat, are you ready, for THE collaboration of the century? Because it's just a couple of inches away, and suffice it to say, calm is now a forgotten emotion. 


Image Courtesy - H&M



Sabyasachi is a name sported by few, admired by most, and obsessed over, by all. So needless to say, anything India's most coveted designer touches, is likely to turn into pure gold. And when the thing being touched is a brand like H&M, well, there go all our savings.  


Image Courtesy - Vogue India 


The Sabyasachi X H&M collaboration will be a revolutionary bridging gap between haute couture and affordable every-day fashion. The collection, aptly titled "Wanderlust" will comprise of contemporary ensembles that blend traditional Indian prints and modish, easy-going silhouettes, meant for the present-day global nomad. If you've spent countless hours gawking at Sabyasachi looks, chances are you're already familiar with his uniquely Indian style, that boasts of a distinct global appeal. Well, with this collection now on the cards, Sabyasachi's indigenous aesthetic is soon getting a fast-fashion make-over. 


Image Courtesy - Vogue


The "Wanderlust" collection will feature flowy, hand-printed kaftan dresses, paisley maxis with a boho appeal, Khaki pant-suit sets, and a host of other relaxed, effortlessly cool pieces. The unique Sabyasachi touch will be best spotted in the elaborately designed details of these ensembles, ranging from the stunning embroidered necklines to the hand-quilted lapels and waistbands. The shade palette will revolve around Earthy, muted tones that are rooted in traditional Indian textiles. You will also get to see a lot of quirky accessories, and chunky jewellery. Honestly, at this point, our excitement knows absolutely no bounds! 


Image Courtesy - Vogue India 


But we have one last thing we need to talk about. And that would be.....H&M's very first saree in the history of forever! Yep, you heard that right. As if the name Sabyasachi wasn't enough to summon every fashionista in the near vicinity, this "Wanderlust" collection will also feature the fast-fashion brand's first venture into an ethnic ensemble. Stay still my foolish Desi heart. 



So, I am going to end this blog with the same question I started it with. Are you ready, I REPEAT, are you ready, for THE collaboration of the century?! If you answered in affirmative, mark the launch date of the H&M X Sabyasachi collection now. 


16th April 2020


Parting words? You no longer need to get married, or win the lottery, to sport a Sabyasachi creation. Someone pinch us, please.