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This Christmas, Dress Up Like Our Magicians!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Dec. 23, 2020 8 min read

Greetings of the season to you all!! We are here with an exclusionary look book to rescue you from all the speculation, planning & plotting that you do to choose the perfect outfit for your Christmas celebration. After waltzing down this list all you have to do is go shopping or figure something out from your own closet.


Yes, these looks will be that OTB & easy to execute. And you know the second best part about this super helpful Christmasy blog? We get to flaunt our family of fashion magicians in front of you guys. Although the first best part remains the same, you take home some festive yet suave ideas to dress up for Christmas 2020.



So hop on your fashionable sleighs & let us pull you through your journey to 'zero ideas about what to wear on X-mas' to 'OMG it's all sorted now', reindeer style \____/--!-!-!-!-!-!


1. Red Be Thy Colour

The colour red dates back to the forbidden fruit that led to the Adams fall. And I am sure this red... right here will be responsible for the fall of eligible ladies at the party. It's a basic outfit with less bedazzle and more festivity. A red party t-shirt paired with white jeans and white sneakers is one way you can dress up for Christmas 2020. Our magician, Sunny here chose rugged jeans over the plain one but you guys feel free to take your pick. 


2. It's A Great Fit

If the colour red does not justify your palette, this darker shade of the same colour might actually be a terrific fit. To make it season appropriate wear a short-sleeved black tee-shirt underneath and unfurl those knee-high boots waiting to be worn this winter just like Simran did and you'll be golden. The entire ensemble is a great combination of classy and edgy, quite perfect for Christmas eve party.


3. Sometimes Less Is More

We know its cold out there but it won't scrooge up with this Christmas outfit because you will dance your merry heart out. And we all know what happens when you stomp the dance floor, you feel hot which will perfectly go with this even hotter look. This pretty lady right here chose to accessorize it with an elaborate piece of jewellery & some white flowers, you can copy-paste the whole attire or make it your own by adding some of your jewellery to it. Now don't forget the heavy eye makeup because hello! you n will need some festive bling to rock the whole look.


4. Grinch Spelled Backwards

Every time the colour green is observed around Christmas spirit by heart shudders in the name of Grinch. But that doesn't mean we ought to neglect the colour entirely. Now, I know it's no Saint Patrick's Day, however picking a colour close to green... be it dark, light, olive or more is a choice fashionistas will appreciate. Coming back to Vishal's Christmas outfit. I think the seafoam green sweater and teal green pants are working in decent harmony. Although I might prefer white sneakers over these printed ones. And the shirt underneath can be replaced with a plain white t-shirt. For the most part, it's an outfit that will keep you warm and on the radar of other fashion bloggers attending the party. 


5. Snow Capped Christmas

An outfit just as good for office Christmas eve celebration as it is for the Christmas morning brunch date with homegirls. I'd like to think that combining red and white for a Christmas look will always work in your favour. Just like Khushi, even I prefer a white blouse over red for the top and red high-waisted pants as bottoms. Don't forget to conclude your look with neutral shaded heels, a pair of golden (not too shiny) minimalistic earrings and a slick bracelet of the same colour.


6. Vel-What Are You Waiting For?

Velvets never go out of style. And that's what our magician, Chakit is trying to convey with his brown velvet shirt for Christmas 2020. Now, from where I stand, I see no guys experimenting with this fabric but let me tell you something. Velvets of right colour tones especially the darker ones such as browns, blacks, maroons, dark greens, etc. go a long way if paired right. So, for this year's Christmas look pick a velvet shirt, throw in basic black pants and black/brown Chelsea boots... and you'll be fine. 



7. Knitted Sweaters? Yes Please!

Its sweater season and you can try to pull out the knitted ones from the pile of winter clothes that you have. Who knows you could even find a red one, or white one or a green one. The point is, a knitted sweater or cardigan or shrug would be the perfect outfit for the girls who want to keep it lowkey and hella cute. And just to swank it up a little bit, try black or white boots and a cap. Only if Santa was really heading towards our continent to check out how amazing you look, you'd be on the top of his list. 


8. Red Is Always Right

Guys, red isn't a feminine colour... I repeat... red isn't a colour only women should wear. It's the colour of love and joy which is what Christmas is all about. Now, that I've cleared it up for, if you people are looking to blend into year-end festivities this outfit by our beloved magician is a good way to go. Honestly, nothing can go wrong if you're in red on Christmas. So, without much ado... pick out a red turtle neck with black or white pants and preferably black/white sneakers respectively. And if you wish to swank it up a bit, pick Chelsea boots. They go with everything. 


9. Suspenders Are In

Ladies, whoever said suspenders are for the men, they didn't see our magician Miloni totally killing it in her super cool outfit, just about perfect for Christmas 2020. For me, the idea of playing with different colours all the while keeping in tone with Christmas colour is quite interesting. Now, you girls are free to pick any colour for the pants and suspenders but choosing a colour that's in and compliments your skin tone will be the correct move. Keep the crop top to white and go for a contrasting shade for pants along with ankle-length leather boots. If your intention is to go for something super casual you are free to trade these boots with white sneakers. 


10. Staying In?

If your plans include staying in on Christmas eve alone or with a bunch of friends, all snuggled up, binge-watching Friends for the millionth time, eating comfort for dinner, this outfit should be able to make the cut. This super comfy, silk touch night suit shirt & shorts/pyjama set is going to keep up the Christmas spirit without even dressing up too much. Now, the colour is one hundred per cent your call. And if you ask me, you got to persuade your girl gang to do the same. It will be like a slumber party you always wanted for as a teenager.


11. White Christmas

It might not be snowing in here but somebody's got to take the responsibility of making everyone feel at the north pole. Well, this outfit will do the job with expected sophistication. Not only it's a basic ensemble but also a very chic and handsome one. Only go for this if you can handle white like a fashionista. I won't advise you to accessorise a lot with this since the colour takes care of it but don't leave out the jumper. Keep it white or off-white like our magician Shahroz and you're ready to rock Christmas 2020. 


12. Never Say No To Black

Black is that one versatile colour you can pull off at any party... be it New Years or Christmas, an all-black outfit will definitely catch more eye-balls. So, if you're a bit of rebellion and still like to attend Christmas eve like everybody else, this black pantsuit is the perfect match for you. Don't wear this one without black/faun/pastel pink heels and keep accessories to the minimum. 


13. Go Basic!

A t-shirt dress is the most congenial outfit idea for Christmas. It's super comfy and even more stylish. Furthermore, you can go from casual to chic to classy with just a few minor edition & omission. For instance, a pair of white sneakers will be good for a casual look while stepping into high leather boots will offer the chic you've been aiming for. There can even be a denim jacket, a long overcoat and loopy earrings to make the ensemble different from what it is. However, if you wish to keep it cash... you can totally replicate our magician, Bidisha's look. She won't mind. 


14. A Black Tie Event

A black bow with black suspenders over a white formal shirt is every girl's definition of a gentleman. If your Christmas party moves to a fancier location, this outfit will be a lifesaver. All you need is a pair of black formal pants with black brogues, a white shirt and bow... that is all. You are ready to celebrate Christmas with style and charisma.


15. Dressed For The North Pole

A white laced up dress is the safest, most classy way to attend a Christmas Party. It's sophisticated, very formal and easy to carry... not to forget the added limelight you'll get because it's freakin beautiful. Just make sure you have the highest of stilettoes in contrast with white. That means it could be red, blue, pink... try red in order to fit into the Christmas spirit. Other than that, you can put on your heaviest silver jewellery, just enough to style-up the fashion quotient. 


It's been a long year since you got a reason to dress up. I say... make this Christmas an opportunity to dress up and dress up like our magicians. 


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