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Bedazzle On The First Date - Outfit Ideas That Promise A Lasting Impression

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 16, 2020 10 min read

No beating around the bush, we are just going to go ahead and say it.........first dates can be terrifying. Yes, the prospect of a budding romance is always exciting but the pressure we end up putting on ourselves to ensure everything is exactly right, is enough to crush a mountain! 


What to wear, what to say, what not to say, what and how much to eat and drink, where to go, the list of things to cater to while planning a first date is nerve-wracking at best, and cripplingly petrifying at worst. Well, luckily for everybody involved, a majority of this tension can dissipate if you know you are going to show up in an outfit that will knock him off his knees. 


Image Courtesy - Pexels


And that's exactly what we are here to take care of. We present to you, a comprehensive guide on dressing up for a first date. This list does not comprise of blanket first date outfit ideas in line with the latest fashion trends. Instead, we recognise you for the individual that you are, and accordingly, this list has first date outfit ideas for different kinds of women with different style preferences, for different kinds of dates, and of course, all this, while bearing in mind what's trending and what's not! So watcha waiting for? Get scrolling! 


For The Classy Lass 

This is for the girls who believe in mixing contemporary trends with classic staples. Consider these first date outfit ideas if your style can be summed up as classy, elegant, sophisticated and chic. 


Daytime Dating

Leather Pants + White Button Down With Ruffles + High Black Pumps 


Leather pants have always been in style, but of late, this wardrobe piece has become substantially more important as a fashion item you need to own. The white-button down with ruffles lend generous amounts of dainty femininity to this look, while the black leather pants add just the right amount of edge. Seal this eye-catching look with a pair of high-heeled black pumps, and you have yourself an outfit that mixes ample amounts of grace with a dash of grunge. 

Image Courtesy - Missguided 


Dinner Affair 

Little Black Dress + Pastel Blazer + Statement Neck Piece 


The Little Black Dress has long been recognised as a fashion item every girl needs to own, making it a must-include in a list of first date outfit ideas for girls with a classic style. Add a pop of colour and vibrancy with an elegant pastel coloured blazer, and throw in a statement choker or neck-piece. We assure you, your date won't be able to keep his eyes off for too long! 

Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Bar Hopping 

Off Shoulder Jumpsuit + Gold Hoops 


A jumpsuit can be just as glamorous as a dress, but twice as comfortable! The best part, though? Jumpsuits are enough in themselves to make a bold fashion statement, rendering the need for other clothing items absolutely minimal. For a long night of romantic bar hopping, don a bold coloured off-shoulder jumpsuit and pair it with some classy solid gold hoops. This is a low-risk, high-reward outfit, that is sure to charm your potential beau! 

Image Courtesy - Lyst 


For The "Just Threw This On" Vibe 

This is for the girls who believe in effortless fashion choices. Consider these first date outfit ideas if your style can be summed up as dishevelled, casual-chic, low-key and tousled. 


Daytime Dating

High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans + Graphic T-Shirt + Chunky Belt 


Boyfriend jeans are comfortable, stylish and versatile, all in equal measure! For the perfect ultra-casual daytime date look, mix in a pair of high-waisted boyfriend jeans (it could be baggy or cuffed or loosely fitted depending on your personal preferences) with a funky graphic t-shirt. Seal the deal with a chunky patent leather belt, and you will achieve the perfect fashionable "I can't be bothered" first date outfit! 

Image Courtesy - Alie Express   


Dinner Affair 

Striped T-Shirt Dress + Black Belt + Gold Pendant Neck Accessory 


A T-Shirt dress is always a good idea, especially for those who want to achieve maximum style with minimal effort. For the perfect "just rolled out of bed" dinner date outfit, pair up a striped and uber comfortable t-shirt dress with a skinny black leather belt. Finish off by adding a bit of flair with a minimalistic gold pendant. Chic, effortless, and oh so cool!


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Bar Hopping 

Cami Top + Skinny Jeans + Knit Shrug 


For a more refined look within this style category, we suggest you bust out a pair of dark skinny jeans that fit you like a dream! Combine this with a figure-hugging camisole that accentuates your curves, and as a final touch up, add a chunky knit shrug that lends ample amount of casual to this relatively dressy ensemble. Accessorise (or don't) as you deem fit, and walk into the bar looking like an off-duty supermodel! 


Image Courtesy - Dayana Ingram


For The Hipster Girl

This is for the girls who love the world of Tumblr! Consider these first date outfit ideas if your style can be best summed up as grunge, boho and casual with a prominent 80s hippie influence. 


Daytime Dating

Denim Overalls + White Tank + Converse 


Are you really a hipster if you don't own at least one pair of denim overalls? Defying conventions while also being immensely trendy, this hipster first date outfit is sure to leave an impression! Marry this with a classic white tank, and a pair of quintessentially hipster converse shoes, and you will have yourself a first date look that sets you apart from the masses! 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Dinner Affair 

Light Sweater + A-Line Skirt + Knee Highs 


For a dressier hipster first date outfit, don a light loosely fitted sweater or cardigan and tuck it into a high-waisted A-Line skirt. The best part about A-Line skirts is that they complement most female body types while also lending structure to an outfit, making it the perfect partner for a baggy sweater. Throw in a pair of knee-highs, and all you'll be missing is some avocado toast and a tall glass of matcha!


Image Courtesy - Poshmark 


Bar Hopping 

Asymmetrical Denim Shirt Dress + Layered Accessories 


Rocking a hipster fashion style is all about not being afraid to stand out and make a bold statement, which brings us to this first date outfit idea. Shirt dresses are the perfect mid-point between casual and posh, and an asymmetrical cut will add just the right amount of unconventional to your outfit description. Pair this ensemble with a layered neck-piece, preferably heavy on geometric patterns, and you are ready to turn heads in whichever pub you decide to head to! 


Image Courtesy - Orsle 


For The Formal Femme 

This is for the girls who mean business, always. Consider these first date outfit ideas if your style can be best summed up as no-nonsense, structured and boss-woman! 


Daytime Dating

Basic Tank + Neutral Paper Bag Trousers 


A relatively recent trend that has dominated the world of fashion since it popped up, paper bag trousers are elegant, flattering and runway chic! These pants abide by a more formal approach to fashion while also being free and easy-going! Pair these trousers with a basic fitting tank top, and let that cinched waist do the talking! 


Image Courtesy - The Fox & She 


Dinner Affair 

Silk Button-Down Blouse + Lace Pencil Skirt 


If you are inclined towards outfits that are effortlessly fashionable while also speaking volumes about your status as a strong, independent woman, we have just the right look for you! Invest in a silk button-down blouse with a slightly casual vibe and a silhouette that flatters your body type, and pair it with a well-fitted lace pencil skirt. The skirt will let your date know that you work hard, while the shirt will emphasise on your ability to play harder! 


Image Courtesy - The Ivory Lane 


Bar Hopping 

Front Knot Split Midi Dress + Metallic Heels 


Now, this is an outfit alluring enough to knock any man off his knees! Pick a solid-coloured midi dress which is otherwise straight-laced, but has details such as a front knot and a playful slit, to pack in that extra glamour. Choose a fit that is flattering for your body type and top it off with some bold metallic heels. Voila! Off you strut, Miss Independent!  


Image Courtesy - Big Shop Style


For The Rocker Chic 

This is for the girls who are all about biker pieces, studs and spikes. Consider these first date outfit ideas, if your style can be best summed up as dark, rock and roll and heavy grunge! 


Daytime Dating

Bralette + Black Sheer Top + High Waisted Acid Wash Skinny Denims + Embroidered Leather Jacket 


If your style is more punk than funk, we have a look derived straight from your personalised catalogue! The perfect addition to any outfit, a bralette can enhance any look in a matter of moments, and without much effort. So for this look, combine a scintillating black bralette with a black sheer top, and tuck it into a pair of high-waisted acid wash skinny jeans. Top off this ensemble with a beautifully embroidered black leather jacket, and you've got yourself every eye in the vicinity glued to you!


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Dinner Affair 

Black Round Neck Tee + A-Line Denim Skirt + Oversized Blazer + Ankle Length Boots 


For your dinner date, we have an outfit idea for you that is unassuming, and effortless but still manages to leave a lasting impression. Pair a basic round neck black tee shirt which fits you like a glove with an A-Line denim skirt. To add that dash of fancy, incorporate a smart-looking oversized blazer. Seal the deal by donning a pair of ankle-length boots, true rocker-chick style! 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


Bar Hopping 

Band T-Shirt + Fitted Button Front A-Line Skirt + Oversized Denim Jacket


Straddling the line between casual and chic, this outfit will bring out the unbothered diva in you! Speak volumes about your personality, by donning your favourite band t-shirt and tuck that into a high waisted, front button A-Line skirt. To bring this utterly cool ensemble to fruition, doll yourself up in an oversized denim jacket, and wait as the whole world stops to stare! 


Image Courtesy - WeHeartIt

So, here we are, at the point of wrapping up this guide to first date outfit ideas for women with different styles and fashion quotients. We hope these first date outfit ideas, furnish you with plenty of inspiration to create your own perfect look. Just remember ladies, when it comes to fashion, there are no rules. So mix and match, remove and add, and express yourself through your attire! 


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