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Are You Ready To Drop The Ball In Style? Here's What You Can Do For Your Last-Minute NYE Look

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20248 min read

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It's one thing to celebrate New Year's Eve in good spirits and a whole different story to have the most dazzling ball at the NYE party like an uptown fashionista. So if you see thyself in scenario number 2, you've landed to the right place.

Now park your crazy shopaholic horses right here and check out these jaw-dropping looks you can totally pull off at the best New Year parties in your town.


1. Coats & Statements

Have you heard about the knight in the shining armour? Well, you have the chance to be the Lady in the blingy statement top who not only rescues the whole party but also adds a little style to gloomy winter ambience. Since it's cold out there you can pair the top with a very subtle long-line coat and a heel-of-those ankle boots. Now you wanna go easy & sharp with your makeup because that bling takes care of the whole look. Finally, carry that basic black sling-bag to complete the whole outfit.


2. Go Mono On Yourself

One thing that 2019 taught us is the mono-tones always brings out the best in you. So what better way to celebrate the last day of the year than by showing off your one true colour? Choose the one which makes you wanna date yourself just like our pretty influencer here. She chose to go with the shades of brown which by the way works excellent with snow-white skin tone.

In the picture: A knitted sweater to save you from the harsh weather, a tan-brown leather skirt, which is so in these days styled with a little clutch-bag & a simple watch to have the best time at your NYE party. 


3. Shine Bright Like This Dress

Another option that you can easily pull off at the NYE party is the ever-shiny dress that cost you a lot of missing numbers from your bank account. Now is the time to pay some respect to the lost money in the most glamorous way possible. Sequence dresses can make you look like a piece of disco-ball (in a bad way) if you don't carry it right but it can also make you shine like a diamond if you put on some of that subtle nude-shade makeup with highlighted cheekbones & jawline. And don't be scared to touch great heights with some very plain or transparent heels. And voila, you are ready to sparkle!





4. It's Gonna Be Furtastic

If you want to try out some fluffed up fur jackets this NYE, please be our guest because from what we've heard, people are going nuts over furry outfits around the world. And who can blame them? They are soft, edgy & so darn warm that they are one of the best picks around the most popular stores in town. You can go for something lacy or blingy inside because the coat is there to keep the cold out. Now you have the liberty to choose between a pair of black leather pants or a leather skirt. Hope you will make the right call for yourself and rock your party outfit.


5. New Year's Black-out

Don't worry all the lights aren't going off on the new years eve, it's just a fancy wordplay for everything black. A black outfit is good for any occasion and if we were to spotlight just NYE it can be the best option for your last-minute look. From little black dress to an elaborate blouse & pants/skirt combination, you just can't go wrong with an all-black look. Now here you can go berserk with your makeup but don't overdo it. And as long as the footwear is concerned you can choose black heels/boots or red stilettoes (if you are experimental kinda person). 


6. Subtle Art Of Not Being Too Glitzy

If you are not a very blingy person, here's another outfit idea for you. Go for a dress with a sophisticated shimmery look. Now, this dress right here is a perfect blend of class & oomph. And the best part about this whole ensemble is that she did not forget to swank up the dress even more by wearing these not-so-shiny stilettoes & round-round glasses. If you are planning to throw-on something like this you can absolutely kill the glasses if you want to & boots on your feet is a big no-no.


7. Tan Is The New Black

The colour brown is working its way to 2020 and tan shade is the right hand of the whole brown-colour palette. A tan leather skirt is a must-have if you are serious about completing your fall-winter collection 2019. Khushboo is lock, stock, barrel ready to party hard in the most cosmopolitan manner. Her attire is not only crafty but also very full which is obviously a good way to avoid cold weather. That black barret & shrug combo is definitely bringing out the best of tan. The way she is pulling off the white contrast blouse and footwear, if you can work out the same look, you are going to see a lot of heads turn milady. 


8. Grunge Your Way Into 2020

Is punk more your vibe? If you are nodding your head in acceptance please check out this look for yourself. It's an uncomplicated, straightforward turnout wherein you style your most snazzy denim shorts with a funky tee on the inside & basic jacket on the top paired with the most grungy boots you have. There you go, all ready to rock the jimjams of NYE party.


9. As Simple As It Can Get

Lavender has been the colour of fall-winter collection & if you still haven't bought anything of this shade, did you even shop in 2019? So if you have this flower-of-a-colour in your wardrobe then all you gotta do is match it up with a black/white suede or corduroy shorts which will obviously depend on the kind of top you have. And if this isn't enough, go out a little with a pair of knee-high velvet boots & some light makeup. 


10. Treat For The Eyes

Indeed it will be when you actually wear those ice-white round glasses with your basic NYE outfit. If you are the person who can pull off glasses well, you have nothing to worry about because funky frames such as this will automatically add up to your overall look. You can always harmonize the entire ensemble with a bright coloured lip shade and a cap if you will.



Although it's too late to rest or procrastinate over what you are going to wear at that snazzy NYE party & we are sure you can work something out because it's New Year's Eve guys. And if these tips helped you out in any way do thank our pretty-pretty influencers & us.







Q. Where can I buy clothes for New Year Party?

A. H&M, ONLY, Mango and Zara have some amazing blingy collection for NYE outfits but if you want to make it quick, just hoard over to Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi today.


Q. Where can I buy these outfits online?

A. Shein is the one and best stop for all your snazzy outfits but you can also check out Ajio, Myntra, etc.


Q. Where can I find the exclusive content on fashion?

A. You can always check out our blogs for occasional look books or you can download the magicpin App for the Play store to the catch the latest picks of our influencers.