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10 Fancy Coffees You Can Re-Create In Your Kitchen

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 21, 2023 6 min read

Zinda hona coffee nahi hain... you also need a kick to keep you going. For many of us, it's coffee! When the freshly ground aromatic coffee beans meet hot water (and sometimes sugar and milk), it takes over our senses, one at a time. And yet, we are used to the traditional style of preparing hand-beaten coffee with hot water and sugar at home


Well, let's change that. Spruce up your daily caffeine rush with these 10 fancy coffee recipes. 


1. Hot Cinnamon Coffee 

Cinnamon is always a great flavour to add to hot beverages like tea and coffee, and this recipe is no exception. What seems like just a simple addition, goes a long way in making your ghar ki coffee taste like a couple of hundred bucks. Yes, it's that good. 


Image Courtesy: Vintage Kitty 


We particularly love this YouTube recipe tutorial by Tasty n Yummy, since it breaks down the recipe into step-by-step instructions, and also highlights the health benefits of adding cinnamon to your fancy coffee beverage, in addition to its taste-enhancing abilities. Oh, and the end product smells absolutely divine. 



2. French Vanilla Café Latte 

Now, this is a million-dollar coffee recipe, that's actually going to cost you a few bucks and some minimal cooking effort at best! With the authentic aroma and taste of French vanilla, this is the perfect indulgent cuppa to kick your feet up with. 


Image Courtesy: Flickr 


The recipe tastes extremely delicious and is easy to recreate at home. Check out the YouTube recipe tutorial by Jayarr Coffee now!



3. Iced Mocha 

This is your "mocha" to have cold coffee even in winters. Here's a fancy coffee recipe that makes for a perfect cold mug brimming with sweet, delectable flavours to get you through the day.  


Image Courtesy: Blush & Pine Creative


But if you're worried about the calories in your chocolatey iced mocha, here's a YouTube recipe tutorial by MadisonJaneRoberts that's actually healthy for both your body and mind! 



4. Pumpkin Spice Latte 

If you have an inexpressible love for the famous pumpkin spice latte by Starbucks, you no longer need to wait for Autumn to snag a sip! In fact, you don't even need to leave the house at all, considering this recipe is a lot easier to create in the kitchen than you would've thought it to be. 


Image Courtesy: Simply Home Cooked


We particularly followed this YouTube video recipe by Inspired Taste, because it not only lets novice cooks whip up their own batch at home,  it also allows for adjustments in ingredients to alter the taste exactly according to your own coffee preferences. 



5. Coffee Coconut Frappucino 

Coconut is a magic ingredient that can add a certain depth of flavour to just about any beverage you pick. For now, we will go with a favourite in the world of coffee, your classic Frappuccino. 


Image Courtesy: Simply Stacie


Cool, refreshing, and the perfect kick for every season, a tall glass of coconut Frappucino is bound to appeal to all your senses in equal measure. This YouTube recipe tutorial by AprilAthena7 is our favourite so far. It genuinely teaches you how to whip up the iconic Starbucks Coconut Frappuccino at home.  


6. Iced Caramel Latte 

What can we say, it's hard for us to resist a great cold variation of a staple coffee drink, especially one that comes with the satisfying notes of caramel to boot! 


Image Courtesy: Crave


One of the most elegant, but also the least time-consuming mentions on this list of fancy coffees to make at home - the iced caramel latte is packed with honey-sweet flavours and an invigorating coolness. If you're itching to grab a glass of your own, this YouTube recipe tutorial by Happy Foods Tube is super easy to follow, and also takes a minute of your time!  



7. Iced Nutella Coffee

One word that can make everyone happy with equal intensity: Nutella. And this YouTube tutorial by Well Done is the perfect ode to your love for Nutella and coffee. 


Image Courtesy: The Flavor Bender


It's a simple recipe that takes a couple of minutes to create, while you will be left with a tall glass of chocolate flavoured cold coffee to revive your energy on dull days. 


8. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

If you really want to get fancy with your coffee making skills, the Vietnamese way is one of the oldest brewing techniques in the world you should master. 


Image Courtesy: Organic Valley 


But this recipe comes with a contemporary spin and makes for a chilled glass of caffeine to sip on. We suggest this YouTube recipe tutorial by EmmyMadeInJapan, for your delish Vietnamese coffee treat! 



9. Shakerato 

The Italians really know how to make the perfect cuppa joe, don't they? One of the more exotic mentions under the category of fancy coffees you can make at home is a shakerato. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


This Italian iced coffee drink comes with the caffeine kick of a strong espresso drink, which then, as the name suggests, is shaken well to create the perfect coffee staple. And fret not, this YouTube recipe tutorial by Tastemade will make the process even simpler for you. 



10. Orange Mocha Frappucino 

Here's a fancy coffee recipe for the brave-hearted. Don't judge the drink just yet, wait till you give it a shot, pun intended and everything. 


Image Courtesy: Instructables


This unique coffee concoction comes with multiple layers of yummy flavours including chocolate, citrus and coffee to name a few. For those who don't know, this fancy coffee recipe comes actually from the Zoolander movies. The YouTube video tutorial by Binging with Babish is hilarious and informative, and he will take you through all the steps in the technique, with one pop culture joke at a time! 



Feeling like a Barista, yet? 



Q. What are easy coffee drinks to make at home?

A. Iced Latte and Vietnamese Iced Coffee are easy coffee drinks to make at home. 


Q. What coffee drinks we can make at home with instant coffee?

A. Instant Iced Coffee is the best coffee drink we can make at home with instant coffee. 


Q. Which regions in India are famous for coffee cultivation?

A. Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are the primary states where coffee is extensively cultivated in India.


Q. What is the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans in Indian coffee?

A. Arabica beans are known for their mild flavor and acidity, while Robusta beans offer a stronger, more robust taste with higher caffeine content.



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