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Behind The Lens: Upcoming Film & Photography Events In Mumbai (Nov-Dec)

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 8 min read

If being behind the lens fascinates you then attend these events & workshops to cultivate your skills and master them like a boss. These upcoming film & photography events in Mumbai will definitely help you grow. Master your skills like a professional and expand your horizon at these must-visit events in Mumbai.


1. 16MM Film Festival

The 16mm Film Festival, conceived with a view of re-connecting with the cinematic medium through it's celluloid history, drew an amazing response last year. We screened some very impressive works done on film and had workshops and contests facilitating the production of new work, all around and with 16mm film. With very generous support from Kodak, the festival has worked its way through supporting infrastructure for filmmakers and artists who want to work on film since the past year. This year, the festival has gathered much more support from Kodak, industry professionals and most importantly, LaborBerlin, who Harkat is collaborating with to bring an experience to the city. 


Date: 14 Dec at 18:00 – 16 Dec at 21:00

Venue: Harkat Studio, Aram Nagar

Event Link: 


2. Video Creation, Editing & Marketing Workshop

This workshop will teach you how to create wonderful videos, edit them using fast tools and market them on social media and other platforms. You can use this training to create videos and become a youtuber, create video courses and sell on platforms like udemy, skillshare etc and also consult on projects for start-ups, companies, brands and help promoting them on various platform. 


Date: 2 December 2018 from 09:30-16:30

Event Link:

Venue: Empire Educare, Santacruz, Mumbai

Entry: Click here to register


3. From Shoot To Finish - Advanced Filmmaking Workshop

In an attempt to go “back to the basics”, Harkat in collaboration with Labor Berlin, brings to you an intensive advanced workshop for filmmakers spanning over two weeks. Participants will gain a hands-on experience of making a film ‘on film’ (16mm B&W to be more precise), all under the guidance of German filmmaker Bernd Lützeler. This will include conceptualising, learning the fundamentals of film, cameras and their operation, hand developing film, simple editing – and a premiere at the closing day of the film festival.


Date: 1st to 12th December 2018 10:00-14:00

Event Link:

Venue: Harkat Studio, Aram Nagar

Entry: Rs.4750


4. Filmmaker In Focus - Bernd Lützeler

Presenting an homage to film as a medium in collaboration with LaborBerlin and the Goethe-Institute / Max-Mueller Bhavan Mumbai. Bernd Lützeler is an artist, filmmaker and a member of the artist-run filmlab LaborBerlin, a space where filmmakers can process, edit and copy their own films on 8 and 16mm celluloid film. His films have been shown at venues and festivals worldwide, including Centre Pompidou, Berlinale International Film Festival, Rotterdam, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Views from the Avant-Garde and many more. Harkat Studios is showcasing seven of Bernd’s works, all shot on celluloid film, and hosting the artist himself all packed into one lovely evening in our studio space. Missing out on this brilliant workshop would definitely be disappointing as it's one of the best events in Mumbai.


Date: 15th December - 8:00pm onwards

Event Link:

Venue: Harkat Studios, Aram Nagar

Entry: Rs.100



5. The Master Your DSLR Camera FAST Photo Workshop For Beginners with Girish Menon

It's time to recreate the images that we have in our head with our cameras. Master your skills at this workshop with Girish Menon - He is an expert photography tutor. Girish has taught photography to more than 4,000 students in Mumbai, Mumbai University, Pune, and Raipur since 2007. Cultivate your skills by learning everything about the manual-mode by mastering it. It's time to say goodbye to underexposed, overexposed and out of focus - greeny images. 


Date: 25 Nov 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Event Link:

Venue: Workbay , Mumbai Western Suburbs

Entry: Rs.3000


6. Basics Of Photography For Beginners

JY Brothers presents unique outdoor workshop with perfect combination of theory and practical on filed to hone your photography skills. The workshop is perfect for budding photographers pursuing photography as hobby or profession. Pre owned camera not required, camera shall be provided for practical. The topics which will be covered includes learning about different cameras & lens, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Metering Modes and a lot more. 


Date: 16 Dec 8:00AM - 11:00AM

Event Link:

Venue: Sanjay Gandhi National Park Main gate

Entry: Rs.1800 onwards


7. Adventure Film Festival - IMF Mumbai

Trip360 presents the IMF Mountain Film Festival, the adventure film festival based on Indian athletes, filmmakers and locations, in association with The Himalayan Club. After super successful events in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, we are gearing up for another day in Mumbai with the best of Adventure films from the country. Collaborating with the Indian Mountaineering Foundation’s Film Festival, we bring forth a power-packed weekend and award-winning films. It's definitely one of the most happening film festivals in Mumbai.


Date: 30 Nov 7:00PM

Event Link:

Venue: Mayor Hall, Mumbai Western Suburbs

Entry: Rs.200


8. Photography Masterclass

Masterpics is conducting a two day composite (Basic+Advance) photography workshop so that beginners, as well as advance amateurs who want to take their art to the next level, can take advantage of its exhaustive content. At Masterpics we are committed to providing you a platform which would be a stepping stone to the beautiful journey called photography, we promise to equip you with the skill set and confidence required to master photography as a take away from these two days.


Date: 24 Nov at 10:00 – 25 Nov at 18:00 (Dates Are Taken From An Online Source - Subject To Change)

Venue: DADAR CLUB, Lokmanya Tilak Colony, Lane No. 2, Dadar (East

Event Link:

Entry: Rs.6000


9. Streets of Mumbai - Worli Koliwada, December 2018

If photography is your forte or hobby then you've got to attend this workshop. Street photography does not mean only the people, it can be the atmosphere and environment, small businesses, food, houses or character of the place. Take images of vendors, people, kids playing, modern life, traditional life; literally every aspect of life in its real form from every possible angle, the movements and the moments. From the Worli Fort you get a direct view of Sea link but photography not allowed due to security reasons, though one can take photographs inside the fort. Near the sea shore a lot of activities keep going on throughout the day. Fisherman repair their nets, remain busy with regular chores related to fishing. People are cooperative and are quite used to photographers. Here again a beautiful view of sea link in the background is possible. Overall, it is a wonderful place for street photography.


Date: 9 December 2018 from 06:30-09:30  (Dates Are Taken From An Online Source - Subject To Change)

Venue: Hotel Sea Corner, Worli - meeting point

Event Link:

Entry: Rs.1500


10. Capture Festivities of Christmas - Mumbai, December 2018

Street photography is a very interesting genre of photography. Step outside the boundaries of the four walls and your comfort areas, with your camera; smell and experience the dirt on the roads, noise, stares and madness of rush on the streets. The world that you see is the background and the light available is all that you have and everything is beyond your control to set, yet it is a beautiful way to experience life, capturing the candid moments unfolding in front of you, capturing the live moments of life. Street photography does not mean only the people, it can be the atmosphere and environment, small businesses, food, houses or character of the place. Take images of the vendors, food stalls, people rushing home from work, kids playing, the modern life and the traditional life; literally every aspect of life in its real form from every possible angle, the movements and the moments. Capture the essence of the festivities through your lens this Christmas.


Date: 23 December 2018 from 16:30-19:30  (Dates Are Taken From An Online Source - Subject To Change)

Venue: Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Bandra

Event Link:

Entry: click here to register


11. Food Photography Masterclass Workshop - Mumbai, November 2018

Food photography is a still life photography stream which enables the photographer to create attractive images of food stuff ranging from regular dishes to exquisite cuisines. The photography takes place in the indoor setting under controlled lighting conditions, natural lighting or with a combination of both natural and artificial lights. The background, supporting elements and overall setting is carefully arranged to present the food in an attractive way. The colours, texture and food styling plays an important role to make the food appear tempting. This Food Photography workshop is specially crafted to help you make food story images that are simple, unique and attractive. So join the workshop to turn your kitchen into a 'Unique Art Centre' and the food that you eat into 'Art Pieces', by using your imagination to create extraordinary perspectives out of the ordinary stuff. 


Date: 17 November 2018 from 11:00-17:00  (Dates Are Taken From An Online Source - Subject To Change)

Venue: Liebherr Experience Centre

Event Link:

Entry: Click here to register


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